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  1. Well lookie here
  2. So no story mode? Maybe they'll wait till they add Bluegito and Fused Zamasu and make one (hopefully) long story arc.
  3. But it'd be worth it. She could also make for a great EM
  4. If there's someone 3 should add is Arale. Come's widely known already that both series co-exist in the same universe. Also Roshi since he'll be in the Multiversal Battle Royale
  5. "Sonic Forces" and "Join the resistance" to me sounds like they'll let players create a character. I know that's something dangerous to implement in the Sonic fandom...but it's what it sounds like to me.
  6. This one was one of the most requestd along with a Jojo character (Mostly Dio).
  7. So no love for the cyber-redneck in this dlc? Maybe he'll be in the next with "Bluegito". Also the audio of the video isn't that good...I can't quite understand him
  8. I really don't know...I hope we get to know more about him...But that'll happen the day they decide to visit the desert where the zigurat is
  9. This is getting out of hand. It'll end clouding the few things TTG did good (Which isn't much). Good thing Samurai Jack is in Adult Swim so it hasn't to cope with this BS... Anyway, I heard the next episode will be about Lion right? As in the 4th installment in the Lion episodes?
  10. It's a shame really. I like his videos really...but this kind of statements are unforgivable famous or not.
  11. Depends on what's more important to Champa: His brother relationship or their rivalry
  12. Yeah, they'll mostly team up to get Goku out for getting everyone in this situation
  13. Fembroly appears paired with Cabba and Frost too
  14. Well, they don't seem to share Saiyans, but they share hairless cats with universe 7 & 6