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  1. I'll just say it. E.T. The Videogame for Atari 2600 is not THAT bad. I've finished it a few times now since I got it a few years back, don't understand why that game has gotten so much hate-attention. Then again, while I'll say Superman 64 is worse, the same goes for that game.

    1. SuperClassic


      I have a hard time judging Superman 64 because the game is just simply incomplete, btw, I have about 3 copies of ET for the Atari, I have no clue why I have so many.

    2. Carbo


      E.T. almost single handedly destroyed the video game industry.

      No really, that's not being funny or anything. It genuinely was arguably the main title responsible for one of the greatest crashes in video game history.

    3. SuperClassic


      That would make it the most influential title in video game history, not the worst.

    4. Tobbii


      Exactly, just beacuse it did that doesn't make it the worst. That's like saying Mother 3 is the worst of the Mother games because it sold the least.

    5. eXtaticus


      Sega and Nintendo had to pull it out of the ditch, too...

    6. Tobbii


      That's still not the point though, regardless of the effects, the game on its own is not as bad as its legend.

    7. Carbo


      It's not the fact that it's the worst, it's that just because of this it still lives in massive infamy, and so many game developers and publishers would rather not think that it exists. Those were some massive dark times, and gaming would be fucked for it to ever happen again.

      It's simply an easy target.

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