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  1. Sonic as a character has become more humanized as times go on, while retaining his cocky and thrill seeking personality, he should have matured when he's met so many characters who's see's him as another guy and not this cooler than cool idol of speed. Is it any surprise while saving the world so many times, his nature as a person would be more tame to others who know him better than anyone, especially his lil bro? Sonic's no longer a guy who impresses people any more sense he's saved the world so many times it's not even new to them any more. Thats how Tails views Sonic now.
  2. Yeah, that pissed me off to, Shadow is supposed to be one of the strongest and most intimindating characters of any Sonic continuity and then he gets humilated like this by Amy freakin Rose. I guess Ian wants him to be the Vegeta of the series. I also hate how Shadow is so arrogant yet most of it is unfounded and unproven. Way more different than his game incarnation. What annoys me though about Shadow's specific arrogance is that he is so full of himself that he doesn't even need to be told he's great by other characters. Despite him being bested by Enerjak, Sonic, and even Omega. Sonic is at times arrogant but a bit insecure about it....he needed other people to tell him he's great and appreciate him/his skills. Shadow is just so arrogant that he doesn't even need anyone to tell him he's great. I just hate the way that he goes about it. That's just my opinion though on his archie character. That's just how I feel about it. I mean there's nothing really 'wrong' with it except that that's not the kind of character I tend to like, reason I dislike Vegeta and Sasuke. I like characters that can come off as arrogant/cocky at times but have a strong foundation and can back up their place. Shadow just pisses me off though. At least Blaze is shown as strong.
  3. Wait a sec, as far as Shadow goes, he has nothing stoping him from pursuing a romantic interest in his life since he's confirmed putting his past and tragides behind him. He even accepted Omega as a comrade despite him being known to be distant to anyone who he deems a waste of space. How is he asexual btw? he expresses hatred to men more than women, he's not Sasuke, you can even say he's a gentlemen to all the female characters he's met so far with the exception of Rouge who's like his childhood friend. But other than that, Shadow finding love would be a step up towards his natural angsty nature and cold persona. Shadow being interested in sex is like saying Sonic and Knux being uninterested in sex since they both tend to be indifferent to chicks who hit on them. Sonic loves speed more than women. Knuckles loves the Emerald more than women.
  4. I like him, I think he's better than Knuckles as a rival and more interesting than Sonic. He needs a comeback game.
  5. You know, people hated when you played characters that weren't as fast as Sonic. What could Knux, etc bring that wouldn't be critizied? I agree with you about Blaze. I think Shadow should override her and be the second character to play to test his own chaos powers in a 2d Sonic game due to being more popular than her though. Hell Shadow should be playable before Tails and Knuckles should. I disagree. Knux and Tails are Sonic's sidekicks. Sonic is the hero here, but still playing them would be dulll due to the fact they'd be clones of Sonic in some fashion and that would be hyporcritical to people who are Shadow or Blaze fans. For instance, Shadow can teleport and use chaos attacks. Instead of being a clone of Sonic And Blaze can hover and jump high with fire. Instead of being a clone of Sonic. People are just caught in the 90's if they want Sonic, Tails and Knux only playable. Which isn't fair to me. You can honestly say the same for Knux and Tails. They both need Sonic's gameplay mechanics to breeze through the level. Their flight and Glide abilites doesn't change that. Shadow plays like Sonic Rouge plays like Knuckles, Blaze plays like Sonic, Cream plays like Tails, Amy plays like Sonic minus the spin dash. Actually, I never understood Amy as a playable character. In the Advance games it really threw me off seeing her moving much faster than she did in Sonic Adventure, yet she was unable to do many things that the other characters could do. I prefer her in a NPC role, a la CD, SA2 and Unleashed. Espio plays like Sonic and Shadow both. See there you go making doube standards again. Shadow really doesn't play like Sonic anymore. [
  6. Shadow and Rouge is better than Knuckles and Rouge. Knux is basically free from his loner status and naive world view via isolation on a island guarding sacred family jewel. He seems more open now than ever and suspects Rouge to much to ever be more than a friend since she always tries to decieve him and steal from him. Their rivals for the sake of being treasure hunters, and them being close would ruin their animosity for each other. Shadow on the other hand is someone Rouge confides in and is completely loyal to as both ally and friend, they're both of the same moral indifference when it comes to situations of any level. Both are ruthless, dark and unpure. Also they have depth and commitment to their goals and ambitions. Shadow as a character lacks a light to his darkness and as flawed as Rouge is, she's shown the most compassion to Shadow than any other character(Sans Sonic), maybe because they're both looking after themselves and has much chemistry when it comes to being in the shadows of everyone who knows them. Shadow may be unfeeling at sometimes but he's not heartless and Rouge likes to help him any way she can. Rouge also has been saved by Shadow more than once. As a couple they make more sense.
  7. Sonic isn't american, he's Japanese by spirit but American in presentation. He's a western Japanese.
  8. Honestly I found Sonic and Tails more interesting than Eggman, Eggman that time was just another generic super villain who is butthurt about Sonic beating him all the time.
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