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  1. Ice Vec

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Well, think about this:
  2. It'll end when White Diamond joins the action
  3. If someone here still plays Pokémon Go, here's my Friend Code for future trading/gifting:

    1813 7696 8104

  4. Ice Vec

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    Could it be Hammerfell ir High Rock? I was hoping for Black Marsh or Akavir...but that doesn't look like none
  5. Well, short teaser aside, they finally announced "Elder Scrolls VI". I can't wait Tull 2025 when it'll finally be out

  6. Ice Vec

    Jump Force (2019)| Goku in America

    Maybe someone else apart from Seiya for Saint Seiya reps? A Kurapika and fully playable Hisoka for Hunter X Hunter
  7. Ice Vec

    Jump Force (2019)| Goku in America

    So, Jump's 50th anniversary game... If they don't have assist characters like in previous games, that'd mean no Tsubasa characters
  8. Ice Vec

    Pokemon Gold/Silver Demo Beta Discovered

    So, I've seen these for a while, but never had time to go to the PC to make a proper topic As for the pic They planned Slowbro's tail as a separate Pokemon and yet no baby Kangaskhan whatsoever? By the way, here's a colored version of the sprites
  9. Not your Pokémon though. Those in screen are supposed to be the trainer's Pokémon
  10. This game has Pokémon following/carrying the trainer. Sad thing is that they still won't bother in doing that un the main Pokémon games
  11. Ice Vec

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Wait, rewind a bit. I never got to care much about Heroes since it's been a Japan exclusive since always. But if it's getting an anime adaption, I'd like to know what's about if I want to give it a try
  12. Then this means EDIT: By the way, all of this made Steven Universe figure in Twitter's list of tendencies. At least within the spanish speaking community
  13. Well no, but that called my attention with the way and the reason that character was gone
  14. Well...now I wanna know why did that character returned in those clips
  15. Did anyone watch this promo? We're getting more episodes may 5th (April 27th on CN's app aparently) Although something there doesn't makes sense

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