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  1. I would love to help with this project. Not sure if Generations is the right way to go, as Anti Alias said, we might want to focus on getting a good engine working like the previous 3D games first, because, to be honest, I would love a "good" Sonic 06, but a Sonic 06 themed Generations would be so different gameplay wise that it almost seems pointless, we might as well just make a new game all together in that case.

    With that said, when the direction has been chosen, I'd love to help, like I said. I have some texture-talent and I've worked some with 3D Environments, so level-designing is something I could at least help with. If we're not too many, I'd love to help clean up the 06 story as well, as I feel there's a damn good time-travel story in there somewhere, just begging to be unearthed.

    But like I said, Anti Alias has a good point.

  2. When people go; "Why did Sonic game B get a better score than Sonic game A? Sonic game A is clearly better!" or something like that.

    Why did Sonic game B get a better score?

    Difference of opinion.

    Not even that, it can be even simpler. Different reviewers for example, or just that they didn't compare the two while thinking of the score.

  3. So I assume people can actually call Colors an Unleashed 2?

    Well it doesn't have the "Unleashed" mode, but yes. But there's one important difference, people aren't whining about "I WANT SONIC UNLEASHED 2, THAT WILL SAVE THE FRANCHISE!!!!1" like it's become with SA3 at times.

  4. The problem with medal collecting is how it breaks a flow. The game tries to be story-heavy, like previous Sonic games, but this is the first time a game has stopped in the middle of the story and said "Stop! You need to collect random coins in previous stages to continue."

    Let's apply that logic to previous games for example, people would hate it if Sonic Adventure all of a sudden said, right before Final Egg as Sonic that "You need to collect 55 Emblems to continue" or something.

    The collecting coins should have been left for unlocking the extra stages, I'm fine with that, but even as someone who loves Unleashed enough to put it in his Top 5 Sonic games, I found the forced medal collecting stupid... ...I also found the keys in Generations stupid.

  5. Another peeve of mine is how people don't know how to keep their personal feelings out of review of a game.


    You realize personal feelings is EVERYTHING to a review right? Everything good and everything bad comes down to personal preferences, some loved Werehog (like me) and some didn't (like most), should I not write in a review that I found Werehog fun then? No, I should. Because a review should reflect that persons view on the game at hand, otherwise reviews are pointless.

    Or am I missing your point?

  6. - It's "hubs" (Should I even call them that?) are half-assed static screens

    Well some people do prefer that to be honest.

    As for why it got higheer scores? Well, it only average 6 points higher. Given that the Wii version was mostly played by Nintendo Exclusive outlets they probably didn't compare it to the HD one but rather just rated it on its own and it turned out that way.

  7. Here's your quote-

    Long cutscenes make not an ounce of difference because you can skip them, and there's more in Unleashed than just the mandatory stages (which I'd also argue are longer and more diffcult than Generations when you compare Daytime to Modern).

    Cutscenes in Unleashed is unskippable.

    And yes "pretty much the same length" was me saying "Yeah, they're kind of the same length", as in the same amount of stages and bosses. There's more to Generations than the mandatory missions as well btw.

  8. The main story is definitely longer in Unleashed. Let's say you don't have to worry about medal collecting because you manage to collect enough during your runs of the levels. You still have...

    • 8 Hegehog stages
    • 8 Werehog stages (which are loooooong by the end of it)
    • Traversing the Villages/Capitals
    • Traversing the Entrance stages to find power ups
    • 2 Tornado Defence stages
    • Eggmanland
    • 6 bosses
    • Dark Gaia
    • ... and then you can factor in all the extra bits and pieces you're free to explore: extra acts, collecting medals to unlock extra acts, town missions, exorcisms, hot dog missions, collectibles, following the lives of the townspeople, experience system for Hedgehog and Werehog. Not mandatory, but all extras that will make standard playthroughs longer and increase replayability.

      Then with Generations you've got...

      • 9 Classic stages
      • 9 Modern stages
      • 6 bosses
      • 18 mandatory missions
      • Time Eater
      • And for extras you have Red Rings and missions.

      Generations is a shorter and smaller game than Unleashed. Better? YMMV, but it's definitely got a lot less content both in and out of the main story.

      Re-read my quote. I never said they're exactly the same length. I even admitted the Werehog stages were far longer, but that many would see that as a disadvantage rather than a good thing.

      In the end you have 17 Stages vs 18 Stages, 7 Bosses vs 7 Bosses. That was my point, nothing else. I am well aware the game is longer in other ways.

  9. But what really baffled me is that reviewers gave Unleashed a lower score than 06! I mean seriously, what the hell?!!!!!?!!

    Not that many did, some did yeah, but many didn't.

    Sonic 2006 averages 46 on Metacritic and Unleashed averages 60 (or 66 for the Wii version... THAT is weird...)

    When people complain Colours and Generations are far too easy, yet they say "omg Unleashed was amazing it was challenging and long and stuff" when most of that is filler and the Day stages were only hard because of bottomless pit spam and insta-kill reaction time bullshit.

    Not that Colours and Generations aren't really easy, but at least they aren't hard for insane bullshit reasons.

    There weren't that many pitfalls in the Day levels to be honest. I'd say Colours had more.

  10. Can I say that it really annoys me how much praise Sonic Generations get when really it wasn't that amazing? It was too short, too easy, had the worst final boss in history and it was just so underwhelming, more so than Sonic Colours.

    It's unjust that Sonic Unleashed gets worse reviews when it's 10x better than Generations! If this is a sign of what future Sonic games will be like, I'm NOT looking forward to it.

    See, I agree that Unleashed is better than Generations...

    ...But they were both pretty much the same length. The difference was Unleashed's forced medal collecting and long cutscenes. If you just play the levels/missions you need to finish the game, they're about the same length I'd say. Sure, the Werehog stages are longer than Classic Sonic, but to many that's a negative thing.

  11. I meant that it was less awkward that a awkwardly proportioned female hedgehog would be kissing an awkwardly proportioned dead male hedgehog in order to bring him back to life, rather than a female human straight from the Uncanny Valley kissing a awkwardly proportioned dead male hedgehog in order to bring him back to life.

    Well, at least to me anyway it would had been less awkward anyway.

    Fair enough, I don't agree one bit, but to each their own.

    At least you didn't put "Bestiality" as the argument.

  12. They seem kinda like filler material, and their quality definitely shows that.

    I don't know, I'd say Secret Rings were a pretty good example of how a spinoff can outshine the main series at times, then again, it went up directly after Sonic 06 so it's not the hardest game to outshine.

    I dunno, maybe they could have the Adventure-Heroes Sonic gameplay (improved obviously) for the storybook series? The story and focus on characters is fine, it's just the gameplay that seems off.

    You know what... I would not mind that at all.

  13. I'd like to see another Storybook game, as I loved Secret Rings, but thought Black Knight was meh. I thought I did hear something about SEGA announcing on their Facebook last June announcing a third one.

    There's supposed to be these choices:

    Greek Mythology and Legends, Western/Cowboy, Sci-Fi, and Horror.

    Out of all of those, I'd like to see a Sci-Fi themed Storybook game. But what'd I want for it is most importantly to not be on rails, and allow free movement.

    Hmm... Sci-Fi could be cool.

    "Sonic and the War of the Worlds"

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