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  1. Look at this sky, look at this world, look at the boys, look at the girls! It's an inky-dinky-doo-dah morning.

    1. Flyboy Fox

      Flyboy Fox

      Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you say my collection's complete? (Sorry)

    2. Senator NinjaShark

      Senator NinjaShark



      Morning, Morning~

      The Air is fresh, Brisk and Sweet, while I could even smell your Feet~

    3. Solly
    4. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      No idea what you people are talking about.

    5. Tobbii


      I'mtalking about Nudist Colony of the Dead, a quite funny musical-horror-comedy that has a far too long Blues song towards the end.

      Flyboy is talking about The Little Mermaid.

      And The Soldier posted an image of the ever-so-sexy Brad Jones who reviewed Nudist Colony about a year back as his character The Cinema Snob.

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