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  1. Why do people like Advance so much? The sprites were ugly and the stages were too cluttered. Not to mention the overuse of dashpads which Dimps was doing well before Sonic 4. Sure Sonic 4 has bad physics but I'd pick it over Advance any day.
  2. Welcome to the Knuckles' Chaotix Thread! In case you aren't familiar, Knuckles' Chaotix was a trippy game released on the 32X. Picture a 2D Sonic game where you pick your bro and set off like a rubber band through crazy worlds where you can't see shit. No, seriously you can't see anything. It's a dull world. If you haven't played the game, get it any way you can. EVERY Sonic fan needs to play this game. It is mandatory that after you explore the many Attractions of Newtrogic High Zone that you watch this video: So get your Combi Ring on and get on Robotnik's ass before he makes a shitstorm! YEAH! Also, if you feel like it you can talk about your experience with this game. Did you rush to the store and buy the original cartridge when it was released? How did you get your hands on this baby? Favorite Zone? Whatever you wanna talk about. Crocodile, OH YEAH!
  3. Porting the iPhone version would actually require MORE effort since they would have to rewrite the Objective C code in C++ (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I believe XBLA games are written in the same language as Windows Phone games, true?
  4. The annoying thing is, Sonic Adventure for XBLA IS Sonic Adventure DX, just with features taken out on purpose so you pay AGAIN to have DX when you ALREADY have the DX port! Ahhhhhhh! xD So according to Sega: Sonic Adventure: Sonic Adventure DX: THE ORIGINAL Sonic Adventure:
  5. They left it as Sonic Adventure DX in the PC version of Dreamcast Collection... xD They couldn't even be bothered changing the title screen or cover art for both versions... Wait, so does this mean that only the PC version has the extra DX missions and the XBLA version is the dud SADX? xD
  6. I've emulated Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) on Dolphin in full HD with no graphical problems, perfect emulation. This has nothing to do with SA2B being superior, Dolphin is just a more stable emulator than nullDC. As for Dreamcast Collection, does anyone have any footage of the game's menus? I'm curious to see if the interface is cheap looking or not.
  7. I went back to Sonic Adventure 2 after years. Honestly I think Sonic's stages are better than the ones in Sonic Colors.

    1. Sion-Ta


      Interesting... I went back to it, and came out thinking it was as broken as 06. XD;

    2. Sion-Ta


      A lot more fun I might add to prevent rage. c:

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      SEGAkid: No duh. Colours levels are rectangles and straight line zone.

    4. Scar


      Shame really.

      They had some really nice level design at times though.

  8. New link on 20th Anniversary Japanese page: http://tokyo-joypolis.com/attraction/22.html

    1. azoo


      Supposedly it's only about taking pictures with Sonic on them.

      Why are photo booths so special anywho? For people who are too lazy to shoop? =V

  9. I actually never thought about what the Unleashed team have been doing all this time, the Black Knight team mimicked them so well with Colors xD I don't think the game will be Sonic Adventure 3 but I'm betting it will take inspiration from Adventure 1, 2 and the classics since that rumor is the only 'info' we have really. (Besides Crush 40's involvement).
  10. Ok maybe I over exaggerated a bit with those zones, but you can still get through them pretty quick with practice: Then, of course there's neat tricks like these:
  11. You know what one of the biggest differences in gameplay is between the original Sonic the Hedgehog and the modern titles? In the new games, controlling Sonic without losing control at high speed while maintaining correct timing grants the player rewards such as shortcuts, alternate routes and score bonuses. In the original game, SPEED was the reward for being skilled at the game. For example, many people regard Spring Yard Zone as one of the slowest zones in the original Sonic. However, many people don't realize that if you play your cards right, it's one of the fastest stages in the game. Even faster than Green Hill Zone Act 1! Let's take a look at the map: GO HERE FOR A LARGER MAP: http://www.soniczone0.com/games/sonic1/downloads/s1-syz-act1map.png I mentioned earlier that speed is a reward for being skilled at the game. What I haven't mentioned is that speed may also be achieved through careful exploration! If you pace yourself at the start of the act, you'll notice that hitting the horizontal spring and curving Sonic to the left will let him access a handy power sneakers box! Using this new-found speed Sonic may now proceed to move along the map and find the next red spring. Since Sonic now has crazy-fast acceleration, hitting the spring and holding right will allow Sonic to launch out of the map. If timed correctly the player may land and pounce off the moving platforms and make use of some cleverly placed ramps to gain massive air. Were these placed randomly by the game designers? No. They planned a speedy route within every act of the game. You just need to look hard enough! Anyway, back to Spring Yard. After launching rocket speed demon Sonic off the last ramp, you may effectively skip one of the slow, monotonous platforming sections! (You already skipped the first one when you launched off the map). Go ahead, try this for yourself! I promise if this is new to you, you will begin to enjoy Sonic 1 in a whole new way! Try and find the fast route in every stage and practice your supersonic timing! There are lots of other neat tricks to be utilized in this stage too. Make sure you use Sonic's rolling momentum to its fullest! Can you find more power sneakers in the stage?
  12. Do you think Sonic 3DS will be announced first or Sonic Anniversary?

    1. sjmaster92


      Most likely Anniversary. Although I do think the 3DS game might be a port of the anniversary game.

  13. A lot of Sonic fans like me really miss the Spin Dash. If you want to join The Spin Dash Club, answer this preliminary questionnaire: 1. What is your favourite Sonic game where you can Spin Dash? 2. Do you think Unleashed and *Colors would be more fun with the Spin Dash? 3. Do you want the Spin Dash to return in all 3D games permanently? After completing the questionnaire you will automatically become a member of the Spin Dash Club and you may enjoy its spiky entertainment and discussion. Let's get spinning! Bonus Spin Dash Quiz Volume #1: How can Sonic trigger the Spin Dash in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity? *I know Colors has the Pink Wisp but that ain't the True Blue Spin Dash!
  14. I had this idea for a storyline that could serve as an excuse to change the gameplay mechanics a bit. What if instead of just copying powers Metal Sonic has a new ability that lets him STEAL them? Metal could steal Sonic's Homing Attack forcing Sonic to relearn his Insta-Shield move. Then there could be a Sonic vs Metal battle at the end where Sonic has to time his Insta-Shield a split second after Metal locks on to Sonic with his Homing Attack! Comment on whether you like my idea or not as well as posting your own story ideas!
  15. Read the first post carefully next time. I said Episode 1.
  16. A little Sonic 4 note for everybody: Sonic 4 iPhone version 1.2 out! Listed as 'Bug Fixes.' Some people are saying it could be a patch for lock-on when Episode 2 is released. Maybe it fixes the Game Center bug where you don't get achievements for things you've already done. I'm gonna test it now. Also, IGN brings back the Werehog!
  17. Sonic 4 iPhone version 1.2 out! Listed as 'Bug Fixes.'

    1. -Mark-


      I don't think I ever ran into a single bug in the game, actually. I'll give it that! Getting the update anyway.

    2. Segakid


      Some people are saying it could be a patch for lock-on when Episode 2 is released. Maybe it fixes the Game Center bug where you don't get achievements for things you've already done. I'm gonna test it now.

    3. -Mark-



      Gave it a quick try, I'm not seeing any difference.

    4. Segakid


      The guys at Retro will probably take a look at the code so we can solve this mystery!

  18. "At Sonic Team we are proud to announce Sonic Pakistan Adventure for 3DS. There will be emphasis on speed and other excretions such as booster and team maneuver. The development team had to sacrifice the graphical quality in order to reach full intense 60 FPS but this sacrifice is necessary since Sonic games with good graphics are always slow."
  19. I have a feeling that Episode 2 will contain 2 zones from Sonic CD and 2 zones from Sonic 3 (standalone- not S3&K) and that Episode 3 will contain 2 zones from Sonic 3 and 2 zones from Sonic & Knuckles. Unless they actually add some original levels!
  20. Load Sonic 4 Episode 1 and try pressing multiple jump buttons simultaneously on the controller while charging a Spin Dash. The result is quite remarkable!

  21. Besides the obvious improved graphics on a technical level, can you think of any elements found in Sonic 4 Episode 1 that were actually better than Sonic 3 & Knuckles? I know it may seem tough but this thread could pass some time until the next Sonic announcement.
  22. So what do you think of the Dreamcast Collection box artwork?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Almost as lazy as Sonic 4

    2. Doctor MK

      Doctor MK

      It's a perfect representation of the game itself. Half-assed, that is.

    3. Segakid


      Haha when I saw it on Segabits I thought it was custom artwork until the unveiling of the REAL artwork! xD

    4. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Nice find on the hi-res boxart. I looked everywhere earlier, but couldn't find it. I think it's pretty bad, myself.

  23. I thought that the Special Stages were actually quite fun. Special Stage 7 wasn't exactly a piece of cake but I don't get the people who make it seem impossible. I got the emerald on my 3rd or 4th try on 360 and on my 10th try on the iPhone version. I'll admit there is a bit of luck in it though.
  24. Do you want the insta-shield AND the homing attack in Sonic 4 Episode 2?

    1. Patticus


      That's too complicated, keep it simple Sega. Remember: You're not making a fighting game, or an RPG where you need many buttons

  25. Metal Sonic will be a playable character. Save this post.
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