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  1. I'll just say it. E.T. The Videogame for Atari 2600 is not THAT bad. I've finished it a few times now since I got it a few years back, don't understand why that game has gotten so much hate-attention. Then again, while I'll say Superman 64 is worse, the same goes for that game.

    1. SuperClassic


      I have a hard time judging Superman 64 because the game is just simply incomplete, btw, I have about 3 copies of ET for the Atari, I have no clue why I have so many.

    2. Carbo


      E.T. almost single handedly destroyed the video game industry.

      No really, that's not being funny or anything. It genuinely was arguably the main title responsible for one of the greatest crashes in video game history.

    3. SuperClassic


      That would make it the most influential title in video game history, not the worst.

    4. Tobbii


      Exactly, just beacuse it did that doesn't make it the worst. That's like saying Mother 3 is the worst of the Mother games because it sold the least.

    5. eXtaticus


      Sega and Nintendo had to pull it out of the ditch, too...

    6. Tobbii


      That's still not the point though, regardless of the effects, the game on its own is not as bad as its legend.

    7. Carbo


      It's not the fact that it's the worst, it's that just because of this it still lives in massive infamy, and so many game developers and publishers would rather not think that it exists. Those were some massive dark times, and gaming would be fucked for it to ever happen again.

      It's simply an easy target.

  2. War it's now or never, we shall stand together, one by one, this world is sa-creeed!

    1. CtW


      I bought Sacred 2 for the Blind Guardian song, the game was a nice bonus.

    2. Tobbii
  3. I know what he meant, my point was that if they got that far in short time, they could certainly fix it up while still developing it to be finished.
  4. 2nd? Are you sure? Then maybe my bootleg copy has the wrong order, I'm sure it was much later.
  5. I think you can buy it with Resistance 3 IF you want to.
  6. It's just branded PlayStation. As in, that's the name.
  7. That is the 3D TV. It's jsut branded Playstation.
  8. The original scrapped concept was apparently that he realised that Belle wouldn't have him so he committed suicide and jumped down. Then they rewrote it and his character.
  9. The rules for SA, SA2 and Heroes are posted!
  10. First Post updated with more rules! (SA-Heroes)
  11. The glove is a clock I think.
  12. But that's EXACTLY what I've been trying to say. It's getting stale since we get it so often, I also want variation and then get back to the GHZ every now and then (like now for Gen).
  13. Be careful, when I said I wanted less checkered GHZ-wannabe stages I got a lot of hate. Edit: SA2 was GHZ though, so I was fine with that.
  14. Playing PREY. Fun game.

    1. Patticus


      It's good, awesome end credits song. :P After Midnight Project FTW

    2. Tobbii


      I've never finished it before, just got through the 16th stage, not sure how much is left.

  15. Nope. http://marketplace.xbox.com/sv-SE/Product/Sam-Max-Save-the-World/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841097d?cid=search http://marketplace.xbox.com/sv-SE/Product/Sam-Max-Beyond-Time/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410999?cid=search Also, at launch, Castle Crashers cost 1800MS points.
  16. I said I liked the cards. And 2 did the torch, I liked that too actually.
  17. You want original level designs? Very well. Actual Solleana Stage with roads and sliding on water. (Because we never got one...) Sonic enters a dreamworld that looks like S1/S4 Special Stages but is a regular stage. (Trippy!) Sonic has a stage on board a spaceship with command centers and everything. (Only been space stations and airships so far.) Sonic travels in time to 1942 and runs along WWII battlefields. (Bla-bla non-sonicy, that was not the question.) Sonic is traversing down ONE HUGE water-slide. (I know some stages have had a water slide, but I'm talking bigger!) Sonic has a stage set in the ancient city of the Echidnas. (And not just a temple as in SA1.) Brothel Night Zone. (Hurr-hurr) As people know, I liked Sonic 4 (Review: 7.5), but my main issue was the stage rehash. First of all, we don't know if Sonic 4 is two, three, four or even ten episodes, so as of now that's beyond the point. We had 4 zones in the game all inspired and designed after 2 Sonic 1 stages and 2 Sonic 2 stages with some twists and new stuff added. Splash Hill Zone was shameless, they didn't even change the textural pattern of the walls from Green Hill Zone. The only new thing was vines which felt forced and worked better in Sonic 3. Casino Street Zone was shameless as well, because one again the colours and design patterns were almost identical to Casino Night Zone. The new things were Cards which were super-cool and Cannons which sucked and worked better in Sonic 3. Lost Labyrinth was better, it did a few more things to stray away from Labyrinth Zone, the minecart also worked better than it did in Sonic 2 GG which is a great thing. I liked Lost Labyrinth and thought it was handled well, I'll give it a pass. Mad Gear I will also let pass, because of much of the same reasons. Here we had 3 acts that was very fun and felt like they actually stood apart from the original Metropolis stage that inspired it. But let's not forget the bosses, which really should have been original ones rather than rehashes. I mean, seriously? "Dr. Robotnik has improved some of his old machines!", that was lame. Now, as I said, I did like the game a lot, these issues did not break it for me. But I'm going to step over on your side for a bit here. Sonic 4: Episode 1 costs 1200 Microsoft Points. Let's say we have three episodes. Sonic 4: Complete will then be 3600 Microsoft Points, which equal to about 36 Dollars, right? Then we can assume S4C will have 12 Zones, 4 Acts Each and 3 Final Stages. All in all, that's 51 stages. FIFTY-ONE. A full retail game costs about 40-50 Dollars if I understand US Dollars right, so let's see. We get a new 2D sidescroller Sonic for all the three consoles with 51 stages for 36 Dollars... Sonic Adventure had 35 stages, 11 Action Stages with various characters each and 3 Forced Sub-Game Stages. Sonic 3D had 15 stages, 7 Zones with 2 acts each and one Final Zone. Sonic 3K had 25 stages, 13 Zones mixed with 2 or 1 acts and one Final Zone. Sonic 2 had 20 stages, 11 Zones mixed with 1-3 acts. Sonic 1 had 25 stages, 6 Zones with 3 acts each and one Final Zone. And those games we paid more for, hell, Sonic 3 we even had to buy in two parts just like this. So let's, for our last comparison, just compare Sonic 3 to Sonic 4 E1. Sonic 3 (Part 1): 6 Zones, 2 Acts = 12 Stages. Sonic 4 Episode I: 4 Zones, 3 Acts, 1 Final = 13 Stages. And yes, you could make the claim that the 2D era is over and that we don't buy that in retail anymore, but games like Rayman Origins comes to mind, people are CHEERING that it's now retail and a "full game". And those are my two cents on the stages of Sonic 4.
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