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  1. As far as filming goes, allegedly Gamescom is pretty strict about it. Kingdom Hearts 3, for example, also has filming banned. I wasn't impressed with what we played at E3, and by the sound of it, it's not only stayed the same, but gotten worse. It's bad enough that every character needs to one up Bubsy, throwing in sound mixing issues has to make it almost insufferable.
  2. Happy to report we have over 90 entries this year! We'll also be hosting the Pre-Show again on our YouTube, this Friday, August 25th at 8:00 PM CDT, we hope to see you there!
  3. When you've been around long enough to know what Sonic Epoch is and have played through it, the answer is a definitive no. Sure, an official game would be nothing like it but still... no. It's certainly a novelty of GBA homebrew though.
  4. The deadline for trailer submissions is TOMORROW. If you haven't already, get that footage in!
  5. It's a problem we've run into plenty over at Retro. By dumping a rom for the rest of the world, collectors believe that devalues the cart, disc, or in this case board, that houses the game. The community is pretty close knit and the only way you can even have a chance of getting in is through money and having some rare stuff yourself. A lot of this comes from experience and ShouTime himself, it sucks but collectors like to think they have priceless artifacts that no one else does or can.
  6. It was, but the story is supposedly the wonderful prototype community stepped in and informed the owner he would be blacklisted in their circles if he released the dump. It is dumped but may be a long time before it sees the light of day.
  7. Can't say we've heard anything but here's hoping! By the way, the deadline for the trailer is this coming Saturday, July 28th! Get those submissions in if you'd like your project featured in this year's trailer!
  8. Nothing just yet. Team Sonic Junior's been working hard but I'm not sure they'll be at SAGE this year. There's gonna be plenty of other games to fill the void in your heart, I promise!
  9. I'm afraid you're mistaken. Utopia will not have a presence at SAGE 2018.
  10. Unfortunately, the Utopia Team has already confirmed there will not be a new demo at SAGE this year.
  11. SAGE, or the Sonic Amateur Game Expo, is an annual event that takes place completely online. All of the fan game projects from around the Sonic community to share their games, progress, and projects. SAGE has grown each year and this particular year looks to be exciting as ever with the release of two games: Sonic Rebirth and Sonic Robo Blast 2. This year also has popular games and games such as Sonic Nexus, Project Mettrix, and many more! SAGE has also expanded with a constantly full chatroom with special guests, radio shows, and contests. One of the confirmed guests this year is Tom Payne, one of the artists behind Sonic 2 and Spinball, don't miss it! Here are the links to the official site and Be sure to check it out starting July 19 through July 25!
  12. I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, it at least looks good and could be fun. However, after watching a couple videos, either it's just me, the people playing suck, or the controls are going to be bad. I'm really hoping it's not the latter.
  13. A couple of guys got busted at E3. Look familiar? On a more serious note, Galaxy 2 looks neat to me, and I think I'll enjoy New Super Mario Bros Wii even if it doesn't have online. I wish we could've heard about more WiiWare titles and quite possibly Virtual Console for DSi. Ah well.
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