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  1. Back from the dead to lounge around here some more.

    1. Shiluku


      Just kidding I'm going to bed it's 1:30am talk to you people tomorrow.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      hooray for dead people!

    3. Shrek


      Nice to see you, Brogre.

      ...Whoever you are.

    4. Celestia



      Err, bye?

    5. Sly4Good


      G'night Guy I don't know.

  2. I've come back from the dead so I can ramble about this game here. For those who want a straight answer- The game was fantastic overall, but it still has its flaws. Lemme start with the campaign. The story was great, and it did a great job at carrying Chief and Cortana's story along. It really expanded on the relationship between the two, and that made the ending all the more powerful. The Terminals, once found, also reveal the rather tragic background of the Didact, the main antagonist of the game. Though to be honest, I was less-than-interested in the actual UNSC interactions through the campaign, save for Lasky's scenes. Also, Del Rio's an asshole. Gameplay-wise, the campaign could've fared better. I did like the exposure to the Forerunner weapons over both UNSC and Covenant, not only because it actually makes more sense, but because the weapons are cool anyway. My main issue is with the objectives through each mission. It's very redundant, as there's at least one objective in each mission where you have to press two buttons in order to progress. Now, this wouldn't seem too bad, but this is literally every level. On the Forward Unto Dawn, "CHIEF, YOU GOTTA MANUALLY LAUNCH THE MISSILE WITH THAT BUTTON! OH NO! THE MISSILE LAUNCHER'S JAMMED! YOU GOTTA MANUALLY LAUNCH THE MISSILE AGAIN WITH THAT OTHER BUTTON!" Then on Requiem. "We gotta reactivate the Cartographer, Chief. Press that button. Wait, these systems run in pairs. Press that other one." It just gets so repetitive, and I could hardly stand it. One other aspect I hated was how 343 handled the Covenant remnant, and by handled, I mean how they turned the Covenant into barbaric, uncivilized idiots. They are so mindless that it hurts. It's disappointing, because through the original trilogy more and more of the Covenant was being revealed to us, and it was shown that the Covenant are, for the most part, a civilized alliance of aliens. Especially the Elites, with their high regard of honor and serving their Covenant. However, I can't entirely blame 343 for this, as it really started in Halo: Reach. Surely I'm not the only one who noticed this? Moving on to the multiplayer. Again, excellent but with flaws. Infinity Slayer is where the action shines best. The ability to have your own ordnance delivered to you is fantastic and handy in fights when you need that SAW to take care of the enemies. This game has been probably the only time I've seen features, particularly the scoring system and ordnance system, taken from another game, Call of Duty, and executed better than the game it was taken from. The other gametypes, though I haven't extensively played all of them, especially not SWAT or Team Snipers, also shine in their own aspects. It's pretty nifty to be able to pass the Oddball to a teammate, and it helps rack up bonus points for yourself. It's a win-win situation. Regicide's my personal favorite, followed by Flood. The maps for these games are excellent as well, though I feel the game should've had more open large maps, like Sandtrap from the Halo 3 days. However, there's a big part of multiplayer that's missing. While yes, the Matchmaking is great, the Custom Games features are much weaker now. For one, a big chunk of classic Halo gametypes were axed for unknown reasons. The most saddening for me was Race, especially with the new and improved Forge mode. What's more is that some gametypes have many features removed. Take Flood, for example. A good amount of older gametypes from days of old aren't possible anymore because you can't change the Flood's weapon, partially from not being designed like traditional Flood(left arm all twisty for meleeing, right arm free for gunning). Active camo doesn't work the same, either, as now moving at all will make you visible in pretty much every sense. The minigame department of the Halo community's being buried alive under all of this emphasis on competitive play, and to me it makes no sense, especially with the positive improvements to Forge mode that have come around. Well, that's all I can really think of right now- wait, I have one more little nitpick. You know how you still can't lower your weapon on Xbox Live, right? Well, unless you count the glitch, but still. Well, lowering the weapon is hardly effective anymore because now, it only stays lowered when you're standing still. Can someone explain why someone thought it was a good idea to not only make lowering weapons require disconnection from the internet and a combo of four buttons to activate, but to also make the animations raise the gun back up to firing position whenever a player movies? Bah. I swear I like the game, though.
  3. Guh. Senior year's getting a rough start.

  4. BWAH more pictures. Baaw Silver. Double baaw Silver. Design concepts for the expressionless character. More design concepts for the expressionless. These in particular were influenced by Silent Hill. Character concept referred to as the nemesis. The nemesis. The antagonist, designed with a more Mass Effect feel. Just messing around hurr. Now if you'll excuse me I must band camp.
  5. Pretzel bites filled with cheese. This shit's great.

  6. Gold medal defense to mocking Native Americans: "There are starving kids in Africa and you care about your race being mocked? Wow, get a life."

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      The starving kids line doesn't work when the issue is not related to global economics.

    2. Shiluku


      EXACTLY. In that whole debate I never got an answer to why it's okay to mock Native Americans but nobody else.

  7. Got bored. Spotted a scene chick on Facebook mocking Native Culture. Called her out because I'm Native American and that's kinda offensive. So many tildes.

    1. Mr. Awesomest

      Mr. Awesomest

      How do you pronounce tilde anyway? Till-deh? Tild? It always came out my mouth as tie-dul but I know that's not right.

    2. Shiluku
  8. Got my Kiryu saga music. Time for bed.

  9. I'm annoyed that the only soundtrack that I can find by Mishiru Oshima is Godzilla vs Megaguirus.

    1. Shiluku



    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Are you implying there's something wrong with Godzilla? *flips table*

    3. Shiluku


      No, I'm implying that I couldn't find the soundtracks for the Kiryu Saga. D:<

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      YAY! I'm glad we're in agreement. :P

    5. Shiluku


      I am as well. :P

  10. Today is a day for cheeseburgers.

    1. Jacky


      all dose poiple

      all dose hamboigahs

    2. Gregzilla


      Every day is a day for cheeseburgers.

  11. My girlfriend randomly became a brony this morning. Never have I felt such a strong sense of abandonment.

    1. Wentos


      Ohh, sounds like you need a hug.


    2. Shiluku
    3. Old dead account
    4. Ruby CUL Terumi

      Ruby CUL Terumi

      Group hug! >.<

      *hugs too*

  12. So on a random note, this past weekend I was at Cedar Point. Probably my favorite amusement park ever.

  13. LOOK I'M BACK MOAR PICTURES YES. MY OLD SONIC ADVENTURE 2 CHAO AS AN OC. AN APPARITION THAT I SAW IN A DREAM. BAAAW SILVER I DON'T REALLY KNOW BUT IT MADE ME SCARED AND I POOPED MYSELF. MY GIRLFRIEND WANTED ME TO DRAW SOME IDEAS FOR A MONSTER THING SO I DID. She didn't like it. RANDOM BAD GUY CONCEPT. SANIK THE HEDGHOG BAD GUY CONCEPT AGAIN. MONSTER CONCEPT. MONSTERS I WAS DOODLING ON A SKYPE CALL. STRANGE ENDERMAN DESIGN. CONCEPT OF A NETHERDRAGON. SUPER SONIC YOSHI CROSSOVER PICTURE YES. DOODLES. OKAY TIME TO ACTUALLY TYPE WITH SENSE. Unnamed character. I refer to it as the expressionless. (Utundu was an old placeholder name.) Unnamed character. Referred to as the antagonist. Unnamed character. Referred to as the protagonist. HEAD DOODLES. Kinda sorta experimenting. BADNIK-ESQUE ROBOT DOODLES. Also kinda sorta experimenting. The antagonist's srs face. The antagonist drawing with more than the head. WHOA.
  14. Well, in all of this time that I've been gone, I've broadened my music to include TWO MORE ALBUMS. Not really. However, my buddy introduced me to LapFox Trax and now I have some 500 new songs. Currently listening to "Because Maybe!" It's a compilation of Renard's favorite songs and one of the more recent albums on LapFox.
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