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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you come back.

  2. Wow, what a blast from the past. So I'm playing Izuna: Legend of the unemployed ninja again. It's so underrated. I mean it's hard as dino shit, but a satisfyingly good dungeon crawler.

  3. Time to go full retard with TROPIC THUNDER!!!!! *applause from the live studio audience!!!*

  4. Next Test Strategy; Explain to the professor that I suddenly saw Sonic & friends enter the room, thus distracting me from finishing the bonus questions on the 5 question test. Beg for extension after explanation. Make silly hand gestures if necessary to cause confusion.
  5. Lol...what? So he saw angels and it made him do nonsensical sign language? If I was in this situation, I'm pretty sure I would have hauled ass in a schizophrenia episode instead of standing there with a strait face and making random hand gestures.
  6. Since finals are done I continued AA5 case 3 and after Hugh's testimony, all I can say is, I KNEW IT!! I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!

  7. Did anyone see Elysium? Is it any good...like at all?

    1. DocAzure


      It was a good popcorn flick. Does take itself a little too seriously sometimes.

  8. Thank fuck, right? Any more escapades with titling the gamepad everywhere was gonna make me stop playing as much.
  9. Yeah... This is a load of fresh plopped apeshit. This guy is 19, he has a "4 year old son" , he clearly bought a fucking photo and stated he did, and then sucked the media's tit to get a free XBONE. Wow. It's amazing how stupidity can bring fortune these days. You know what? If this shitter can do it, so can we. I'm going to print a picture of a puppy and say I got scammed by Petco. That'll get me a free puppy for Christmas right? Oh I can't? Well according to the media, it's a no fucks barred.
  10. McFly?! I'm talkin' to ya, McFly!

  11. I agree. The kid's got moxie for showing the world that a crap video doesn't define her. The highest of fives to Becks.
  12. Wait...didn't we have tons of new topics this morning?

  13. Whoa, the forum just leveled up. We got the SEGASonic Radio thread.

    1. Jeffhog



      The Sonic Show should get one as well, imo

    2. Abominal SnowTaz

      Abominal SnowTaz

      *giggle* Wouldn't that be redundant?

  14. How many seasons does The Simpsons have now?

    1. Vertekins
    2. AlphaRuby
    3. spinny
    4. ChikaBoing


      so over 10 bad seasons by now

    5. Soniman


      I heard it got bad around Season 9, so knowing it has over 15 BAD SEASONS is baffling

    6. ChikaBoing


      It was good till Season 12, or at least had consistent feel.

      Season 14, it was definitly dead

    7. Abominal SnowTaz

      Abominal SnowTaz

      I'm baffled it's over the 24 mark...

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