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  1. DJ EAR


    This project was started in Jan 2016 after previous successful SoTSS releases and an engaged fan-remix community. As is evident - the vast majority of our regular remixers either didn't choose to participate in this release, or became too busy - Myself included. I'm really proud of what we made for the short while this Remix Project was introduced, but as of today - I'm considering this topic, and project - dead & closed. Keep making music, growing, and doing what you love!
  2. Well hey, if my offered is received, by the end of the week I'll own an electric organ, and I know quite a few sonic songs I'd love to try my best at on it. So we'll see if I have something for your SSMB Blackout @DJ EAR in a few weeks(and if my keyboard fingering comes back XD)

  3. DJ EAR


    We've been ‪#‎Dark‬ for quite a while this year. Looking for just a few more submissions to round out this next release.
  4. Happy late birthday!

  5. DJ EAR


    Hey all, remember that deadline that came and went? There is currently 4 accepted submissions for #SoTSSBLACKOUT so keep em coming!
  6. DJ EAR


    Hey all, just a reminder! SEGA & Sonic Music Submissions are OPEN until APRIL 30th.
  7. DJ EAR


    as long as your remix is in some way Dark - I'll allow it. Let's here a Dark GreenHill, or an Evil MonkeyBall... Maybe the ChuChu's didn't make it to their Rocket in time... or maybe Mephiles, Black Doom, Iblis & Lyric are making some 'improvements' to the Lava PowerHouse? It's all up to you.
  8. DJ EAR


    ..What is SoTSS?.. SoTSS is a twice-yearly album series of SEGA & Sonic Remixes by members of The SSMB. Our goal is to encourage a fun, creative, collaborative environment - while building a stable & productive future for our community of fan musicians, producers, and fans. ..The INTERCEPTED TRANSMISSION.. Dear citizens of The Sonic Stadium, Recent acquisitions by the Eggman Empire may impact your musical showcase this year as we implement new regulations and changes to our growing list of Free Auditory Experiences in your area. The increased load on our surrounding automated systems will require the need for a one-time Blackout of your entire region and should last up to 6 months while we make improvements including: Less Blur, All-Dark Themes, and Green-Eye Removal (only available in some locations). Thank you for your continued understanding and subservience, Eggman Eggman Empire ..The DETAILS.. > SEGA & Sonic Music Submissions are OPEN! > The #SoTSSBLACKOUT will be released in JUNE following a live Listening Party on RadioSEGA's SEGA Mixer Drive. ..The UN-BREAKABLE Rules.. 1. You MUST be a member of The SSMB with a minimum of 10 posts to contribute. 2. No Mash-Ups & No MIDI Rips (Please don't load a MIDI into your DAW and replace the instruments - that's not a remix). 3. 192kbps or higher MP3s PLEASE (the higher the bitrate, the better the quality!). 4. Only 2 Submissions per person. 5. Overall Sound quality + inclusion on the album will be determined by project lead on a track-by-track basis. 6. COLLAB's & Original tracks are welcome - but Remember! 2 Submissions per person (Based on whoever contributed more to said collab). 7. Live & Let Lie! > Send all music/art submissions (with your SSMB username) to soundof.tss@gmail.com PLEASE Include: ARTIST (feat. Optional) - TRACK TITLE [GAME] If you're interested in lending a hand, have suggestions, or questions - you can always contact me at djear.info@gmail.com FOLLOW SoTSS! Twitter https://twitter.com/SoundofTSS Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SoundofTSS
  9. Go Grab our new EP! https://soundcloud.com/soundoftss/sotss-challenge-ep-1
  10. Join us on the 23rd! RadioSEGA /// SEGAMixerDrive
  11. We are no longer accepting submissions to the #SoTSSChallenge #THATSaWRAP
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