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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one! c:

  2. I won't have Pokemon Yellow disparaged on my watch! It's got Pikachu VOICE SAMPLES!

  3. Funny, but deceptively engaging. Really makes you think about which route to take, and sometimes there isn't one not involving his death. Poor Motobug. Happy birthday to Sonic, Motobug, Eggman and all the guys. Also happy 19th year of not being used to Madonna.
  4. Tombi

    Doctor Who

    I find something similar; in that I can picture Tennant saying most of Smith's lines just fine - just in his own kooky way, with Smith's deadpan making the material a bit fresher. I didn't expect much else, he's still the same character so naturally there's gonna be some of the same style there. The most notable change so far is how much more confrontational The Doctor tends to be in tense situations, like pointing guns around, shouting at people and generally not putting on a facade and being pretty honest when shit's gonna go down. I enjoyed the darker Doctor at the end of the last series, so I'm glad Matt's portrayal has kept some of that. I'm really intrigued with the River relationship too, let's just say I highly doubt it'll end with them skipping and holding hands. Today's episode was pretty good overall, I enjoyed it but it probably could've used a bit more length - the cliffhanger at the end didn't seem to have as much buildup as it probably should have. Obviously they had to make way for creepy cartoon Graham Norton, and it's not a big deal with it being a two-parter anyway. As creepy as the angels in the episode were, seeing them walk around in street clothes on Confidential was downright terrifying.
  5. It looks nicer than I expected, the textures in the original weren't too shabby but now they're really sharp generally blend well. The models haven't been changed a huge deal, but the shading on them is a whole lot better - Sonic looks less like a stuffed toy. Even if they don't go the whole nine yards and make it widescreen, I'm glad they're making something of an effort. It's worth keeping in mind that keeping nostalgic faults intact actually went down pretty well with the Banjo-Kazooie ports; I suppose the blurry textures and simple models just added to the charm. This is why, even if they do end up redoing the cutscenes/lip-sync; this simply must stay: Anyway, I don't see SEGA canceling - there's too much potential money to be made, what with so many often calling it the only good 3D Sonic game. Interest will definitely be there.
  6. Maybe it is legit, but can't these guys just; y'know, stop talking now? At this point it's just beating a dead horse. "Wonky physics" this, "trouble rolling down a hill" that - It's like these people don't even realize they downloaded the (yes, unfinished) game from a service for developers. I'm still excited for the game, I just dislike the tone of the "anonymous tipster". "OH everything's SO polished, but the physics suck so that MUST mean it's ready for release! There's just NO way they could be getting the other stuff out of the way before sharpening the physics!" Wasn't almost the whole idea of SEGA uploading Sonic 4 onto this Castnet service to get feedback from beta testers? Why is this guy doing their job but sending his feedback to random sites on the internet instead? Will it really make a difference besides pissing SEGA off? So many rhetorical questions. Anyway fuck it, I hope this isn't a problem for the subsequent episodes. Oh, and I died well over twenty times on Hydrocity Zone - I suck, some people just do It doesn't always mean the game is a wreck.
  7. I remember Charlie Brooker looking into the "They must have been on drugs" thing in regards to trippy cartoons, and trying the theory out. He sat a man down on a desk with a pen, paper and some drugs; hoping he'd make the next Magic Roundabout - turns out he just fell over. I imagine the same applies here, and someone on an acid trip couldn't manage a whole lot when it comes to developing a video game in 1991. I also got "dreamy" over "druggie" in the Sonic 1 special stages, not that I can't see where you're coming from. If you ask me; the most trippy looking special stages are the "falling down a black hole with various rising colours/items" ones in Knuckles Chaotix. Of course there's a degree of surrealism in everything Sonic though.
  8. Well, it was the eighties - and it doesn't matter whether the show was about a overly muscular man's eternal fight against an equally muscular skeleton, or a bear that eats honey; Aesop's were a necessity. This show has really aged like milk though, I caught the tail end of some reruns as a youth and thought the realism/proportions of it all were really cool. I can't ever imagine taking this seriously though, as it's just such a flawed idea to begin with. Much like Sonic telling me not to go for rides in dryers, actually. On a related note, this show largely contributed to what's easily my of all time.
  9. That video is par for the course with British adverts, they always seem to stick with a tight-knit group for voiceovers. I've lost count of how many times I've heard the guy doing the "Unleash 'yer all star move" introduction, and of course you'll prefer getting one of your own to do a Sonic impression over flying out and paying the official actor. Cartoon Network have done this for years on their regional ads - an old favourite being the terrible Elvis impersonator who always did the Johnny Bravo spots. To his credit the guy can do a pretty good Jason though. I get the impression the Sonic room guy has either not heard any version of Sonic before, or gave it a shot but just can't do anything with that deep voice - but yeah, it's pretty bad. Of course it's early days, so there will probably be at least a few incidents of someone complaining after their kid isn't convinced, and an eventual change. The Sonic experience at Alton generally looks like a fun time though.
  10. It's looking good, you know it's nowhere near Sonic Genesis-level when the worst thing people can say is about a minor music change or two. Looks like I'll be getting it. Am I going mad or is the main menu music from Samba De Amigo? If not it seems awfully close. Not complaining though, it's still catchy.
  11. It looks stunning in motion, at least when the camera isn't shaking around. Very smooth. Unlike others I actually like the jump animation, it's much more fluid than the "still picture" style of the Mega Drive titles - and I suppose that's a negative for some, but I don't see why the extra frames of animation shouldn't be used. The physics I'm not really worried about, the player seemed to be intentionally hunting for glitches and the fact that Sonic didn't glitch through a wall or cannon-ball up to the sky seems a good enough sign with so many months to go. The music is just okay, it's certainly got great melodies - it's just a matter of the MD-soundchip-esque techno not really matching the lush visuals. Considering how much some of the music changed during the development in Unleashed, I'm sure they'll keep on working on it - I just hope it's not too restricted. But yeah, I'm satisfied. Quite happy about Dimps working on it too, I enjoyed both Rush games and even if they don't hit a home run in replicating classic gameplay - I'll probably find it fun anyway. Now to wait for more officially released footage that's a bit easier to appreciate than a multitasking handycam beta tester with a heckling parrot.
  12. When making some of my (quite humorous) pictures the one rule I always used was "The gumballs always miss the mark". Not so much that it's nowhere near the eyes; but rather that they're always a certain distance away from where they should be. I don't mind "crazy eyes" though, they can be funny all the same - it's just never had the same psychedelic effect. To get back on topic, well; as much as possible - the eyes aren't really a factor for me and as has been mentioned they were in Sonic 3 anyway. It's at least good to hear the good news regarding the running animation, and here's hoping we get some clips of it at full blast sometime soon. SEGA adding a "black eye mode" would also be pretty funny.
  13. Something like the first image would have been good, but it's pretty rare to see an honest-to-goodness 2D "HD" game that doesn't add lots of gimmicks, filters, blurs and general shit like that - and in general I don't think it would have caught too much attention because of that. Maybe it's best not taking the chance in that regard. Second one just looks messy and in motion would send people reaching for their Virtual Boys I'm sure. I do think what little we've seen looks really pretty, though. If they can pull off a whole game that visually pleasing I'll be very...uh, pleased. Whilst he's still got the proportions and the OMG GREEN EYES of the current games, I do think the presumed cel shading should help give Sonic that sleek sprite look. Let's keep in mind how different things will look in motion though, over-analyzing still pictures is a bit redundant when you'll be seeing something completely different when actually quickly moving around - you may not even be able to make out that it's in 3D.
  14. I remember all of the musical pieces being played on the radio for last year's SAGE website - at the time myself along with apparently quite a few others had no idea what the hell we were listening to, but somehow my ears were glued as the plot just kept getting more and more ridiculous. You know it's pretty bad when the contents of the songs are so corny they make Sonic Underground's sound all sorts of extreme. Just don't think about Robotnik + Sally too much or your brain may explode; that sort of shipping in a musical adventure is no doubt much more scarring than even the most graphic Rule 34 of the two.
  15. Being somewhat late to the party, this just makes people look like complete idiots. How clear did AAUK have to be exactly? Even when you take the precautions it seems the more confrontational fans just have sensors that automatically pick-up when the words "classic", "children" and "elitist" are used in regards to a Mega Drive Sonic game - no matter how you phrase it. I suppose TSSZ's little spin on the story may have helped, but how much can one website actually influence things? This sort of thing seems to happen a few times every year, in fact - but usually the misconstrued quote is a bit more vague and open to interpretation, you can't really say the same this time. I'll just say good on AAUK for sharing his opinion, and I do agree. It's a shame, because I pretty much agree completely - but the "internet hate machine" doesn't really go by that sort of logic. We basically get that sort of shit because the more "hateable" members of the fanbase have a way of making themselves the most apparent. And let's be honest, there's just nothing fun about "normal" people, so the select few screwballs get all the attention and sadly it's human nature to pigeonhole the rest of the fanbase in with them. As mentioned above, there are a multitude of examples outside the Sonic scene, but at the end of the day it's not changing anytime soon - even if the games do get a lot better with time; whilst overall reception to the games will be better - the more obnoxious fans will still be there making life hard. About the only likely way to tame it would be for us Sonic fans to stop turning into pricks when faced with a bit of blame, but once again that relies less on the everyday Sonic fans and more on the ones people are actually paying attention to.
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