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  1. It's weird to see Zapdos as an Ostrich and Articuno cosplaying as a Ghost type Oricorio. Also there seems to be new Regis. Also, am I the only one that sees the new fighting type and can't stop seeing Heihachi?. Btw...Gigantamax Inteleon looks...painful
  2. But...what are the chances that GF offices have a Roku device? And this is a very specific issue for someone at GF to come with the idea of testing specifically that
  3. Can someone give me a hand? I got Age of Empires II DE on Steam, I installed it, but when I press play, it loads for a few seconds and then it stops altogether. Does someone know how to fix this?

  4. So, basically like the gen VII games...did no one though of this before starting to rage all over the internet?
  5. So, remember the track made by Tobyfox? Someone on Twitter pointed out that the song is literally "The Baby is 2" from the Homestuck fan album that got him banned from the Homestuck forums. I...rather not post the tweet because the background of the video contains some potentially nsfw art
  6. It's weird that Snubbul, whose based on an English Bulldog, isn't present
  7. Maybe, in Passimian's case, it was added to somewhat fill a "Rugby" themed Pokémon
  8. If I have to guess, that theme from Toby could be for Zacian/Zamacenta, the third legendary or the champion whose name I forgot
  9. What Grookey's final form reminds me is In fact, these are used a lot in stadiums
  10. This could fit into a climatic battle...or even a legendary encounter
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