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  1. Wow, not even in this game they give Yamcha a break from the Saibaimen
  2. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    If by "being able to explode you mean an ability to explode indefinetly like Splosion Man then that'd have worked yo some degree...although that'd have made him easier to detect. But if it was explode as in kamikaze, then that'd have been useless at that point in time and would have just accelerated U4's elimination. Thing that we clearly saw Quitella didn't want.
  3. The long black-haired male from the Monster Hunter World beta reminded me of Tommy Wiseau

  4. At last a Mega Man sequel that isn't 8-bit style
  5. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    On another note, I have to say U-2 took their elimination nicely. At least everyone ceased to exist with a smile on their faces
  6. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Maybe he was expecting something more than just a mocking gesture?
  7. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Man, all this tournament thing has been giving Beerus some (kind of?) development. I hope it's not thrown all away after it's over
  8. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Son Goku's Pro Skater
  9. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    That last Kame-Hame-Ha was epic!!!!
  10. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    He'll try to master UI and fail? What? Is he going to hit his head till he falls unconcious?
  11. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Maybe that's what worried Whis. This can attract the wrong kind of attention from the other universes
  12. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I don't think we've heard Frieza's last "desu ne" yet. I think they have something saved for him
  13. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I wonder if that's what really worries him...
  14. Question: I've been hearing about Moon Medals and numbered rings/medals...but I haven't seen anything of the sort...are they very well hidden or do they appear after you do a certain thing?

    1. Diogenes


      numbered rings only appear after getting all red rings in a stage. moon rings only appear after getting the numbered rings in a stage.