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  1. They can't fool me, that's no Chairman Rose. That's Hugo Vasquez from Tales From the Borderlands. He just trimmed his beard a bit
  2. So, basically, Pokémon Home will build a wall to keep unwanted Pokémon out of the Galar region...man, you can see how far Gumshoos' influence can reach in the Pokémon world
  3. So Great Gray Wolf Sif is now a Pokémon. Nice
  4. Maybe, what CoroCoro will show is just a recap of E3 with some other details in it
  5. Hey! How come no one mentioned this?
  6. So...you like Rivals of Aether? Because, on April Fools, they released a dating sim called "Lovers of Aether" that you can still get for free on Steam today https://store.steampowered.com/app/1043180/Lovers_of_Aether/ Also, Lifewonders posted two teasers related to their LGBT game Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (or Housamo, like mostrar people call it) One is about a 16-bit RPG version of the game The other is about "Together With Horkerkamui"...a companion app is it called? The thing is an app where you train and take to battle the mentioned character. I don't know if I want to post that video...but you can check the app itself since it's actually aviable in the respective app stores. NOTE: Although there isn't any actual adult scenes, it's not recomended for all ages
  7. Maybe it was due to high traffic on the site, but finally managed to get it so... Only today and to conmemorate The Elder Scrolls 25th anniversary: If you are interested in getting a free copy of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind: GOTY Edition, you can visit Bethesda's website and, by using the code "TES25TH-MORROWIND", the game will be yours NOTE: You'll need the Bethesda Games Launcher Source: https://bethesda.net/en/article/zTLJdDWzVy0Ak7SMatqNG/celebrate-25-years-of-the-elder-scrolls
  8. Of course something from Bethesda had to not work. Trying to redeem a free copy of Morrowind: GOTY Edition, but the site doesn't recognize the password of the account I JUST CREATED!

    1. Sean


      Did you get a verification email when you registered?

    2. Ice Vec

      Ice Vec

      Yes. And I verifued

  9. So...why is this Disney subject not treated the same way they treated the Bill Gates dilemma back then? Because, at this point, Disney will end monopolizing the entertainment industry.
  10. Oh, just yesterday, I was imagining Sobble evolving into a spy-looking Pokémon...but I guess a Loch-Ness makes more sense...
  11. Now, for some reason, I imagine a Liverpool-based city full of Loudred/Exploud and a possible Meloetta plus some new music-based Pokémon
  12. Garmr = Sword Cu-Sith = Shield Also, if the bunny turns out to be a football player, Tsubasa would be a fitting name
  13. Later they'll release another 2 games where the knight legendary fuses with either of the 2 making a new forme. I mean...the giant drawn on the hill could be a representation of this legendary. Also...the bunny has the potential of becoming the football-inspired Pokémon I mentioned before. While the monkey, I imagine it taking the stick of it's head and becoming a Son Goku-like Pokémon. Sobble is hard to tell...but it should be water/ghost
  14. Rythm Heaven x Smash crossover. It's really worth the watch


    1. Strickerx5


      > no kid Icarus love

      ... *dislikes*


      that was good tho

  15. Revenants? Barghest? Also, if they made Passimian in Alola, why not make football and rugby inspired Pokémon. Or even tennis
  16. If it really were King/Queen, it could be a good chance to add mega evolutions for the nidos
  17. Not even back then they though of the Kangaskhan baby...
  18. So, if what this article says is true, then we might ser a release of Scalebound after all...on the Switch


    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I think the original rumour was that it was a game that got cancelled and getting a surprising release. So far the candidates of that are Mega Man Legends 3 (ha), Silent Hills (haha, as if Konami would make something that isn't PES or the upcoming Track and Field game), Mistwalker's cancelled 360 game (possible), Ushiro (already teased and most likely) or that Rogue Squadron game (hmm...). It could also be Deep Down, that forgotten Capcom game or Rainbow Six Patriots since Ubisoft are pretty close to Nintendo if the game is complete enough.

      While Microsoft and Nintendo do have a small partnership, it isn't as strong as their partnership with Platinum Games. So it could be because we saw it with Bayonetta 2 but at the same time, it's a rumour off the Internet and besides Microsoft would rather want it as a Gamepass game had it not been cancelled.

      If it is Scalebound, unless reworked the Switch wouldn't have enough power to run the game as it was originally promoted. If they had problems with the Xbox One (or even the Xbox One X), they probably have just as much problems with the Switch especially since the company has been a bit bumpy over the years.

    2. SupahBerry


      Que the inevitable Mother 2 jokes.

  19. Wow...if I remember right, here, the next episode will be Vegeta vs. GoD Toppo. Why is there so much difference?
  20. Is the english dub at the beginning of the tournament or is it just you watching on your own?
  21. Well, the russian accent must be something from the english dub, cause they didn't sound very russian to me
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