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  1. Well, no one though that 17 & 18 would be able to have babies either...unless you mean he's a 16 kind of android
  2. Well...since Xenoverse has been taking los of stuff from DBO, that sounds possible.
  3. Well, unless they resolver it in DLC 4, there's the quest ion that was made after the U6 story: With Towa and Mira supposedly gone. Who was behind the attempt to change history? Either they'll make Bojack be the responsible or they'll leave it for a 3rd game. Also the time egg missions look like something that'll be resolved in another game.
  4. OK then...what I was actually thinking was your fighting style varied depending of the style you chose. Like: -Marital Artist: Benefits strike skills (except for sword skills) while ki-based skills would be weaker -Sword wielder: You attack fast and sword skills are stronger. Your normal attacks are weaker. -Heavy Hitter: Normal attacks make more damage and have more HP, but your movement speed will be slower. -Ki Master: Stronger ki-based skills and better ki recovery speed. But your physical defense is weaker I'd need a way to make it a bit more balanced and someplace to add stamina boost and decrease and higher defense. Also I was thinking of a strategist class to honor Piccolo but I can't think of how it'd work. Since the Tournament of Power will take more than just punching people in the face, I though fighting classes like this would be cool.
  5. That's cool...but maybe this could have go in the Xenoverse thread. I was thinking something similar for character creator. As for the episode, Goku didn't say what he'd wish for. I hope he plans something to help the losing universes. It'd be a shame if they left those erased and unexplored at least a bit like they did with 11 some episodes ago.
  6. I call that Blue Diamond is getting more humans for the zoo and those shadows are the ones in charge of the kidnapping (one looks like a Lapis Lazuli). While Yellow will threat everyone with a large-Scale invasion (and possibly destruction) of Earth unless the rebel leader gives in to them, thus Steven will take that responsibility.
  7. I need to bump this thread. I don't know if this goes here either but still... There's something that starter to happen lately. Some days ago, I was watching Netflix through the PS4 when, out of nowhere, the console beeped and ejected the Xenoverse 2 disc on it's own. Tried putting it back and shortly after it'll do the same, even if I'm playing the game. Today I though this was over since nothing happened when I turned it on...but later my father came and told me it happened again. Did this happen to someone else? How did you solve it?
  8. I have some ideas for character customization for future Xenoverse games and I'm feeling an urge to send these to Bamco or whoever but I don't know where to send this

  9. What if she claims to be Lunch's daughter and comes to meet her possible father? I know Ten never showed actual interest in her...but they must have tried at least once before Ten went loner during the Buu saga
  10. It's that time of the year where copyright claims start to flourish within TFS' YouTube channel
  11. Does this happen to someone else in Xenoverse 2 or does my character have a sugar overdose?


  12. I didn't know that Bomberman R multiplayer could be so rage-inducing...


    1. Gabe


      Assuming that was done with a Joy-Con, I guess that's one way of Nintendo re-capturing their Wii audience with the Switch...