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  1. I think the PSX Tomb Raiders are fascinating games, they hold up but they also don't hold up at the same time. On one hand they're these "realistic platformers" (for a lack of a better word) where every single level is a huge puzzle in how you even climb and navigate across the map using the deliberately planned out Tank Controls. Almost every single movement you make has to be planned out sometimes and I really like/miss that, I don't think there's any other game like that (in terms of platforming/adventure at least). It gives you this rewarding feeling that you really are climbing through this labyrinth/mountain, opposed to just tapping a button/clicking a thumbstick and watching your character auto move through everything. On the other hand they're also completely unplayable to anyone who doesn't have patience to learn this control set and I totally understand that. I completely raged on the tutorial course for TR2 in my first 2 hours. There's also a "git gud or get out" mentality to this game's design that leads to some exhaustive levels when you don't play carefully. You gotta (or at least I feel like you have to) save scum every 5 seconds to avoid being instant killed by the next corner you go near or maybe if you miss a jump and die to fall damage. That's one thing I'm glad you don't have to do anymore in modern gaming. lol
  2. Is it just me or is Sandopolis Act 1 kind of horrible? I always see the hate towards Act 2 but Act 1 kind of really sucks even on own terms.

  3. And by "platforming segment" they probably mean waiting for a platform to slowly make its way towards another playable part of the map and that's why you tell them to stay away from Sonic 1 (Genesis) post Green Hill Zone or CD. Sonic 2, 3, Advance 1/2 and the 3D Games before Shadow do a decent job at maintaining both. I think the biggest problem is that this series is primarily looked as "gotta go fast" because of their initial marketing. At their very core though, they were clearly designed as an explorative venture through sandbox-like levels with multiple paths and collectibles (that's why having Tails and Knuckles playable adds so much to the series). People need to remove this "gotta go fast, screw the furry friends Sonic-only" mindset because in the end all that's really going to do is relegate the games and development to purely automated spectacle with little input or interesting mechanics on the player's end... oh wait that's right, it's already happened fml.
  4. Plot twist, there's 3 different versions of this song. The instrumental is for Classic Sonic. This version would be for Custom Avatar. AND THEN CRUSH 40'S VERSION FOR MODERN SONIC BABY! I wish
  5. I haven't forgotten. I was under the impression that Pontac and Graff were still writing this game but apparently that has nothing to do with the story so idk.
  6. The idea would be nice but the writer(s) for Forces probably don't even know who she even is.
  7. My guess is it's probably just going to be a temporary slot for the marathon but if we had a bonus slot that'd be neat... wish it was earlier tho.
  8. I never really got this point of view. The point of Toonami is to create new fans, not race with Japan (and lose) to see who can air the newest episode first, especially when tons of westerners probably haven't even seen the beginning of the show properly thanks to 4Kids. Then again, I'm more of just wanting to enjoy the ride, rather than trying to get to the end as quickly as possible. I've also seen the current anime's pacing and it's pretty horrible so I'm not in a hurry to get there either.
  9. Really bummed about One Piece. For the first year I actually disliked the show from how garbage Toei treated it as an adaption but once we got to Enies Lobby, idk something clicked. The characters were just too fun and the situations were just great; despite the lame pacing it was actually still really enjoyable. Now I'm at the point where I don't have to struggle to enjoy the show which is great. I'm really sad to see the show go but I'm glad Toonami helped me become a fan, I even went to see the movie (Gold) in theaters which was amazing too. Demarco says there's always the possibility of the show coming back, hopefully maybe they can strike a cheaper deal a year later or so. Perhaps start from scratch at Ep1 and maybe double down on episodes next time or something. I'm game for anything.
  10. It's weird actually, like the goofball imitation lines are the exact same recordings from the 90's dub, but others namely the Z Warrior lines are completely different and new recordings so its not 100% recycled from the old dub.
  11. Do you have a source for these actually? You got me curious since I haven't heard any of that so far.
  12. Sorry if I'm uninformed, I've been out of the anime for a while. I thought the dub always kept the original music and remixes from the games though. I haven't been on top of XY other than a couple episodes but did it really get significantly worse over the years and they stopped using the original OST completely now? Those arranges were like the best thing ever.
  13. DBZ is actually completely riddled with filler and padding, problem is that it's completely ingrained into the plot and the only way to skip it is to fast forward through all the "woah did you see Goku punch that guy?" "wow I can't believe he punched that guy?" "bruh he's so strong this power level is so huge" "omg I'm so scared" *audibly gasps for 2 minutes*. And then there's the infamous charging and screaming for 5+ minutes scenes (though the Faulconer score made it kind of cool every once in a while). I think there's also recycled punching/dodging cycles they would endlessly repeat throughout battles too but it's been a while since I watched old school Z, Kai removes all this for a slightly more enjoyable experience. I recommend checking a few fight scenes of the original Z on youtube and see if the padding bothers you. If you can get past it Z's music's more interesting than Kai's garbage trumpet farts OST but outside of that Kai's probably the definite way to watch the series. ...I do miss some of the legitimate filler though like Gohan training with Piccolo in the beginning and with Goku during Cell Games like Robin said. That was arguably my favorite part of the series so idk what's the true definite way to watch DBZ.
  14. A Link's Awakening adaption could be amazing if they did it right. The original had a lot of potential emotional depth that the game never really went into since the story was somewhat of an afterthought (albeit still pretty good). I hear the manga's good tho so they could always follow that but I haven't read it myself so I can't judge.
  15. inb4 Shippuden Filler Hell marathon in the next month or two.
  16. 6 Months? Naaah. One Piece's got like a month and a half of filler and then I think we're gonna hit the 1:1 chapter ratio pacing (Toei please die) soon. Shippuden'll probably 3 or 4 months or something, I'd have to check. At least I hear this second Filler Arc is good or at least decent. That first one was so bland oh god.
  17. A Shippuden marathon would be a good idea if they started right with the Hidan fight. That seriously had some god-tier animation, I wouldn't mind tuning in to see that again because that's now one of my new favorite fights in the series. I hear we're entering a filler arc though, so a marathon of filler would suck. Oh well. ... Wait isn't One Piece entering Filler too? Toonami pls.
  18. So basically it's like Counter Strike with zombies except boring and nowhere near as fun as that idea sounds. Oh well. But Hogfather, we already got a sequel to Operation Raccoon City, Capcom just screwed up the localization and called it "Resident Evil 6" by accident.
  19. Honestly my complaint is that the game looks so slow and boring with barely anything to shoot compared to the first Star Fox 64, even on Normal Mode the original had a lot going on in its first level. It's like people were complaining that the original was too hard and Nintendo actually listened. Most of the complaints I hear are that graphically, the game looks really underwhelming. I agree it looks kinda crap too (especially compared to Assault on the GC) but I'm ok with that aesthetic provided that we get relatively high action gameplay with tons of enemies/activity on screen like the original and other Platinum Games' stuff....... I don't see any of that so I hope the delay fixes it.
  20. Ah man that sucks, I was really hoping they'd finally get Battle of Gods so my friends could see it and maybe Evangelion 3.0 (if they manage to actually finish redoing the bloody dub) this year. Ah well maybe I can hope for some kind of special like the previous Evangelions had or something. :/
  21. I like the box art except I just can't get over the aesthetic they decided to go with for Fox's hair. It just screams uncanny valley to me. It's probably due to the close up Fox has over the others that makes it more noticeable, bleh.
  22. I really like Unleashed but it has some glaring issues. Basically what Tornado said.
  23. I think they said the same thing after Sonic 2006 and we also got another "apology" after Unleashed and yet we still got Boom and not just that but a rushed sequel right around the corner. Yeah, I'm done with this garbage company.
  24. Yeah Nintendo's direct was pretty boring but to be honest, we could had it a lot worse. I don't see the point for all the drama. Personally, I'm just glad that we getting a STARFOX game. Not some random Real Time Strategy. Not some Zelda, Battlefield knockoff. For the first time in 18 years (not counting the remake) we're going to have an actual Star Fox game with actual STAR FOX gameplay. Considering that Rail Shooting is dead, you have no idea how much that makes me happy.
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