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  1. Naw, Denjin man - the other superpower of the street fighter universe. It's like Soul Calibur to Soul Edge kinda sorta. Ryu is going to be such an amazing anchor, I swear. Overhead -> Hadoken -> Denjin combo anyone?
  2. I got to play a ton of UMvC3 today at the London MCM Expo today, which was fantastic. Firstly, I was wrong about any character reveals, as there was no hint of them at all. That aside, I played around with a good portion of the original cast, and got to watch and/or play with some strong opponents who knew what they were doing. Overall, I can say the changes don't feel too massive except in very rare cases (eg. Ryu), it' just that a lot more of the cheesier tactics have been cut down. Also seeing the DHC trick go makes me squee with joy. I'll share some brief thoughts with characters I played and saw: Played Arthur - His improvements feel slight, but they're still welcome. He's pretty much the same midget knight with a teeny bit extra polish. Chris - His ability to cancel regular shots honestly feels amazing. iirc, he has easier BnBs now too. Deadpool - Forgot to play around with teleport shenanigans. Otherwise feels mostly the same. Haggar - Double Lariat is still a very viable get-off-me assist, so do not write this off. Invincible startup on Rapid Fire Fist is very welcome. Otherwise feels the same (i.e. near useless against Dormammu =[) Jean Grey - That health reduction really is felt, and so is the removal of Air TK Shot abuse. Less dangerous than before, but still a viable threat. Ryu - All his new tools are awesome, but he really needs meter to make them work. I see him fishing for anchor position a lot more in future. Taskmaster - I couldn't figure out how to do Sting Master, but it didn't matter. He's still pretty much the same, save for the fact he does a little less damage now. Trish - I've been able to confirm how her aerial game works now: she can still use up to three specials in the air, but no one special more than once. Thus, you can't use the 'optimal' special three times in a row. An interesting nerf. Also, OTG Maximum Voltage has turned out to not be that big of a deal outside of allowing easier combos. Her rushdown game is still scary though. Storm - Pretty much exactly the same, except with new zoning tools. Poor Haggar. Super-Skrull - Still quirky as ever, but now a handful of his tools are a little better too. Homing Death Penalty = <3 Viewtiful Joe - I couldn't work out the input for V-Dodge, but he's otherwise a little more polished and even more of a pain to hit. Awesome. Fought/Observed Amaterasu - Still really strong. I see air stance change as being a very good tool. Captain America - His Shield Slash reps have taken a slight hit, so new BnBs will have to be learned. The buff cocktail he received will surely have him seeing more play though, mark my words. Dante - People have been having a little more trouble landing his combos. Rebellion seems to have been sawn down a little. The Hammer is still very strong. Doctor Doom - Some eavesdropping revealed that the chip pseudo loop of Photon Shot -> Plasma Beam etc. no longer works. Opponents can super jump over the beam afterwards now, apparently. Otherwise, an already good character with more buffs. Dormammu - He's been buffed, plain and simple. Easy-to-zone characters are going to have an even harder time against him. Magneto - He's definitely been slowed down to the point where you can actually see what he's doing and/or where he is now. EM Repulsar spammage is noticeably slower too. Sentinel - Aside from true blockstring Sentinel Force (which I believe is a nerf), he seems to be the same. Damage boost from X Factor does actually seem much smaller now, though he can still kill pretty much anyone with a complete combo (as opposed to just 4 hits or the like). Wesker - He seems unable to get in as much random free damage now, which is nice. Dark Wesker is still scary though. Zero - An already good character with more buffs, save for some of the LV3 Buster changes. I also had the pleasure of seeing some of the new guys being played fairly well, including Iron Fist, Nova, Phoenix Wright and Vergil. It was really fun getting to grips with the new version of the game, no question. I can't wait to have my own copy.
  3. It might be happening at the London MCM Expo tomorrow. I'm actually going to it, so I might be there to see the reveal if it actually happens. I'm hype. =]
  4. Tenderizer coming out accidentally is only a problem if, at any point, the player feels the need to mash even slightly. All you have to do is press an attack button three times in quick enough succession and he's flailing his arms around uselessly. Ever since picking Skrull up, I've had to make myself take even more care of my inputs, and I feel that's only benefited my execution. Learning Skrull turned out to be a legit method of training me to not mash ever.
  5. I'm still holding out for the inevitable DLC characters being Doctor Octopus and some form of Megaman, since those are characters I imagine people will actually really want, the latter especially so (no offence Jill/Shuma). Have to say though, Strider looks like he's going to be the next Wolverine/Dante/Zero-esque point character from hell. Considering the fan hype generated for him, I wouldn't have expected anything less.
  6. X-Factor it pretty ridiculous, chiefly the damage boost. If the online guide is giving accurate figures on the Level 3 boost, almost all characters can dish out just under double the amount of damage they normally do, and a few do even more (eg. Hulk, Sentinel, Dark Phoenix). That said, I've been sinking my teeth into online mode whenever I can, and I'm getting a little better. My win rate is just over 60% now, and I've done all the events save for the two new ones. Anyone else going to try that M.O.D.O.K. one?
  7. So I've had the game for about a week. It's hella fun, and currently I hope cover some more ground online with Super Skrull, Trish and Doctor Doom. Sadly my record only stands at about 45% after 23 games, but I can assume that will improve in time when I can actually play the game properly.
  8. News update for those not keeping up: The Lee Brothers, a.k.a. Yun and Yang are now confirmed additions to the upcoming arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV. Some footage of them appears at 1:00 in this trailer.
  9. An awful amount o' shoutin' be heard among us civil men o' the seas. Rounds o' rum all 'round should quieten the knaves...or rowdy 'em up a bit. That said, it pleases me ol' soul that this grand event 'as spread so far along these grand waters of Internet, 'least from what I've seen with me own groggy deadlights. I expect t'see more piratey talk the year next, me hearties.
  10. needs to stop neglecting these forums.

  11. Happy B-Day Wyde. Seen you around for quite a time, Dunno if you recognize me or not, but eh, it's the thought that counts. :3

  12. Sorry 'bout misspelling your name in the status box. XD

  13. Voltar from the show League Of Super Evil: a show I only started watching yesterday.
  14. So I'm under the impression female ejaculation depictions are being restricted because a number of wise fellows believe it to be identical to urination. Makes me wonder if those who decided on this simply fear what they don't understand ("Female orgasms? Of course they're not real!"). And banning smaller breast sizes with the awfully flimsy defense of preventing the appearance of underage adult actors, despite the universally wildly varying range of breast sizes no matter the age? Way to go with enforcing the ridiculously patriarchal stance on your politics, Australian government. I'm sorry that under average boob sizes and sexual fluids that are not your own make you squeamish.
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