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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic Team restructuring and moving to America?   
    Could be, could not be, it's all up in the air at the minute. How much of a difference it makes really depends on how ST in Japan are involved, as they could still push someone like Kishimoto into a lead role, which at this point I think is only going to serve to harm the project. 
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Milo in Sonic Team restructuring and moving to America?   
    If you're interested, here's a list of designers and directors for Sonic Team's Sonic titles from Sonic 2006 up to Forces I did a couple of years back.
    (EDIT: Now updated with producers included and credits for Wii/PS2 version of Unleashed.)
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to The 3rd Option in Is the lack of "alternate gameplay" the only reason why people liked Colors at first?   
    I'm seeing a lot of praise for Colors having "focus".
    But how much is focus worth when the game is focused on content that's just alright at best? I'm sure most will agree Unleashed and the Adventure games are worth more since they reach higher highs despite the general low opinion of the "not playing like Sonic".
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Is the lack of "alternate gameplay" the only reason why people liked Colors at first?   
    Sonic Colors was the first mainstream Sonic game that while playing and finishing it, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of disappointment that at the time I tried my best to completely ignore due to how much everyone else around me was praising it. I never thought it was a bad game but going into it (and later Generations) I was expecting things that I liked about Unleashed to still be present. You know, at the time I was like 17. I didn't really look into how games were made and what not. I knew enough to know that because it was on the Wii, it wasn't going to look at good as Unleashed but even then I didn't like the way the cutscenes looked. The aliasing on everyone was driving me crazy and that was before I even knew what the word was. 
    The disappointment stemmed from a pure emotional response and not really a quality one, of course. The things that I liked the most about Sonic, the things that enchanted me to get into it (and video games by default) was the interactive experience of going on an adventure, the characters, and that sense of fun mixed with a genuine sense of danger. 
    Shadow the Hedgehog came out when I was still relatively new to the Sonic series. At the time all I had played was Adventure 2: Battle, Heroes, and a few of the Classics on my uncle's genesis. I was easily able to overlook all the bad shit about it and enjoy the fact that all those characters I loved were in the game, on their own missions, doing their best to fight the common threat they all had. Sonic 06 was a game that I knew going into it was bad. I didn't have a 360 at the time it came out and I got one just on the cusp of Unleashed about to hit the scene. There wasn't much of a reason for me to be disappointed by it at the time. That's changed over the years of course. Shadow's game is one I feel nothing for when people criticize it and Sonic 06 not only got worse everytime I played it but also every time I thought about it. It eventually got to the point where I consider it to be the poison that still affects this series and the decisions made regarding Sonic and why the potential and ambition it had was abandoned in favor of doing less and less with each title now. 
    However, Unleashed just had so much that hit the right spot with me. There was a lot of ambition there too.
    I loved the thrill of the Modern Sonic stages as they were. Colors didn't really do that. It was more 2D and a bit too heavy on the platforming in a way that made it feel more like that Mario series I had abandoned a while back. Plus, the wisps were fun but only when I had the ones I liked to use... and that really only amounted to the laser and the frenzy, both of which were designed to make you go really fast and destroy shit, which is what I was already doing as Sonic. Rocket just made you go up and float back down which I kind of felt was a waste of time. Going slow as the hover wisp was boring unless there was a trail of rings nearby.
    A true example of me being at odds with everyone at the time was the drill wisp. Everyone loved the drill wisp. I hated the drill wisp. Every time I saw it I wanted to skip over it but I felt that there'd probably be some goodies or a secret path I was missing if I didn't take it. I just hated going under ground and searching for shit to keep me alive while under there. It was only ever a bunch of regular rings, the occasional red ring, or another drill wisp to keep you from dying in the ground. A part of me probably just wanted to run into an electric shield or something like when I dug in Adventure 2.
    The story I liked better in Unleashed. Even though it eventually hit a huge gap of nothing in the middle, it was okay because the look and feel of the fact that I was on an Adventure never went away due to how the game was set-up. That was a feat that would never be repeated to this day. The large gap of nothing in Forces, for example, is filled in by nothing. You don't have new places to visit, new people to meet, new stories to watch unfold in missions, or new food to buy and taste. You didn't in Colors either which also really disappointed me. The hubs were replaced with this map where you tap to the right or left and go to the next mini-stage. Each one I went to I found myself wishing for another cutscene to see if there was anything else I was going to get out of the story but it really was just a large comedy routine. 
    Even the supposed main threat, we found out, was dealt with by the time we beat the first boss of the game because of a piece of a robot that got lodged into the side of Eggman's precious cannon. There was no point to any of what we were doing. 
    Obviously the game didn't look anywhere near as good as Unleashed. That was to be expected for Colors though. I was blindsided by it for Generations however...
    The music I also wasn't enamored with either. I thought the soundtrack was okay and I still do but the sound it has is a very strange one to me. Coming off of the tunes from Unleashed, which I thought was beautiful, and going to Colors where there was so much synth and fakeness. It didn't do anything for me. I had to think hard about the differences between some of the tracks because they all sounded relatively the same to me aside from Sweet Mountain and Aquarium Park. I can't even remember what Terminal Velocity sounds like.
    There was also the fact that it was the first Sonic game I managed to beat the very same day I got it. That didn't sit well with me either.
    I think my disappointment with Colors really did just stem from when I came into the series and what I wanted out of it being at odds with the new direction they were taking. It's strange because I love Generations despite it having some similar issues, though, some of them were fixed. 
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to CC14 the Eliminator in Hey SSMB, does this Sonic Adventure video exist anywhere online?   
    It's funny how conveniently you requested information on those shots, because I just so happened to watch a video featuring them a day or two back. (I saw them on an old episode of the TV show Electric Playground covering the Dreamcast launch because I've been on a G4 nostalgia kick and dug up a bunch of random content on YouTube.) 
    Dreamcast stuff starts about fifteen minutes in.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?   
    I'll never understand why whenever the conversation turns to wanting more out of the Sonic stories, the subject immediately jumps to assuming it needs to be "deep". What does that word even mean nowadays? It gets thrown around so much, seeing it pop up so much is really irritating.
    I want a narrative that has a lot going on in it. I like seeing the characters interact with one another. I like seeing different things happen. I like seeing different objectives come their way and different reactions to said objectives mix things up. The premise of what's going on doesn't need to be "deep" in order for them to achieve that. I use this example all the time but what was going on at Prison Island wasn't "deep". It was a fairly simple thing. The bad guys wanted to steal some chaos emeralds and blow up the island. The heroes wanted to break out Sonic.
    But because of the different objectives in mind as well as the individual personalities of each character, the two sides clashing led to everything going crazy and haywire. Eggman's plan was almost immediately thrown off when he met Amy and then got delayed by Tails. All Rouge had to do was steal some emeralds. She asked for a shorter time and got it but then the Flying Dog showed up because the outside threat of the island was there acting as a third party. Shadow had to stop what he was doing to go save her but then ran into Sonic who was just set free by Amy. Sonic and Shadow fight. The timer is ticking down. Eggman warns Shadow that the bomb is about to go off. Sonic is there so he hears it. They both rush off to gather their collective parties together and barely escape.
    That shit is exciting and fulfilling. There were THINGS happening. The twists and turns that happened there, happened literally just because they had a bunch of chess pieces and decided to utilize them. Both sides had a plan but weren't aware of the prescese of the other party. They took their pieces and moved them all over the board, asking what would happen if this character was stopped by this character. How does this character find this important detail out? Well, what if they fought with this character.
    That's all I want. When I read the comics and watch something like Sonic X, that's what I get. I'm not opposed to them going full One Piece and throwing some sort of really well-written and beautiful deep message among all the adventure, humor, and action but I'm well aware the writing talent to pull THAT off isn't over at Sonic Team.
    "Simple" plots are fine but "Simple" storytelling is boring. The plot of Forces was simple. Eggman took over the world and you have to get the world back. However, the storytelling of Forces was also simple and it shouldn't have been. Way more should have been going on in that game. Forces suffered because they didn't do much with it's plot (among a ton of other things). You can write something interesting around a game with a simple structure too. They just don't. 
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Blue Blood in Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?   
    Basically this. But if SEGA plan on pleasantly surprising us with a good game, I'm obviously up for that.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Ashwalking Bat in Dragonball Z, the Abridged Series (and others)   
    To address this, it seems that it quite possibly may not be the end after all. On another forum I am on, someone dug up a redit post about the issue involving if DBZA will end after the Cell saga or not. It seems Kaiser has finally gave an answer. They may possibly do the Buu saga yet, but it'll be not directly after the Cell Saga ends. They are going to focus on other projects after Episode 60 is entirely out. Here is the post that was found from roughly three months ago. 
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Tara in Telltale Games shuts down (UPDATE: all remaining Telltale games to be delisted on May 27th)   
    Sounds about on par with what I'd expect from any video game studio, honestly.  Bad work conditions, general desperation to push out products that have an enormous hype at first but very shortly after begin to wane in interest.  It's the killer of many studios.
    Definitely this.  It's why I think media should always be as self-contained as possible.  If there's interest in a sequel, audiences will seek it out.  You don't need to bait them for it, and it keeps the series' integrity in tact should things turn south and the plans for a sequel not work out.  Whereas sequel bait runs the risk of diminishing what could be an otherwise extraordinary product.  I mean, there is a place for cliffhangers in media; just that it's not wise to count your chickens before they hatch as they say.  And TellTale is the absolute worst in this regard.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Ashwalking Bat in Dragonball Z, the Abridged Series (and others)   
    A quick update from TFS. They will be releasing part two of DBZA Episode 60 on Twitch this Friday at 6PM CST. You can find it on the streamfourstar channel.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Titans (2018)   
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Skull Leader in Bashed By Some, Praised By You   
    Sonic the Fighters has been mocked as a game that you can beat with just one button... Something not really true, though I do acknowledge that it has issues with some of it's very dated gameplay mechanics.
    However, I don't think there really is any other Sonic game that captures and plays the cartoony aspect of the franchise and it's characters better than Fighters did with it wacky slapstick violence. Add it's awesome soundtrack and I have a game that offers something that makes me not only forgive it's flaws, but also enjoy it.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Mr Loopone in Bashed By Some, Praised By You   
    I'll also chime in Sonic R. Sure the balance is broken especially if you're Super Sonic playing in the snow where you're fast and skip half the course but it has that charm and liked the idea of you know Sonic actually running in a race. It's also fun for the short time it takes to complete the game. It might be low polygonal (or quads in this case) but its one of the few times Classic Sonic was in 3D before his redesign. Plus the soundtrack that people seem to bash more, I really liked because you go back in time to an another world the 90s where Brit pop was playing on the radio. I mean Work It Out is pretty much an expy for Moving On Up and Super Sonic Racing both the vocal and the instrumental versions is one of my favourite Sonic songs.
    In terms of the Modern games, I'll go for Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC version) and Sonic 4 Episode 1. Are they good games? No, no, no. They just suffer from a few design issues and both could have been really decent or even good games. For Lost World, its the charm of the game. Its own take on the Sonic by having it bright and happy, having a few elements from the Classic games like the enemies but does it own thing and keeps things fresh. Even the original version played around the formula and was experimental to the point of even ditching the 100 rings = extra life system (that got patched to revert back). It was also designed for smooth frame rate and liked its graphical style. People seem to bash the game because it takes cues from Mario but what is wrong with that? Sonic was designed to take cues from Mario and adds twists to the gameplay to stand out. The parkour system was an interesting way of playing because it follows on the idea of Sonic having multiple routes (just like the Classics did). If it wasn't rushed and fixed the control issues then it would have been something that they could improve on instead of going the opposite direction and made the Boost formula worse.
    For Episode 1, it is a beginner Sonic game and also one for low skill such as myself who struggled with the Classics and even a majority of the Modern games. It was one of my first Sonic platformers that I managed to 100% complete. The game is a retrend of Sonic 1 and 2 and does have a few new elements such as the torch and the playing cards level (both were last minute changes compared to its original design), then again I did like Emerald Hill, Casino Night and Metropolis from Sonic 2. I also like some of the music such as Lost Labyrinth Act 2 and Splash Hill Act 1 gets into my head quickly since it sounds cheesy. What surprised me the most was the Special Stage. It is pretty much a clone of Cameltry and I liked that game, unlike Sonic 1 it controls like that too. Yes, I did give it 4/10 when it came to rating the series however I actually had fun playing the game and since it was designed as a mobile game originally, it is better designed than many from that eco system. All it really needs is to fix the physics.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to JezMM in Guys... Was Unleashed Supposed to be the Last Sonic Game?   
    No, not at all.  Sonic is a huge and powerful franchise that, even at the time of Unleashed, was still gaining praise through it's handheld releases, so at the very worst, maybe they would have focused on those cheaper-to-produce games instead of continuing to make console ones if Unleashed had been a colossal flop.
    If anything, Unleashed comes off to me as very much a "new beginning" for the franchise.  They shed all the narrative (and a bunch of gameplay) baggage of the Adventure-2006 games and focused on redefining Sonic and finding a new identity for him.  Every game goes as big as each individual product requires - and Unleashed happened to lend itself to being grand in scope.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Celestia in Guys... Was Unleashed Supposed to be the Last Sonic Game?   
    I'm sure most Sonic games from 1994 to 2017 have been made with at least one person on the team thinking 'this will definitely be the last one.' That's not even me dunking on the series, I'm just saying that if I were in those shoes I'd think about it at some point.
    Aside from that, I would say Unleashed actually gives off the opposite vibe for the most part. For one thing, they straight up reinvented their take on Sonic (granted they possibly looked to Rush for inspiration, perhaps because of how the handheld games were generally well received compared to, well, you know--but that's a whole other discussion), which seems like a weird thing to do for a finale. That and with a long running series, you don't only go all out if you're thinking it's going to be the last one. I mean...'06 certainly went all out too (just with much worse results) and at some point they clearly intended for it to be a "new beginning" of some sort.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Solister in The Topic of OMG FREE STUFF!?   
    Unreal Gold is free on both Steam and Gog.com. It's for the 20th anniversary of the series.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Even Yuji Naka didnt want a cutesy funny Sonic   
    Honestly, I tend to find critiques of SA2’s story sketchy given that they’re less about how SA2 was bad in its merits for a story than they are spiteful in hindsight towards it for the elements in it and the stuff that came after it.
    And I say this in acknowledgement that it’s narrative does indeed have flaws.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Marco9966 in Even Yuji Naka didnt want a cutesy funny Sonic   
    No you don't get to undermine my claims. You know well that the Adventure era has a huge portion of the fanbase, and you try to bring up Labyrinth to undermine our right to get a proper 3D game with good vibes!
    Why would you find a 3rd timeline absurd if you are fine with a second timeline with Classic Sonic?
    That's Classic bias for me.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Ashwalking Bat in RUMOR: Star Fox "Grand Prix" (Retro Studios, Diddy Kong Racing x F-Zero)   
    Having a open enough mind to imagine something, does not inherently go one to one with childhood or being a young child. This is a stereotype that really needs to die.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Blue Wisp in RUMOR: Star Fox "Grand Prix" (Retro Studios, Diddy Kong Racing x F-Zero)   
    Can't I have a, I don't know, a fucking proper Star Fox on-rail space shooter game without a racing gimmick or obstrusive motion controls tacked on and that isn't a Star Fox 64 reboot again?
    Like holy shit, I don't know if it's Nintendo being obstinate with their franchises that aren't Mario or Zelda or what but it's not that fucking hard I just want a fucking Star Fox game that is fun. 
    Fucking Christ.
    Star Fox Assault you're still my OTP.  
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to goku262002 in Official Sonic 2006 topic   
    Nothing new, but the description has a small update:
    Good luck Mefiresu, and thank you for all you've done for the project Gistix.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Jango in Interview with Haruki Satomi (President & COO of SEGA Sammy Holdings)   
    I think this is like the 10th time some high up from SEGA says they won't be releasing "low quality Sonic games" anymore. And yet, what is Sonic Forces' Metacritic score? Oh, that's right, 57, with only 4 reviews being positive.
    Yeah, does someone still believes? It's a MIRACLE that Sonic Mania exists, and we should be thankful that it did so well to the franchise, even if you don't enjoy 2D games, because I'm whiling to bet that the Boom's fiasco, followed by Sonic Forces' poor reception, followed by the live-action movie that will most likely get a poor reception too, would've killed this franchise for good.
    But hey, we have another studio that isn't Sonic Team about to mend this mess yet again, Sumo, with their racing game, which I believe will be solid fun.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Teoskaven in The Topic of OMG FREE STUFF!?   

    Satellite Reign and Eador: Masters of the Broken World are temporarely free respectively on the Humble Store and on Steam.
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    Goldenlink64 reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in We need to define what is nostalgia, it's not what everybody thinks!   
    As a moderator I'm just going to say...no. Please feel free to ignore this, everyone. To the original poster - if you want to make a point, and want others to respond to it, it's your responsibility to make it yourself and write it in your post. Don't rely on a video to make your points for you and then demand that everyone watch the entire thing or else disallow them from replying. Using videos as a supplement or something is acceptable, but these "I watched an interesting video, please watch it in its entirety because it makes my points better than I could, therefore there's no need for me to actually make a case for what I'm proposing, and I will refuse to acknowledge your arguments unless you watch this whole video" type of arguments and posts are actually quite irritating.
    I'm not going to shut down this topic because it seems like a discussion is starting anyway and we do have a summary of the video's contents thanks to MetalSkulkBane. However, in the future do not resort to "watch the video!!!" as an "argument" and if you're going to include a video as a major part of your post, please include a summary of it yourself (and your text should really be the main point, not the video).  Thanks.
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