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  1. Does people find that other people responding to them assume you've said more than you have?

    1. Vertekins


      Not really. But I have found that words have been put in my mouth before...

    2. Tobbii


      Well isn't that the same?

    3. Nepenthe


      It's happened to me roughly two times in recent memory, both people claiming I was some Nazi. =P

    4. Vertekins


      @Tobbii Well yeah. Nevermind me, I'm just buzzing with sugar and excitement XD not thinking straight.

    5. Tobbii



      Oh? Do tell what made them say that. :P

    6. Nepenthe


      xP First was the windblown music topic wherein my argumentative attitude got construed into "You're being oppressive!"

      Second time was in the recent "critics on Sonic games" topic. Someone mistakenly thought I insulted them then literally compared me to a Nazi.

      Lulz all around.

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