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  1. Sonic is defined by a gameplay so unique that it can't be found otherwise. Its not because he's fast, but because of the way he implements that and realistic physics into a platforming game. Sonic evolved gaming during days that physics were irrelevant in gaming, but SEGA knew that physics in a game would make it fun. Sonic games are so fun in my opinion because you can use gravity and the physics and slopes of hills combined with speed to make Sonic go all sorts of places and launch really high into the air. It made the Genesis games fun and has made the Unleashed Engine fun as well. We are all here for a reason, and that is because we love Sonic for the universe that has been present around him, the unforgettable music, and most importantly the undeniably original games.
  2. Darn it, now I'm gonna have to go to SEGA and and ask them for the build lol.
  3. Hi there. I just finished downloading the Sonic X-treme build that was released to the public. It looks like this: I then found a picture of a more advanced build that looked like this: I was wondering if the build in the picture above is available to the public or not, because I cannot find it.
  4. I liked the original Sonic Riders, but the focus totally went off in the sequel. I liked Sonic the Fighters as well.
  5. There was barely anything you could do in the Adventure fields in SA and S06 as well (Oh right, there was missions in S06, but who wanted to wait a minute to play them anyway?).
  6. This. I have to agree that I liked the focus on the Unleashed levels better than Colors (and FUCK that damn yellow spring).
  7. To add onto Scar's statement, I feel the same way he does, and as I've said before, I do not believe that the Sonic franchise should be ran to only please the fans, which is what they want when they request (demand) Sonic Adventure 3. What makes a series so fun is that it brings something new to the table. I'm not talking about a sequel that takes what the first game has and expanding it, I'm talking about relying on creativity over continuity to make a franchise good. There are franchises that need continuity, like Street Fighter, but Sonic doesn't need it. Besides, Sonic Team is finally making progress and expanding the series to more than anthropomorphic animals being in the real world with 80's rock music playing in the background (I'm not saying that that was bad, I'm saying that we're actually getting something different for a change). Personally, I'm loving SEGA's confidence in the character that they've had lately, the same way they felt about him in the 1990's, so much that they don't need nostalgia to make a franchise good, that they have the mindset to make the character good in new situations and are willing to open up to a new crowd. I can't wait to see new types of people enter the fanbase.
  8. I think you meant to say worst memory from the game instead. Like you said, Silver killed you by smashing you and repeating right on impact with a wall, but Silver didn't want to kill you like that, he knew it wouldn't be good enough for his douchebaggery, so he kept smashing you into a wall, but made sure you always had 1 ring so you couldn't even have the liberety of simply dying. What was worse was when you were on your last life and Silver did that, you would literally have to exit the game and restart it. I've seen bad game design, but this has got to be one of the worst.
  9. Despite any of our opinions on the Adventure franchise, it is pretty obvious that it has not aged well with the general public. Here are a few examples to prove my point: http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/sonic-adventure Despite whether people think Adventure is the better game than Colors and Unleashed, what Colors is doing is increasing our fanbase, where Adventure will not, especially with the bad rep it's recieved from the general public.
  10. Great points people It was just something that came to my mind, but even with all our opinions, the decision is ultimately gonna be made by Sonic Team anyway, and I'm very sure they'll make something awesome for Sonic's 20th anniversary, regardless.
  11. There's been a lot of debate on how Sonic's next game should be made. While some want a Sonic Adventure 3, others feel its too much of a risk to go back to a formula that hasn't been perfected yet for Sonic's 20th anniversary and possibly save the game for when SEGA has perfected their engine to their fullest. Some, such as myself, want to see an entirely new game that uses the Unleashed formula. It seems that whenever people discuss either of these formulas, a debate begins to arise between people discussing which formula works better. But that's the problem, our fanbase has many different wants and interests with one character. If those interests aren't met, we tend to get disappointed, and blame a certain "someone" for it. I've concluded that these interest and wants fall into 3 categories: A. The Sonic Adventure Fans Sonic Adventure fans enjoy moderate exploration in the speed levels that allow for more freedom in controlling the character. They enjoy examining the area briefly through open environments that Unleashed does not have much of, and ultimately enjoy a less linear playstyle with a half balance of platforming and speed segments. Some enjoy playing as mutiple characters. B. The Sonic Unleashed Fans Sonic Unleashed fans enjoy a more linear playstyle because it refocuses the concept on speed, gaining momentum, and finding the quickest routes rather than exploring through moderately large areas. This allows them to focus on their time records and show some impressive replays that Adventure cannot do as well. They ultimately enjoy speedrunning through levels. C. The 3D Sonic Haters The 3D Sonic Haters do not enjoy any 3D Sonic games, believing that 3D Sonic does not work as well as 2D Sonic and that it was never meant to be. So how do we manage to satisfy everybody? If Sonic Adventure style returns, Sonic Unleashed fans will be irritated, and vice versa. We need to find a way to infuse all the wants of these categories into one. Particularly by making a new category: D. "Sonic's Next Game" Fans: Infuses categories A, B, and C together. So how is Sonic Team going to achieve this? Talk about your ideas and suggestions and how they could manage this.
  12. It seems fine, but I still don't really see the point of the spindash or an attack specific to the character other than fanservice and that alone. If Sonic can just boost to kill enemies, why would people even bother with the other moves? Boosting would be much more convenient for them. What I'm thinking is why don't we make the boost like Sonic Unleashed for the Wii. Instead of the HD counterpart where boosting is all on one meter and there is free range in how much meter you use so you can simply refill it to maintain the boost, there are little bars that you fill and once you use the boost, you use it for a set amount of time and one of the bars disappears. And then we can do what they did in Colors for the regeneration of boosting.
  13. Its a shame though that they haven't expanded on the connection of Knuckles and Rouge after their fight at Meteor Herd. If there's one thing I hated though, it was the effing Government (G.U.N.). They're so stupid, that they can't tell the difference between a blue hedgehog and a black hedgehog -____-" I guess I could say that I played Ocarina of Time and liked it, but it doesn't make me a Zelda But fan. I don't even care for the franchise anyway, I played Ocarina of Time and that was it. But ultimately our opinions differ.
  14. If in the case that they were fixed, Sonic Adventure may improve drastically, but those issues have not been fixed, even in the XBLA port (which is sad because I thought SEGA would dish out something new because of DLC). But until then, I can't look at the "if" scenario. As once said, "there is no way to please all Sonic fans", so I'm on the same boat. I'll be honest, I did find SA2's story to be quite good. There was a lot of character development getting focused and the introduction of the new characters was great as well. When I say a story's not deep, I don't necessarily mean its bad, I mean it lacks expression of fully natural human emotions and senses and instead creates artificial emotions that draw an unrealistic unhuman feel to the characters' themselves. As much as I enjoyed SA2's storyline, I was not crying at the end of the Heroes story when Sonic sacrificed his life by plummeting down to earth in the tube thing, it was not deep enough to strike an emotion in me (plus I knew Sonic was gonna survive anyway, but that's beside the point). I can't really explain in one answer why Sonic isn't deep enough of a character, maybe his optimism prevents him from expressing negative emotions properly, IDK. Now don't think that because I said unhuman feel, that I mean it's bad. Sometimes, people don't want those emotions to be emoted in them, they want to enjoy a character without having to feel for them or relate to them, because they want something unrealistic. Stylization in character nature and in stories can be a good thing, especially with Sonic because of the nature people may want to see him in. Sometimes, making characters deep can be a bad thing. Who wants to see a character like Sonic express his sudden love for a princess (A.K.A. Sonic '06 storyline)? Nobody. I can't really determine for everybody what exactly they want Sonic's nature to be, but I can guarantee that they want Sonic to be an icon to them, the model of what being cool and a lovable character is all about. If Sonic expressed depression in the rest of the games because his "true love", the princess (what's her name) from Sonic '06 was gone, people would not like Sonic's nature anymore. It depends on what you mean by "fan". Are they considered fans if they like a Sonic Game, is that the cut-off that makes them fans? Or do they need to express a substantial amount of interest in Sonic himself and what is happening to the series? Personally, I think that the cutoff for being s Sonic fan is when they devote a sense of consideration and concern for the character in their life. The people who are connected with the nostalgia of Sonic Adventure don't pay attention to what is happening with Sonic and what is going on, nor do they really care. Its simply their memories of one game and that's it. But if you think that they are Sonic fans by enjoying 1 Sonic game, then I guess they are fans. Uhh... that's kinda... "the people that want a SA3 are the ones that enjoy that style of gameplay, story, music..." = the people that connect with the nostalgia of Sonic Adventure I didn't need to showcase SA2, they had already played it. They liked the Chao Garden and screwing me up in vs mode because they picked Amy (those bastards -____-") but I never asked them anything outside of that. I did showcase Sonic Colors though and the funny thing is is that one of my friends who liked Unleahsed didn't like Colors because he said that its focus on slow segments withdrew from Sonic Unleashed's core mechanic. I did not say my test was a fact, I said that the sample of people I tested agreed that Sonic Unleashed was the better engine, and by that I mean more fun as well. Technically, polishes can change a game's fun factor. For example, when Mario Kart DS fixed the power slide system, it created a vital element of the game that made me love it. Mario Kart DS was obviously the better game compared to Mario Kart 64, but people still play Mario Kart 64 for its nostalgia factor. But even with all of this, Sonic Team could make an entirely new engine that's not Sonic Adventure or Sonic Unleashed related, but for now I can only compare what I see.
  15. I guess so, I'm only saying that I want something that's not, "Oh look these people are getting attacked, and only I can save them", or "these aliens are getting kidnapped and I must save them", etc. A story that doesn't rely on the fundamental that it's Sonic's job to stop Dr. Eggman, that he actually has an incentive for stopping him. I guess if we were to compare this to Mario, Mario doesn't go and attack Bowser's for no reason, but he has a goal to reach (saving Peach), so what is Sonic's goal?
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