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  1. Afterwards, that part felt like it had higher difficulty than the rest (I'm talking where you get the first railgun, not the part with the enforcer pigs before the ship battle).
  2. Foolish machine, didn't know I could dream.

  3. I bought and started playing Wipeout on my PS1 a few weeks back, right before they announced that Wipeout HD would be free.
  4. Here's the food that will be available: http://blogs.sega.com/usa/2011/06/03/segae3-sonic-boom-food/
  5. I made that, it was posted in the thread about things like this:
  6. Having network problems, but I'll see what I can do and if I can join.
  7. Open your eyes and see, your eyes are open.

    1. HunterTSF


      Wear no disguise for me, come into the open.

    2. T-Min



    3. Tobbii


      When it's cold, outside, am I here, in vain?

    4. TheGerkuman


      Hold on, through the niiight, and we'll pinochet!

      (What, it sounds like Pinochet to me...)

    5. Flyboy Fox

      Flyboy Fox

      There will beeee no shaaaaame~ ♪

  8. Put spoiler tags on it... I thought it was very well made to be honest, now that I've read it.
  9. Not feeling too well, think I'm going sick.

    1. Scott


      That was a brilliant read Tobbii :)

    2. Carbo


      Alright - even though I promised myself I wouldn't get close to this, I had a read since it's just the same demo we've seen. Hype increased.

      I have to wonder how big the game itself is though - Pitchford keeps insisting that we've barely scratched the surface of the game and that it averages about 16-18 hours long. That's pretty fucking long for a modern FPS game, I'm excited.

    3. Tobbii


      Thanks guys. Yeah, the game is said to be really big, I'm hoping for it to be true. Planning on streaming my first run through it actually.

  10. Played it, holding off my thoughts on it as I'm writing a proper impressions text. Quoted some of the text I wrote. Link: http://achievementunlock.blogspot.com/2011/06/preview-duke-nukem-forever.html
  11. Writing Duke Demo Impreessions starts now.

  12. I got Sweetie Belle, that's fine, but I didn't reallt agree on the text for iSFJ representing me, but whatever. ^^ My Little Pony Tales is actually my fav. of the shows, but I think that Friendship is Magic has passed the original for me now, so that comes in as second. The 2003 era movies sucked however.
  13. I'm assuming the demo will have online so add me on XBL! Sir Tobbii It's time to kick some ASS!
  14. Downloading the DNF demo. I just said that... Let me try again. I am downloading the DNF demo.

    1. Carbo


      words cant describe my jealousy

  15. If the konami site aint working, as it didn't for bolt7, I'mtrying to stream it here: http://sv.justin.tv/sirtobbii

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac


    2. Nepenthe


      Thanks for the stream!

  16. Wait, when did this turn into a debate about people hitting others? Of course violence is wrong no matter what sex.
  17. You just called your opinion fact. I love the music in Sonic 4 and thought the level design was good. I didn't notice any problems with physics until people started pointing it out to me and even then I still enjoyed the game a whole lot after that. And the homing attack is, in my opinion, a proper problem in Colours because the lock-on often lock on to an enemy/rail/thingh you don't want to lock on to. Meaning you don't hit what you want. Not to mention that it sharing button with double jump made it hell.
  18. The thing is, it's not always up to the reviewer to what game to review, I've known about 4-5 so-called "professional" reviewers in my life who've all talked about how annoying it can be to get a game that you're set to review and you don't know much about it, so you try your best to find things out about it and then the things you find out turn out to be wrong and you get hated after reviewing it. Then when it comes to talent and being good at a game, it's not always easy noting that you're not good at it. For example, a game can feel "too hard" even on a low setting, and that's a legitimate complaint. For example, I felt that the last boss of Sonic Colours was way to hard in comparison to the rest of the game and that it really made the game feel like it was trying to force you to play it longer because it was so short, later I hear that I'm just bad at the game, well how am I suppose to notice that I'm bad at a game if the game feels unfair? And don't forget people who are reeeeaaaally good at a game and then calls out a mediocre played for being terrible at it. How bad you are at a game is not something that's easily measured. And if you can't find many good characteristics but a lot of bad ones, then why should you even them out? That's censoring your own thoughts and that, if anything, is wrong when it comes to reviewing. You're now comparing entertainment to politics, I consider these very different. When it comes to politics and journalism you're meant to show both side of something, a review is meant to explain to other people what you thought about something. It's supposed to be personal. Also, regarding reviewers thinking their review is "fact". Well, if a game is "obviously" bad to you and it's not yet released or the review release dates (Yes, there are those) hasn't gotten near yet, then how are you supposed to think? Let's say you played this game and it was sooooo bad that noone could possibly enjoy it, so you write that only to find it's not that way in other peoples eyes, which you couldn't know at that point. Your experience with a game when you don't know other peoples thoughts on it just plants the idea of it being a fact really simple, it may not be right, but that's why it happens. Another reason would be that if you don't state something as if you're 100% then some people won't listen. And let's not forget that some reviewers apologize for certain reviews post-release because of things they said wrong/mistook, not often, but it does happen. Edit, saw your little edit there: If Jim Sterling is anything, he's honest about his opinion of a game. So yes, he IS.
  19. Nah, it's not the general opinion, they just scream really loud about it.
  20. How is that controversial? It's only rational.
  21. Super-italiana!

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Italianas? WHERE.

    2. Tobbii
    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      I thought you meant italian girls. Not funny.

  22. I remember reading that 45% of the people (in the US) being verbally abused by their partner is male. Yet we only hear about the female ones. Although, studies can rarely be trusted as they can never be spot on, still, those 45% that added up there some how should not be ignored. I'm a large believe in equal rights, which has landed me on the wrong side of many people throughout the later years. Hell, I remember getting hated on because I felt that men in Sweden should be allowed to carry around pepper-spray for protection since women are allowed to do so, and apparently that was me being a "women-hater" that wanted to help the men get even more dominance of her... For fucks sake.
  23. I know I'll be getting flak, but damn. So I gave Heavy Rain a second chance today. It's one of the worst PS3 exclusives since Haze, the characters are lifeless, the plot is a mess and the gameplay is unrewarding and dull, and this comes from a guy who LOVES QTE's... Could someone PLEASE tell me what people see in this?

    1. Chooch


      They see interesting characters, and interesting plot and think the gameplay works well with the other two things?

    2. ChikaBoing


      the animations are funny

    3. TheGerkuman


      You can press X to Jason

    4. Tobbii


      @Chooch What's interesting about any character except for Jayden, which we barely learn anything about?

    5. Tobbii



      That was the most fun I had during my 5 hours of playing it today. :P

  24. Tobbii

    Nintendo 3DS

    I fucking hate the Tennis NES game, is the GB one the same?
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