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  1. I'll do a check but I don't think so.
    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      CLICK ON ME FOR HELP! I used to have that game. :P

    2. Tobbii


      I have it. :P

    3. TwoTailedFox


      I wish I had it D:

  3. I would just like to bring up that the best voice actor for Sonic was featured in only one underrated classic:
  4. All Time Attack Stages done on Sonic 4... Finally.

    1. Detective Shadzter
    2. Tobbii


      The Final Zone was a bitch, hate the chase-boss.

  5. How come noone ever talks about Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure? It was so good.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It should be called "Sonic 2 Again". Fun game, very little original content. It was also released on a system that didn't really take off.

    2. eXtaticus


      Sonic the Hedgehog: Quest for Original Content!

    3. Tornado


      What Blue Blood said, and most of what PA did was done just as well/better by the original Advance.

    4. gato


      Should be called "Eggman gets a new outfit".

    5. mikeblastdude


      I actually just got that game with a NGPC a few months ago. It's pretty fun but yeah, completely unoriginal.

  6. Yeah, 3DS looks better. not to mention that there's much more to render with the 3D models in the background as well as the much better textures. Sonic's model is good as well not to mention thigns like how the light shines and shades the motobug in that shot. Hey look, some of the worst Sonic stages ever!
  7. Heroes Stages is my #2 reason why the game should burn. But okay, Egg Fleet and Frog Forest are great. Espio is cool, couldn't care less for Vector or Charmy.
  8. Maybe they should have said "New Sonic The Hedgehog: Episode I" instead.
  9. I'd actually prefer a Hamburger even if others are eating steak, because I don't agree with that argument. The only really important part of a game is how fun one individual have with it, if I had more fun with Sonic 4 than say... Sonic 3, I'd say it's a better game regardless of if the development was cheap and the game was glitchy. And yes, the light sources are annoying, but the models and graphical style on its own are nice.
  10. But I wasn't even talking about Sonic 4, I just said I didn't dislike it. And the graphics weren't bad. I was talking about Gen3D having momentum, that's the ONLY thing I brought up.
  11. And I don't think it is a placeholder, I just wish it was. You can make the white world interesting, the problem with the boxart is that it's unappealing and lazy.
  12. *Obligatory Tobbii Heroes Text* ...well at least the music IS decent, I'll say that.
  13. Actualy it can still be a placeholder, remember Mass Effect 2?
  14. How did the Colours temp boxart look?
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