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  1. Oh Yeah Quitella...I forgot him. Maybe because he's close to Pariston in levels of a-holer-y so my mind just skipped him
  2. Well. In fact, all the universes participating have crappy godsexcept for 11 that actually showed that they cared (and maybe 2? I don't remember much now). For instance, 9 has an a-hole for a Kai and a dubitative GoD, 3 and 10 seems to be full of muscle heads except for Gowasu who seems to be obsessed with being a GodTuber. 6 has Champa who is too focused in besting his brother to care about his universe while the Kai is a lazy f*k. And while already discussed Beerus, I have to mention that Shin's overly passive approach hasn't helped universe 7. Seems like he was only worried about Majin Buu that when he finally got to see how the universe was, there were only 28 planets with life in it.
  3. Beerus isn't doing a great job as a GoD actually. He just destroys planets whose food didn't satisfied him or because he got annoyed. And when he's not doing that, he's taking a century-long nap or doing food competitions against his brother while Freeza, or back then the Saiyans, did whatever they pleased. He even delegated the destruction of planet Vegeta to Freeza but not because they had it coming but he said because he found them bothersome or something of the sort. I don't think that, as a GoD, delegating your job to a galactic emperor because you want to go to sleep is seen as a good job.
  4. Freeza noticed how GoDs are very vulnerable with all this universal survival. I'm sure he'll use it to bargain with Beerus. With what? Their little plan about destroying Planet Vegeta. It'll be troublesome if Vegeta knew the truth. Wouldn't it? Hakkai him on the spot? Pray Zen-Oh doesn't disqualfy you for not having 10 members like he asked. When this truth is revealed to Vegeta (and maybe Goku too?) it'll Mark the beginning of the end of Super
  5. I was thinking lately that it'd be cool if they made a special/OVA or whatever about that Yamcha spin off manga.
  6. So if Chaos is free, that means Tikal might be around somewhere too
  7. Despite he always hated to fight, there's also n°8 that showed to be pretty strong even back in DB...but of course, I don't find it likely to happen.
  8. It wouldn't be strange if Kale is secretly in love with Caulifla. These kind of relationships are slowly appearing in cartoons all over the world nowadays.
  9. Well. We already knew this transformation outclassed the normal SSJ for a long shot. Now we have a chance to see how it fares against Blue.
  10. Wow... Also
  11. Well, there goes a reason why no one will go "f**k this, I'm out".
  12. If you can't make any kind of reptile character then I'll be very I should get ready for that :S