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  1. So.... Professor Layton vs Ace Attourney, who's hoping for more footage at E3?

    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      lol I forgot about that game XD

    2. Jetronic



    3. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      I hope that game will be at E3.

    4. Carbo


      I doubt we'll be seeing much from a game that's so far only Japan exclusive. I'd place my bets on news from the game to occur on TGS.

    5. Tobbii



      The earlier trailer was a E3 reveal, and a lot of Japanese games go there to check if it would fit a NA/EU market as well.

    6. Carbo


      Uh no it wasnt, assuming you're talking about PLvsAA.

      It was revealed in October '10 at a private Level-5 conference.

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