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  1. I've heard that as well, and I don't believe a second of it. Something like "That design was not possible with the technology at the time" which is complete bull.
  2. CGI sequences. I get why these used to be common (and still are actually), but I hate them. Because they NEVER EVER seem to make the pre-rendered CGI even remotely match the style of the in-game graphics, causing a weird hiccup in style. Not talking graphical quality here, rather art-styles. Sonic 06 is probably the biggest offender here with the game basically having a completely different design for Sonic when you compare the CGI model vs the in-game one. But games like Shadow the Hedgehog also falls flat since they made the CGI very realistic in style and detail only to have the actual game look more like Sonic Heroes (which actually DID have matching a CGI art-style.) with it's bright colours and shiny-shiny things. Oh, and I also hate that Perfect Chaos doesn't look liket he cool Chaos stuck in a building from the CGI version in EITHER of the fights be it Sonic Adventure or Sonic Generations. DISAPPOINTED. Is it really that hard to get him to look right? Really?
  3. Need to cut in here to say that it's not the models and textures themselves that are shiny, it's how the shaders are programmed. Try importing the Dreamcast models in the PC version and see, they're just as shiny.
  4. Level Editing is giving me a bloody headache... Anyone got something fun to take my mind off it?

    1. Solkia


      Not playing Sonic 4.

    2. Scott


      touching yourself

    3. Patticus


      More level editing

    1. Scar



    2. Milo


      I think we found the concept art for Sonic's Nike smile he had for Heroes

    3. -blank-


      His feet are too small.

    4. Scar


      Forget the feet, look at that face....

    5. -blank-


      But with that big head and those small feet, how is he standing up? He should be falling over...

    6. goku262002


      C'mon I don't think SEGA even made that! it came from an EGM magazine.

  5. I like SADX, I do. But I prefer the original much more, mostly for visual reasons... Yes, the new models are nice. But I can't stand how shiny they are (like I've stated before) and it just feels weird when some textures look worse as well. It's a weird mix that just doesn't sit right with me, just like the new lighting in SA2B when compared to the original. Also, the new array of glitches were unforgivable, especially when they fixed the FUN ones that allowed you to enter wrong stages with wrong characters.
  6. Okay, I'm switching the question a bit. How did people feel about Death Ruins in Shadow the Hedgehog?

    1. Soniman


      Decent level I guess.

    2. SuperStingray


      ^What he said.

    3. ChaosXVI


      One of my favorite in the game...but thats not saying much.

  7. What's everyones favourite Shadow The Hedgehog stage?

    1. Felix


      Digital Circuit & Sky Troops.

    2. Nate


      That first one is actually kinda fun.

    3. Nintendoga


      I only remember the first one so much because I had to go through it like 20 times.

  8. I don't believe in anything.

  9. I kind of liked Werehog's gameplay in Unleashed HD... And Shooting in SA1+2... And Treasure Hunting as well... Come to think of it, I can't think of a specific gameplay idea that I disliked in Sonic games. Some were executed badly, but I've liked them all in concept.
  10. _-Sonic is a terrible game.

    1. Lamor


      So what are you doing here >:U

    2. Gregzilla


      Aerobiz Super-

  11. Is Ghost Recon for 3DS worth getting? It's super cheap at my local store.

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      You're asking if a FPS for the DS is worth getting. It NEVER is.

    2. Tobbii


      It's not a FPS it's a strategy game, it's for the 3DS and Demenitum for DS was amazing.

    3. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      Oh if it's a strategy then it's ok.

  12. Fuck it. Let's cancel the Sonic franchise and make it about Antoine, not the Freedom Fighters, just Antoine.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      No just no.

      That's the worst idea anyone has ever thought of.

    2. Sean


      I'm not entirely against this

    3. Top Gote

      Top Gote

      You are a fuel for thinking this!

    4. SweeCrue



    5. -Robin-


      I approve.

    6. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      lol@crow taking it seriously

    7. Chibinuva


      I don't read the comics, so I might actually be okay with this.

  13. For some reason I always forget that the Train level in Sonic 06 exists.

    1. Chooch


      Elise's train is.. Uh oh!


  14. Is it just me, or was Perfect Chaos the best boss in Sonic Generations?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Eh. Perhaps, but that's not to imply to any of them were particularly good.

    2. Tobbii


      I actually really liked PC, it's just upon replaying the game I realized all the other bosses were either very boring or just plain bad.

    3. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      I thought these were the best bosses in a long time, especially in the 3D games realm. Perfect Chaos was my favourite though.

    4. PSI Wind

      PSI Wind

      Egg Dragoon was boss too

    5. Tobbii


      Didn't find Dragoon all too fun, then again, I very rarely like chase-bosses.

    6. Chibinuva


      It's definitely one of my favorites, though Silver, Shadow, and Death Egg Robo are also quite fun to replay. (though I don't actually mind chase bosses.)

  15. Good point. Sort of how Mission Street is clearly not taking place on one street.
  16. -Sonic Adventure 3 whining takes a lot of my patience, which I've shown once or twice before. It's the same reason I don't like Sonic 4 being called Sonic 4, a name has no value so people shouldn't expect there to be. Even if Sega does SA3 there's no guarantee the SA1-2 fans will even remotely care for it. Also, everything they ask for except for Chao Gardens have been in other games that just didn't happen to be named SA3. -People claiming Sonic 06's infamous kiss scene (which I agree, was stupid) is bestiality. It's not. In a world where antropromophic animals of the sort that Sonic and his friends are exists, they share the same rights and life-style as human beings. The reason bestiality is considered horrible and wrong (and most often illegal) is because the animal can't make the same decisions and have the same values to life as as human, it's practically rape/molestation every time it would occur. But if we take Sonic's world into it, then animals of Sonic's sort should have the same rights and views upon them as a human being. Imagine what would happen if we lived in that world and said "My daughter/son can't kiss one of them animals!", that's pretty much racism (or whatever the proper version would be for a different species, specism?) and thereforth claiming it's bestiality is just wrong and (fictionally) offensive. ...But damn, it was a stupid scene. -Sally Acorn. Never liked her as a kid, never liked her as an adult. Be it cartoon or comic I always found her annoying and badly written in 9 times out of 10, not to mention how it bothers me that they give her more humanlike physiqe than the male characters, but I'm always iffy when it comes to inconsistency in design... Speaking of that. -The moon. I know there are so many different theories on how the moon reassembled, but until Sega themselves state how it happen this is going to bother me to no end. Would it really hurt ANY of the games to have the broken moon in them? If anything, it'd be a nice throwback, but not even Generations had it. -Shadow the Hedgehog vs Sonic Adventure 2's ARK flashbacks. I hate how inconsistent the Maria dialogue and things are when we see the same scene in Shadow as we did in SA2, always bothered me. -'Shiny' graphics. Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and SADX are probably the best examples of this, when the characters look like they were made out of polished metal. It looks so silly to me and to this day I can't understand how anyone in the development teams could look at that and go "Yup, that's the style we're going for". -People who decided Shadow the Hedgehog was a bad game before playing it. I'm not saying you need to like Shadow, hell, I perfectly understand why most people didn't. But I'm always put off by people who just saw the game and said "This sucks, Sonic shouldn't have guns." to which I would respond "It's not Sonic, it's Shadow" which they then respond to with "Still the same type of game."... ...Yeah, BUT THAT WAS NOT YOUR ORIGINAL ARGUMENT. But fine, my response then is usually "Well the weapons are mostly a tool to help you, I think you very rarely NEED to actually use them" and by then they've stopped listening and just decided that the game is bad without even trying it. -People who forget the good games. I've seen this a lot lately, since 2008 I've met people saying "I like Unleashed, nice to see Sonic back on his feet", then when Sonic 4 arrived the same people would say "Finally a good Sonic game, phew.", then when Sonic Colours came out they said "Cool, a GOOD Sonic game? That was unexpected, finally!", then when Generations came out they said "Sonic is finally good again after 10 years!" etc. etc. Such a pain to read/hear. Aaaand, those are the ones I could think of at the moment.
  17. She packed my bags last night, pre-flight. Zero hour, 9 AM.

  18. Does Eggman really need to introduce himself formally to Princess Elise, wouldn't she know who he is seeing as... Well, he's done a lot of shit that's been on public news and stuff.

    1. Sky The Destroyer

      Sky The Destroyer

      Maybe she doesn't read the news.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      "This old man showed up. With a *** and a *** and a whole pack of robots!"

      Nobody knows who Eggman is. Nobody knows who Sonic is for that matter.

    3. Wolfy


      she can't watch the TV in case there's a sad story

    4. TheOcelot


      It's called being polite.

  19. I used to really love Sonic 3D Blast, as much so as I would send e-mails (and get responses) to Sega about making a sequel. ...That game frikking sucks, I hate it. Sure, it's not Sonic Blast, Genesis or Heroes bad... But wow.
  20. I'd like a level set on a big Cruiser Ship... Hmm... Maybe I should try making one in Generations.
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