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  1. Do you have to be so rude? I don't even know you.
  2. Or -Sit it out, waiting for the franchise to evolve.
  3. I fully agree. The amount of ignorance and disrespect is unbelievable. I wish people would take others feelings into consideration. I just hope that it all works out smoothly.
  4. Keep shining on. Teach them some respect.
  5. It's verrrrry automated. Don't let them break your spirit. This is the only thing that's ruining the game for me tbqh, since it's pretty big.
  6. The franchise will evolve into something new soon enough, just like how it evolved from the Adventure formula to the Unleashed formula. Also, you don't have to be so rude about it. Take other people's feelings into consideration next time.
  7. You're all so disrespectful to each other tonight :/ I'm a bit upset.
  8. No one deserves to be spanked over their opinion. You'll never shine.
  9. Hmm, where did I say that? I'm saying that if your opinion is out of the norm, they'll hurt your feelings. He doesn't mind his feelings being hurt, so he's a dream warrior.
  10. Keep on judging bew. At least one person has the guts to post what they honestly think.
  11. Does the engine actually feel like a hybrid of Colours and Unleashed?
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