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  1. I meant what I said in the context of him not being yellow/gold like the most well known/recognized Super Saiyan form. But whatever =p The premise is the same but at least he aint yellow xD (I actually like Super Sonic better by the way but I still think Hyper is cool and would be a nice nod to the old-school fans).
  2. I agree, also the color changing makes him (if only a little bit) a smaller ripoff of Super Saiyan. Plus he hasn't been overused since he was only in 1 game. Also, I thought Hyper Sonic being faster and more uncontrollable than Super Sonic is the whole point. It's harder to unlock him and you have to be skilled to control him.
  3. The real question is, is Hyper Sonic cool and do we want him in Generations? I say yes as DLC!
  4. I actually forgot to mention that if you look at Sonic 3's assembly code there is Sonic & Knuckles data. Sonic 3 was released unfinished with the unfinished contents hidden in memory. And yes I admit the Werehog was a bad example but I still disagree that just because something isn't mentioned again that makes it non-canon. In Sonic 1 and 2 the ending that was the most difficult to reach as Sonic was considered the canon/'good' ending true? Sonic 1 with all 6 emeralds and Sonic 2 with all 7 emeralds (Super Sonic). By that logic in my opinion that makes finishing Sonic 3 & Knuckles (which is essentially Sonic the Hedgehog 3, since Sonic & Knuckles is Sonic 3 Part 2 according to Yuji Naka himself) as Hyper Sonic the true ending. Therefore he's canon. You say Hyper Sonic isn't canon because he's optional, well, collecting the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 2 is optional, so does that mean that finishing the game with no emeralds is considered canon? You seem to know a lot about game development, then answer this simple coding question to prove that: Write a class called Canon, with instance variables (in String, double and int format respectively) called HyperSonic, ChaosEmeraldCount and RingCount. Parse these into a constructor, then create a main method which prints the contents of an array containing 10 numerical values. Answer that and I'll believe you lol ////////////////////// //////EDIT//////////// ////////////////////// You know what I'll swallow my pride and say that I'm wrong and you're right Galaxy Man. I was being way too literal because I didn't want to be wrong, but I am so we can drop this.
  5. Also, in arguably the hugest story point in the game after you defeat Knuckles, Eggman steals the Master Emerald. What are those other emeralds around the Master Emerald? HMM! Lol
  6. I'm really curious to see some cutscenes with Modern Sonic talking to his Classic self, the only response being Oshima poses xD
  7. Some more Iizuka Innovation- 5G Run on a ceiling Armadillo Researcher- 30G Find Mighty Physics Tester- 10G Roll in a U-Curve for 10 minutes Button Masher- 10G Perform 15 or more Homing Attacks without touching the ground It's My Turn, Bitch- 15G Use one of Knuckles' gray switches
  8. Guess I forgot to bop a Power Sneakers box xD Anyway glad it was fake for the most part. I still want Chemical Plant and Speed Highway but I would like something like Hydrocity or Lava Reef.
  9. I don't know if this has been posted yet (sorry if it has) but Trunks confirmed the list is fake:
  10. How do we know that guy is telling the truth? So he's made some lucky guesses in the past that anyone could predict, so what? Calling fake with Dusk Golem.
  11. Haha, that means Generations is the prequel to Sonic 4 and the reason why there's no classic Sonic! xD (+1 REP)
  12. Some more: "TheNo1SonicFan"- Hack the leaderboards 100G "Lost in Translation-" Hear Tails say "look at all those Eggman's robots" 5G "U MAD?"- See Knuckles chuckle over 10 times 25G
  13. /*/Achievements\*\ "Do a Barrel Lol"-Get a time over in Carnival Night Zone 20G "Moonwalker"-Fall onto a slope in Classic Mode while facing the opposite direction 10G "Enter the Special Stage Rage"-Finish the game with only 6 of 7 Special Stages cleared 30G "Sonic Next Gen"- Clear a loop by walking 50G "Sonic 4"- Clear any stage in Classic Mode without rolling 5G "Nostalgic Glitch"- Roll through a tube too quickly in Classic Mode and see what happens 5G
  14. Off topic: What happened to Sonic's voice in this build? It's not a big deal but why did they change it? (It may be the low audio quality though). On topic: I'm pretty sure that the later modern stages will have a lot more platforming in the vein of Unleashed, but in my opinion it's a nice speedy break after a huge dose of classic action. (I prefer the classic gameplay but I still love the Unleashed gameplay and it looks like Generations has improved on it with things like the trick system, etc).
    1. Segakid
    2. Tobbii


      We knew he didn't uncurl, Sega said so. :P Still, thanks for the videos.

    3. Blue Blood
    4. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Just saw those videos. Was so glad to see he doesn't uncurl after all. I wonder if you can make him uncurl voluntary or something.

    5. pppp


      Awesome! I can't wait for this game :D

    6. Preston


      The GT comments for Modern Sonic make me sad.

      Other than that, beautiful, beautiful game. If this game had a face, I would make out with it for hours.

    7. Tobbii



      They're like that. GT has good staff but horrible fans.

    8. KHCast


      don't worry preston they don't want to admit a great sonic title might be made.

    9. sonfan1984


      I don't read the comments on any of these videos. You'll always come across people hating and bashing on Sonic in the internet world so I just watch the video and not worry about what the people in the comments thinks.

  15. Some people don't realize how deep and dark the story in the first Sonic the Hedgehog was. Besides Dr. Robotnik trapping animals inside of machinery as a fuel source, the whole game was about Nature vs Technology. You have the contrast between the lush, green hills and the cold, depressing Scrap Brain. The game expresses Yuji Naka's most inner and disturbing thoughts, an experience that will move you from the time the curtains are lifted. 5/5, a masterpiece that should not be missed. -The Hedgehog Times
  16. I have nothing against the 3DS, but in my opinion it isn't worth the extra money. But back to the topic at hand, it would be interesting if the 3DS version had exclusive retakes on handheld stages. I would laugh if they remade Splash Hill Zone xD
  17. *Looks at username* Aside from the portability don't you think a 360/PS3 is the better purchase? Also the 3DS currently costs MORE than a 360...
  18. Super Emeralds DLC that adds Hidden Palace to the Map Screen. Make it happen Sega!
  19. I'm glad they put the Red Rings in. It almost guarantees at least one form of Super Sonic and finding them all adds replay value, I'm for it.
  20. Why anyone would buy a 3DS over a 360/PS3 is beyond me... Seriously xD
  21. Simple topic, which Sonic cartoon is your favorite and why? Mine would have to be Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog since it was not only the first Sonic cartoon I ever saw but I find it to be the most entertaining. I admit sometimes the Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder portions can drag on a bit but the cartoon has some really funny moments. So, "I'm waaaaaiting" for your responses.
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