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  1. harada can keep saying it's coming but until I see proof I wIll continue to doubt it.
  2. People hate zoe Quinn because her ex boyfriend said she cheated on him. as for Anita her criticisms of works are so basic I'm not sure how people could get angry at her, but then again this whole controversy proved a lot of gamers cannot take the least bit of criticism regarding the game industry. gamergate is movement that is doomed to go down in history as a failure. If anything tpeople will look down on the industry more because of these shitheads.
  3. Didn't toei do somthing sim miler with digimon xcross wars/digimon fusion. With the alternate English dub aired in Asian markets?
  4. I'm going to quote a mod from khinsider: "Things that are 100% confirmed:- The Premium Theater was truly a Premium Theater- There were very emotional scenesThings that are not 100% confirmed:- Everything else"
  5. Elimination Chamber was pretty meh. Tag team elimation chamber match had some fun spots but wasn't that remarkable. Diva's triple threat was unremarkable. Owens vs Cena is a match of the year candidate. Neville vs Bo Dallas was pretty bad. Intercontinental Championship elimination chamber match was a train wreck And Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins was pretty good despite the finish.
  6. Pretty much. For example at Last Years E3, PAC-Man Victory theme was ripped straight from Ghostly Adventures. In the final game he has an original theme.
  7. Those and maybe the Singapore park. They aren't getting rid of the marvel area. The have a contract that gives them the Marvel License until they let it go. If anything they'll either replace Toon Lagoon, or Discovery Island.
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure no ones mentioned how many episodes it's going to be. The only things announced are the op/Ed singers http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2015/05/19/dragon-ball-super-website-launches-oped-announced/ http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2015/05/20/dragon-ball-super-theme-song-artist-comments/
  9. Thing is Konami's mobile games the last couple of years have done way better then their console games. Same with Square Enix. From their point of view Mobile is where the big money's at.
  10. Yeah, he's not wrong. With budgets becoming so high for AAA games the Mobile Market is a lot more financially viable.
  11. How do you redeem the Mewtwo codes on the wii u? I was able to get it easily on the 3ds bit on the wii u it says it's too early to get it.
  12. Funny thing , the Japanese version also includes the most infamous plagerised yamamoto song, Battle Point Unlimited. Also Super Butoden 2 does include a known plagerized song. Cell's theme. Which is just One of These Days by pink Floyd.
  13. I see Kojima either joining Sony, or going indie. He has a good relationship with Sony, however I can also see him going indie to ensure complete creative freedom. That Kojima quote doesn't sound like something Kojima would say.
  14. I remember the backlash wolf got. In late january to may of 2008 he was as hated as R.O.B. if only because he allegedly took Krystal's slot.
  15. Frieza made its way into j-stars as well despite the official site using Freeza. Also shueisha used spirit bomb in their tohoku earthquake relief find.
  16. Since we're on the subject of Fire emblem awakening also. That game had loads of DLC.
  17. I'm quoting two gamefaqs posts here about why Lucina got in over chrom, so credit to those two. "1) Sakurai often asks for Intelligent Systems' opinion on who to add. IS loves Lucina, just look at all the merchandise and advertisements featuring her. I think this deserves special mention. A lot of people expected Chrom because they thought of him as the "poster-boy" or the "face" of Awakening. I disagree, mainly because Lucina's on 90% of the promotional material I've seen. You've got: - the artbook called "Knights of Iris" has a picture of Lucina taking off her mask - the complete soundtrack has a picture of Lucina in a dress, along with piano sheet music for her theme - the advertisement poster for the second series of DLC features a bunch of characters, but Lucina is by far the most prominent - there's going to be a collectible model figurine, of which only her and two other characters get (neither of which are Chrom) - I think at E3 when talking about Amiibos, they used a picture of Masked Lucina As for Chrom, whenever he's used on promotional material, he shares a spot with Lucina. Game's cover? Lucina's there too. That picture of Chrom and Lucina dueling? Obviously Lucina's there too. The Puzzle Swap puzzle? Chrom fighting Lucina. SMT X FE trailer? Lucina's there too. Monster Hunter cameo? There's Chrom...with Lucina too. Like, it's almost never exclusively about Chrom when he's used to promote the game, while Lucina is featured both with or without Chrom. While in the main story I would say Chrom's more important, I get the feeling that Lucina's favoured as an "advertising" type character, much like how Lyn's featured as an Assist Trophy for her game, even though she's the least important protagonist in hers too."
  18. It seems Lucina's has Marth's old attributes. According to the e3 demo Marth is slower and his air game was nerfed. Also Lucina doesn't seem to hit with her sword's tip. If I could compare this to two other characters it would be Fox, and Falco. Fox had several changes in Melee, but his old attributes were givin to Falco.
  19. I'm certain he'll be one of the last veteran's revealed. And I'm calling it now. He'll only be buffed. He'll still be a falcon semi clone.
  20. Oh man, remember the amount of hate wolf got back in 2008? R.O.B was hated a lot, but Wolf Was also hated for being a clone. Until people played as him, and realized he's more of a 25% clone.
  21. Kanzenshuu has can interview with Sean Schemmel, Chris Sabat, and Justin Cook on their podcast. http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2014/07/04/battle-gods-north-american-debut-coverage/
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