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  1. I want to like Sonic Legacy, the Essential Sonic the Hedgehog line sounds like a good idea, but not if they keep up Sonic Archives' trend of not reprinting the whole story. It's annoying and it defies sense and logic**(especially as it seems to be happening to thier better quality stories) - Mecha Madness, Knuckles Quest and Endgame have all been split into different volumes, the first two aren't even in the same series of collections! And now it seems it's going to happen again with The Forgotten Tribe and that Super/Hyper/Turbo vs Mammoth Mogul storyline that acted as the end of Dark Vengence (these are both Knuckles storylines) now the announcement for the Naugus Quest volumes seem to contain no issues of Knuckles the Echinda. I know collections are becoming thinner and less value for money (DC and Marvel releasing 12 issues maxi-series in two six-issue volumes, collecting stories before they're over etc) but this is beyond even that. The Essential Marvel volumes and the Showcase Presents volumes have done really well at being the opposite of this problem, including tie-in issues, back-ups, two-part stories ending or beginning in a different series, 1-shots and annuals and so on so hopefully Legacy will do the same but I'm pessimistic. Sorry i needed to rant about that. And it makes a change from ranting about...y'know...that character. ** unless that logic is 'it makes 'em buy Sonic Select moo hoo ha ha"
  2. I love this. It's just so awful. And I love that at leas two people have taken the time to screen grab it for their avatars. Brilliant, I commend you both. And i swear, Ol' Dirty Bastard has 'Ol' Dirty Bastard' on this I.D. - how...sad
  3. I actualy meant the gap betweeen Sonic Adventure and Heart Held Hostage not those two stories but after and up to, but I get the confusion. It wasn't clear. And actually you CAN go back and change things if you think they're crap, in fact the comic industry is pretty much built on that lol. ESPECIALLY since Crisis on Infinite Earths (OH NO! the old comic collector in me is coming throooough). Cheers mate . MeX
  4. Wow tehre's a lot of Treasure Team Tango Talk, I didn't expect that. Persoanlly i've found it a bit...bitty I suppose but it's had a lot of fun character moments and an abundance of secondary characters that I like, so I'm cool with it. the Omega-Craem interactions have been brilliant. God i really hope this is true. That issue was unbelievable...most of it was just blank panels shownig a fight covered by 'a blizzard' was that really the reason? they couldn't get it out on time, cos 'crap but quick thinking' is a step up from 'just plain lazy'. Even if this isn't gonig to be this, he should do it anyway, in fact he Ian mate? do a whole mini-series - Sonic: The No Longer Crap Years - where he re-writes and has redrawn everything from after the Sonic Adventure Adaptation to the Heart Held Hostage storyline. Which nicely segues into my point for checking this board today - I'm very intersted in the Sonic: Genesis, Ian Flynn taking on the early sonic games as adaptations perhaps? Worknig them in with the current continuity (because really, the early stuff had almost zero continuity until about...oooohh issue 21?)? A continuity reboot or trimming? Sounds very interesting to me regardless . And finally, i read, it think on Ian Flynn's boards maybe, or the one that has the 'Ask Ian' thread he replies in, that Eggman Nega is considered dead and thus not allowed to appear fully in an issue of the comic. Anyone else got proof for this? Is he considered dead? The Ifrit thing? With Sonic Rivals 2? MeX
  5. i thought you was required to have the internet connected to get 'em though?
  6. Already got Sonic 4, was very pleased even if some of it as very...stolen from old games, Already got Sonic Colours DS and that was fantastic, more of a sequel to Rush than Rush Adventure I thought, though that airship boss was a pain, Already got Sonic Adventure DX downloaded, only a way through it but i've completed it on both Dreamcast and Gamecube before so I'm not rushing. Sonic Colours Wii for Christmas I think, am look forward to it but i need to get my Wii to work on the internet again so i can update and y'know, actualyl play it, then i can play Mario Galaxy 2 as well, that'll be nice. I'm not bothering with Goldeneye Wii though, just cos I don't really like the change to Daniel Craig.
  7. Hmmm...I agree on Chaos, but i stand by my Black Doom placing I have no idea what Marine did in that scene, i thought she threw something, but it looks like she has some kind of glow around her fist when i look again...what? I had no idea Omega did anything like that in the future, must have missed it, i only played through '06 once, i couldnt' stand to play it again. drove me mental. Yeah Big is pretty strong, i guess he could be stronger than Bark really... Mighty's semi-informed, i mean he's been shown to use incredible strength outside the SegaSonic cannon and he can kick pretty hard but that's why it's an in theory sort of thing, a 'if this is true'
  8. Hmmm...I agree on Chaos, but i stand by my Black Doom placing I have no idea what Marine did in that scene, i thought she threw something, but it looks like she has some kind of glow around her fist when i look again...what? I had no idea Omega did anything like that in the future, must have missed it, i only played through '06 once, i couldnt' stand to play it again. drove me mental. Yeah Big is pretty strong, i guess he could be stronger than Bark really... Mighty's semi-informed, i mean he's been shown to use incredible strength outside the SegaSonic cannon and he can kick pretty hard but that's why it's an in theory sort of thing, a 'if this is true'
  9. God Tier Solaris and it’s halves Mephiles the Dark and Iblis– being an actual god an’ all. Chip and Dark Gaia – again, pretty much actual gods, also Chip likes ice-cream, I can dig that. The Babylon Guardian & Erazor Djinn – seems to be a genies of some kind, making them pretty powerful. Chaos – it’s Chaos, seriously, it’s a god-tier character. Black Doom – I think this is right, Doom is some kind of all powerful alien leader with a powerful third eye who’s blood made Shadow, so damn man. God Tier. Tikal – Wait? What? Well she’s a ghost and that pretty much makes her a force to be reckoned with, as y’know, she’s undead and do what she pleases in a ghost-like manner High Tier Sonic the Hedgehog – is supposedly the fastest thing alive, can transform into a giant fucking Werehog as well as harness the powers of the chaos emeralds, perform Light Dash and Chaos Control, create his own momentary force field (Sonic 3). He’s not the sharpest crayon in the box though. Shadow the Hedgehog – Shadow is supposed to be Sonic’s equal, in theory he could be more powerful if written as such, he has more Chaos based powers, like Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast but he needs technology or Chaos emeralds to make him Sonic’s match whereas Sonic is naturally that fast regardless of what shoes he wears. Blaze the Cat – Sonic’s equivalent from her world, in addition to being as fast or nearly as fast the main hedgehog she can control fire at all times without any kind of power-up and can also go super. Though I’ve not seen her perform any Chaos (or Sol) related powers like Sol Control or whatnot. Mighty the Armadillo – In theory. Both comics put him as the strongest thing on the planet. Metal Sonic – again, supposed match for Sonic with the ability to copy other people’s moves but other than raw speed and being durable and easily reparable along with some strength that would come naturally to a robot he doesn’t have so much else to make him powerful Silver the Hedgehog – Hear me out. Silver has vast telekinesis and is able to go Super. That’s my explanation. Cheese– nothing can stop the Cheese! Mid Tier Knuckles the Echidna – the highest of the mid-tier animals as the only character who can go super, or hyper, Knuckles is a good fighter, can scale walls, glide and dig, has spiked knuckles on his blood hands and is constantly portrayed as stronger than most other characters (isn’t he?) but he’s gullible. Tails and Eggman – I see these two on able the same level, I remember something about Tails being roughly on bar with Eggman in terms of I.Q. and he certainly seems to be able to understand the workings of Eggman’s machines. Both are not so useful in fist fight, though Tails can fly by himself, but both are so damn smart it doesn’t matter. Rogue the Bat – no superpowers to speak of but constantly portrayed as the top in her field of spying and jewel thievery and appears to have incredibly powerful legs and claws. Also has a nice rack. Omega – supposedly built to be able to contain Shadow, which is a hell of a thing to be built for, but given Eggman’s…skills at building enemies I doubt he actually could, and we’ve seen no proof that he could anyway but he does have awesome firepower and seems very hard to break. Espio the Chameleon – able to run at high speeds, walk on any surface regardless of angle and become invisible, has full ninja training, skilled detective and his Tornado attack, plus a prehensile tongue strong enough to lift another animal off the over his head Espio’s pretty tough when you think about it ain’t he? Bean the Dynamite – Theoretically Bean can produce an unlimited supply of explosives out of thin air. That puts him pretty high in the power stakes, unfortunately he may be totally insane… Bomb of Heavy & Bomb – another risky one but think about this like I did – Bomb can explode with enough force to knock all the rings out of you, then replicate, he’s an unkillable, explodable A.I. with a sense of right and wrong and a mechanic. Low Tier Storm the Albatross – Very strong according to Wikipedia (lol) as well as skilled at using Gear, he’s thick though isn’t the? Being so short tempered and impatient doesn’t help his case, but in terms of power he’s got it. Vector the Crocodile – very strong, a good climber and able to breath sound waves and fire according to Sonic Heroes, his actual strength I find debatable however, probably because he didn’t start out as a strength character as such I place him below Storm the Albatross, who’s vast strength is noted. Amy Rose – she has a magical hammer and when not stalking Sonic (I presume she’s not stalking Sonic at some point, she has to pee right?) she seems to be quite the sensible young lady. Her speed seems to have increased with every playable appearance, and oh yeah, she has a magic hammer. Wave the Swallow – she’s a Gear genius and a better mechanic than Tails or Eggman supposedly but she doesn’t seem to have much skills outside of her specific area, whereas we’ve seen Eggman and Tails build all sorts of stuff. Fang the Sniper – as much as I love Nack, we don’t see him succeed very often do we? He has to have had some skill to get to the Special Zones and steal the chaos emeralds, he’s clearly got good accuracy with firearms, a useful tail and is a skilled but he does fail a lot. Bark the Polarbear – Bark is supposed to be pretty damn strong, but without much data we don’t really know how strong, he can make his hands enlarge though, which is pretty sweet. Jet the Hawk – Jet is possibly the best Gear rider in the world but off his board he’s not really much use for anything other than being a bit sneaky. Bottom Tier Charmy Bee – Charmy used to be able to fly indefinitely, can he still that? I thought he could, he can also teleport between flowers, which is useful, unless there’s no flowers. He’s also scatterbrained, young, inexperienced and annoying. Ray the Flying Squirrel – now Ray’s not as useless as one might think, he can run at a high speed, fly (supposedly) and has a prehensile tail, he’s a big of a sissy but I don’t’ think he belongs in Slag tier. Cream the Rabbit – I refuse to put Cream in ‘slag tier’ because, well, she can fly! Apparently her stats are equal to Tails except for her I.Q. and though she is a pacifist she can fly. Slag Tier Marine – now I like Marine, as a character and all, but in terms of usefulness, she has about none. Poor Marine. Heavy of Heavy & Bomb – Heavy is in theory pretty strong and pretty indestructible, but really he’s just the robot equivalent of a rock. So unless Mighty wants to use him as a projectile he’s pretty worthless. Vanilla- MILF or not, she's useless, and conservative too. I really couldnt' decide where to Merlina or Big the Cat...suggestions?
  10. I prefer, personally Sonic SatAM and Sonic the Comic - for their art quality, dialogue and strong story-telling. StC is based almost exclusively off of the pre-Adventure games with only a few additional original characters (like Shortfuse, Tekno and Grimmer) and Eggman's look being based of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog after 20 or so issues - being focused on Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy with Johnny & Porker being retooled versions of the Johnny & Porker from Sonic the Hedgehog 1-to-Knuckles - the little pig and bunny your free from the Badniks.
  11. It's odd but when I think of Sonic video games I always think of the Sonic's World portion of Sonic Jam. The 3D interactive museum part. Specifically the part in the center of the map where the floating platforms are and when you first drop into the level. So i guess, in a way, that is my most memoral Sonic game.
  12. Actually Unleashed did make me want a Werehog toy. (thought process: Werehog - Awesome, i want a cuddly one, Gameplay - oh, oh well) For the UK Residents - Game often carries these little spheres with toys in them, they had the Mario Galaxy ones (last year was it?) anyone reckon they might be selling these?
  13. That is actually thoroughly adorable. I saved the picture of the hedgehog in his lil' Sonic shoes Didn't they do this years ago as well? About the time of Sonic & Knuckles? I remember it being in The Sun I think (my grandparents still buy that worthless waste of wood pulp, I can't imagine why, it doesn't contain any actual news, hmm, maybe that's why - The Sun: Brining You Escapist News - And Tits!)
  14. Hey, I liked the recent Super Sonic (solo) and Tiara B pictures, as well as the humerous one of Sonic watering the Green Hill (or Sonic CD?) plants - it made me smile. I'm not sure about the inks for the Super Sonic/Amy one, in fact I'm not sure about your inking in general half the time, sometimes (like the Victorian Tails and Big pics or the puple inks, Dr. Who etc) are lovely, smooth and crispt while others (like the Super Sonic and Tiara B ones) it looks a little thick, lumpy and semi-professional (which is still better than my inking of course!) a different pen maybe? or digital inks somehow - using Paint or Photoshop? Whatever, you pencils are all awesome. You should be working at Archie, that poster was right.
  15. Tails Doll has, in my mind, the most potential, but then my mind is a twisted place indeed. Playing up his creepy nature and playing on the whole fan-made 'Tails Doll Will Eat Your Soul' routine and turning into something akin to an Eldrich Abomination via that gem of his would make him a fantastic antagonist and boss battle. Do you know why I like Mighty and Fang? Because I read the Fleetway and Archie comics and they were (are) both characterised well in both. Fang's a good design and would be a nice (and easy) addition to Sonic's very lacking Rogues Gallery in the games. Playing him off Rogue would lead to some good scenes and his offers the chance for a more precicion based gunplay closer to Gamma than the blow everythign up style Omega used (i've always felt that Gamma's place in Adventure should have gone to Fang, just like Big's should have gone to Bark). Mighty is interesting - being able to block is (someone said it about a page back) actually very rare in the series,using his strength (yes let's start that debate off again) he could give us a kind of interaction with the level, it would be pretty cool to be able to use the Palm Trees in a Green-Hill-Esque zone or throw Badniks at one another, also, as a point, i'm pretty sure Mighty is faster than Knuckles, isn't he? I like Metal Knuckles design, but I'd like to see the Battle Kuku Army return, they were recently used in Sonic Universe (Archie Comics) and Sonic really IS lacking in recurring rogues, especially with enough members to be common enemies in levels, with the Kuku soldiers and thier mole-bots, as well as a fast, flying sub-boss, a mech using sub-boss and a big, grinning boss they would work well IMO.
  16. I am really not quite sure what this topic was meant to be about originally. It just seemed like SuperClassic recounting the Sonic Series' history with his opinions.But it seems to have become a general discussion on Sonic fandom and Vulpine's ego. (a 'bettef' fan is apparently made of 100% completion, how curious). But I don't think we'd be better off without memories of all the aforementioned games - Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes are by no means going to stand up to say Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy but they do and can stand up as adequate-good games in the Sonic cannon. and the Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush and Sonic Rivals series have all been absolutely great, and I think someone said it earlier but I will echo thier sentiments, if there hadn't been Adventure/Adventure 2/Heroes/Shadow/06/Unleashed - given Sonic Team's...talents with 3D Sonic we wouldn't have Colours, we'd have, well probably Sonic '06 Wii Edition. Not completely accurate to your concept of 'memory erasing' but worth thinking about.
  17. Um, Hello there.

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