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  1. If anyone discovers a place with links to Miiverse posts featuring really good recreations of past stages lemme know because that kind of thing gets me so hype and I can't find any :V

  2. http://www.shopto.net/search/?platform=&newsearch=amiibo bunch of wave5/6 amiibos up on shopto for UK amiibo fans
  3. You're not wrong that lighting makes a big difference and I never said you were. I also never said there wasn't a difference between the Dark Souls images you posted but even that game was designed for a specific platform with the lighting in mind from point one before being pressured with parity afterwards. Even in the worse looking version the environments at least still look interesting and well-designed. Even the example you use here; While the final version looks hugely different and there's no denying that, there is still more exciting background detail and organic level design in this image than there is in this; The Sonic example looks very unfinished sure but it also still looks organic, not repetitive or dull. I feel like you're totally missing my point here if all you took from my posts is "lighting doesn't make a difference". Also weaker hardware is totally capable of having stuff going on in the background, less-repetitive looking areas, more organic looking design, all that is more than possible on weaker hardware and I don't know where you've been gaming for the last 20 years if you think the only difference between this
  4. Luckily on the subject of Fantasy Life 2, it appears to be little more than Fantasy Life 1 retooled for smartphones. 3DS won't be missing out on anything. The Snack World is meant to be Level-5's mega-hit that'll take the world by storm (or something like that). Needless to say they have REALLY high hopes for it. And I mean higher than Yo-kai Watch. So it'll be something to keep an eye on.
    1. SuperLink


      Maybe some other day Layton will get a proper new game..

    2. Red


      ...Is it even a real Layton game? It doesn't mention Layton or Luke at all.

    3. SuperLink


      Layton is on one of the cards.

      But yeah it's very easy to not consider this a "real" Layton game imo :/ even though the title is literally "Layton 7"

    4. Komodin


      Well, man, I can't say that I like the assumption that smartphones can't run "proper" games. I mean, gosh, freemium nonsense may be the "in" thing there, but that does not mean that that's all that it can possibly offer.

    5. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Not another hero fallen prey to mobile...

    6. SuperLink


      Didn't say Smartphones couldn't run proper games, just said this isn't a proper Layton game.

      This is a spinoff with a numbered title as if it's supposed to be the followup to the 6th Layton game x-x

    7. pppp


      I'm actually happy to see that it's not a Prof. Layton game, to have one will ruin what makes nº 6 special. The main series is done, it doesn't need more.

    8. SuperLink


      I don't entirely disagree, but I'm more than a little sad that a card game is what the series is being reduced to now.

      They should just make a new IP if they wanted to make a card game so badly.

    9. Solly


      I thought we knew this would be on smartphones for a while. or was that something else?

    10. SuperLink


      We did indeed known Layton 7 would be for smartphones, we just hadn't seen anything of it besides concepts until now.

      This is the first time we've seen what the gameplay will be like, which is the main reason I've lost interest.

    11. Solly
    12. JezMM


      Yeah I wasn't expecting a regular Layton game again. Actually I never finished 6, I think I played it too soon after 5 and was burned out on that kind of slow gameplay. Hopefully I'll get back to it one day.

    13. JezMM


      Maybe Layton 7 is a pun though and the actual rules of the card game involve getting 7 cards under some kind of condition.

    14. SuperLink


      I actually hope that's the case Jez, if the title was a pun on the game mechanic I could definitely forgive it.

    15. SuperLink


      I mean I wasn't expecting a regular Layton game either I just hoped for something that did the world and characters justice and was interesting in its own way rather than being "in name only".

    16. pppp


      Hey Link, check out Snack World, that looks awesome.

    17. SuperLink


      Yeah I've seen it, I'm really interested in what they do.

  5. I absolutely adore the visuals of pretty much every game that does this and it's a criminally underdone thing in modern gaming. I'm confident it would have looked infinitely nicer as it'd be something the devs would be more used to.
  6. There were Mega Man games with environments that look far more inspired, interesting and exciting than MN9's on the SNES, GBA and DS. The 3DS is not to blame for MN9's lack of visual stimulus or inspiration lol. Azure Striker looks more visually exciting than MN9.
  7. Putting a Pac-Pix Pac-Man into Pictochat 2 was a really nice idea

  8. I do think that Quote is the only indie character I can feasibly see even having a chance of getting into Smash

    1. SuperLink


      On account of being relatively popular around the world rather than only in western regions.

    2. Sami


      Would LOVE to see Quote and Curly

    3. spinny


      honestly I feel like CommanderVideo has the biggest chance solely because he already has a trophy in the game lol

    4. SuperLink


      It'd be amazing to see any kind of Cave Story rep in Smash (especially an Outer Wall stage filled with Cave Story music or something) no matter how out there the idea is.

    5. With Me

      With Me

      I'd love to see Quote but the polls don't seem to be giving him much love D:

    6. SuperLink


      yeah ;-; Cave Story's hype is a little too old now..

    7. Radiant Hero Ike
  9. Nah I'm thinking we'll get stages in between the final veteran DLC and the Ballot dlc. Part of the reason characters are taking much longer is because the team is not working on Smash DLC full time like they did with the game, the Namco team probably have other projects to work on alongside Smash DLC. If they were working on Smash DLC fulltime, we should have a third's worth of the game in extra content in a year (the game was made in two years) and that clearly isn't happening because the team isn't working on Smash DLC full time. Working on characters for a few months, then stages for a while before back to characters is definitely something that could happen given the lesser focus on DLC development compared to full game development. I really doubt we'll be getting semi-regular characters until the ballot ones are done.
  10. Xenoblade 3D's audio quality is so good for a handheld game, the music and character emotion is as strong as ever.

    1. DBZHedgy


      dat lip sync tho

    2. SuperLink


      The characters' faces were unfortunately never the game's strong point ^^;

  11. Speaking of which, have ya'll seen this? I wonder..
  12. I love how the Smash fandom has arbitrarily decided that Nintendo won't consider Ballot entries if they're already assist trophies when they're ATs for a reason (popularity)

    1. With Me

      With Me

      What would happen to the Assist Trophies then

    2. Diogenes


      would they keep the assist trophy alongside the playable version or remove it?

    3. Komodin


      Well, it would be rather silly if, say, Skull Kid the PC and Skull Kid the AT wound up appearing at the same time.

    4. DBZHedgy


      ^I was thinking the same thing

    5. Kuzu


      You guys make it seem like exceptions can't be made.

    6. Celestia


      It's not like Smash is canon / logical in the first place. Having the same character as a PC and AT at the same time in a crossover fighter that takes some creative liberties already wouldn't be that strange, especially if the character is made playable through DLC.

      I mean, it's no weirder than two players choosing the same character for a match.

    7. SuperLink
    8. SuperLink


      But seriously, a character being an AT blocking their chances of being chosen through popularity when most of them are ATs bc they're popular is very self-defeating and I don't think even Sakurai would limit himself like that.

    9. DBZHedgy


      Yeah they would probably block the assist trophy of the character and replace it with someone else like Alphonzo and Link

  13. Lucas does have the benefit of being a Veteran, meaning a lot more people around the world are fond of him and familiar with him. I'm sure the same would be true if Little Mac missed out on Smash 5 and was DLC for it, Japan would probably buy him because of Smash4 even if he's relatively unknown in Japan. Newcomers for Smash are a big deal so I'm sure no matter who it is they will sell well, but I don't think a character like Shovel Knight would get as many sales in Japan as a character Japanese fans are familiar with would. In the end though it's genuinely so hard to tell what Nintendo will do. Will they prioritise fan popularity? or how well a character will sell? or which characters they think would work in Smash best? We'll have to wait and see on all accounts.
  14. I'm not dreaming so much as betting on it :V I genuinely think it's really likely to happen. I've been wrong before but Lucas is released in June, same month as E3, where they'll conveniently be able to show more Lucas gameplay as well as reveal the next DLC Veteran who funnily enough will be shown at the same show as the big StarFox Wii U reveal. I dunno, it's too convenient to not be true, in my mind ^^; After all, Sakurai said himself that Veterans are the hardest characters to cut and are always prioritised for new entries.
  15. Super Meat Boy was originally intended to be a Wiiware exclusive, but due to size constraints and other factors that quickly went south and Team Meat has never really had anything to do with Nintendo since, unfortunately :/ Captain Falcon and Luigi aren't secret characters in SSB4, but Ness is a secret character in the 3DS game which is why he wasn't revealed 'til after launch. Also, the entire roster was decided by May 2012. No one knows if DLC characters were included in that but I'm assuming they were planned later. On top of this
  16. http://i.gyazo.com/a5d61061e6b3e75e0f443485e5dce8ce.png from a translated 2ch thread discussing western Smash polls. When Japan calls the west nuts for voting Goku for Smash you know we fucked up big time.
    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      sakurai ain't havin' that shit probably

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      we dun fucked up guys

      we dun fucked up

  17. To be fair, Ace Attorney games are easy to get into, Professor Layton games are easy to get into, but no one villainised people for using Ace Attorney Vs Layton as a gateway game. Fans of both used Ace Attorney Vs Professor Layton as a "gateway" because it was a way to see if they liked what the other series had to offer while also playing a game of the franchise they love that they were going to get anyway. This happened with so many people even though there are games in both franchises that are better than AAvPL, because it allowed them to get into a new series through familiar territory. That's what Razor means guys. If you're already big into Fire Emblem but aren't super keen on buying a Persona or SMT game cause you don't know if it's gonna be for you or not, chances are you'd be interested in looking into this game anyway because it's part Fire Emblem. Inverse also works.
  18. This tweet is the perfect example of "everyone suddenly remembers Nintendo exists and pretends they're best pals when there's a chance they could get free marketing for their character/game." It's cute seeing companies wanting to support their character getting Smash DLC but for companies with barely any Nintendo connection doing it too it really shows that the motives of ppl like Phil Spencer are probably not as "pure" as some initially hoped. Needless to say Nintendo would only support third parties that also benefit them no matter how popular they are.
  19. I'm not sure if Sonic being chosen for Brawl was due to a Japanese poll or just common sense to be honest. It said "the most anticipated character makes his Smash debut" and it was probably true around the world rather than just Japan. Out of every guest character people ever wanted for Smash there had always been one obvious choice and that resonated in pretty much every region Sonic had ever been relevant. I agree that if Sonic misses out on a Smash game now it'll feel "wrong". If Mega Man and Pac-Man are in the next one then I'd consider them regulars too, they belong in Smash imo so it'd feel weird if one of them left next time, like the guest roster was just incomplete. I think Pac-Man will have no problem getting back into Smash though, Nintendo collab with Namco relatively often and probably will continue to on and off, that and Pac-Man is gonna become almost free to use for Japanese devs in the next few months (I'm not sure if that applies to Nintendo but still).
  20. I feel like the whole point of the ballot is to prioritise the fans' criteria over Sakurai's for once. It's not like K. Rool is devoid of moveset potential or has some other factor making his playability a real difficulty. Maybe he doesn't give Sakurai any inspiration but with an event specifically designed to ask the fans who the most popular characters are I think his lack of inspiration will take a backseat this time.
  21. You know what would be terrible? If Isaac doesn't make it but this "Issac" person apparently from Golden Sun does instead.

    1. Blacklightning


      Not going to lie, I WOULD be totally okay with BoI Isaac if Nintendo even considered for a second the idea of a naked crying baby in one of their own games XD

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Final smash would be Brimstone.

  22. To be fair that's kinda the point of this Ballot in the first place, so Nintendo can see who has popularity they didn't notice.
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