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I was here once before. Some, god, five years ago maybe? I was a ineffectual, boring and frustrated.

I'm not ineffectual and frustrated anymore, boring? Well, somebody else should be the judge of that. I don't bore me, but then I like the same things as I do, so I wouldn't would I?

I don't expect to be anything more than a casual poster, erratic probably.

But while I may be new to you and effectively to this forum (it's changed so much, he says, misty eyed) I'm not new to this fanbase or this series, I was a little late, coming into the Sonic-verse just prior to the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Mega Drive, but I've been here ever since. I've played every title to get a home release (I am yet to find a working Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car sadly) I once owned a Sega 32X, I still own a Game.Com and I try to forget about the Sega Pico, I've managed to read every issue of Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Hedgehog, even the crappy ones Ron Lim drew. Am I bragging? No, actually, just asking anyone to remember while I'm new, i'm no n00b.


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