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  1. Sonic X is the true reboot to Sonic's Schoolhouse

  2. They tried with Golden Axe and NiGHTS, it failed so they got scared.
  3. I hate Sonic Heroes.

    1. Lamor


      I love it.

    2. PaddyFancy


      inb4 a certain pink furred kitty fellow we know seconds Tobbii's comment. :P

    3. Stritix


      It's my favorite Sonic game.

    4. Lamor




    5. Tobbii


      Pink furred kitty fellow?

    6. neezTHEhuman


      i like it a lot despite its obvious flaws. was a sales monster too

    7. buba


      My favorite Sonic game.

    8. Sami


      That's because it sucks.

  4. What Sonic games have you guys started playing but not finished?

    1. Felix


      Sonic Blast.

    2. Tobbii


      The only one for me is Sonic 4 Episode Two.

    3. Chibinuva


      Sonic Blast, Sonic 2 (never made it past Metropolis Zone Act 3,) Sonic 1 (never got past Scrap Brain Zone Act 3, though I have beaten the final boss using the level select code,) and Sonic Unleashed 360.

    4. PaddyFancy


      Main series? Adventure, 06, Unleashed, Colours and 4: Episode 2. Rest? Secret Rings, Labyrinth, 3D Flickies Island.

    5. Tobbii


      Actually, when I think about, I never beat Last Story in Sonic '06 as well.

    6. buba


      Sonic & the Secret Rings.

    7. Lamor


      Sonic 3D Blast - I given up after Green Grove.


      Every Game Gear Sonic game - they are just too boring.

      Sonic Unleashed PS2 - I can't beat that stupid Dark Gaia

    8. Komodin


      Shadow the Hedgehog - There's no way in Hell I'm gonna go for all 326 endings. That's just plain preposterous.

    9. Lamor


      I forgot Shadow. Thanks Komodin ^_^

    10. Chibinuva


      Also, technically Shadow the Hedgehog since I didn't go for all the possible endings, nor did I unlock difficult mode, but I consider "beating" a game to just mean completing the main story mode, not 100% completion. And if we aren't counting games you haven't 100% completed, then Sonic Chaos as well, since I only got 2 or 3 emeralds on my first playthrough.

  5. Any Vectorman fans out there?

    1. Yoko/葉子
    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      On a board dedicated to a SEGA character? Never!

      I've played it a few times, but was too terrible at it to properly enjoy it. I suck at games :(

    3. Tobbii


      I just had to ask since I completely forgot how awesome Vectorman was after I wrote my 5 Sega franchises that deserves reboot/sequel.

      Does anyone else remember the terrible cancelled reboot for PS2?

  6. Reviewing is actually simple. Just be 100% honest, give your opinion, always. Why? Because nothing is good or bad on a objective level, without your opinion you're just listing a general consensus rather than reviewing something. You're not giving someone elses view of the game, only yours. If you feel controls are terrible in a game, others might, but you should still state them as terrible and explain why as that's your view on the game. As for length and content, for a review it's important to sum up everything that seems important to affect a purchase. If you want to get into more I suggest not making a review but rather a analysis of the game as a separate project, this way you don't need to avoid spoilers either as you're going through the entire game point-by-point, be it negative or positive. Also, since you're making a video. Mind if I ask if you have reviewed in text for before this? As someone who has done both, it's fairly simillar. Just write a review and read it as a script, if not, I'd suggest trying to write text-reviews first to get into the style of how you want to present your opinions. Finally, and I can not state this enough, keep a broad line between comedian and reviewer. For example... James Rolfe (the Angry Video Game Nerd) is not a critic, by his own words he's a entertainer who'll exagerate and even bash games he like for the sake of comedy, that's fine because it's not a real 'review' so to say. If you're trying to do a proper review you need to be honest, give the goods and bads (assuming there's both) and while comedy and being witty can have its place in a review, it's ALWAYS secondary to being informative, because that's the reason for reviews to exist, to inform us about something.
  7. Shenmue (Sequel) It's my two facourite games of all time, this had to come first. Not much to say, I want a sequel as bad as every other fan does, it's the Megaman Legends of SEGA. Phantasy Star (Reboot) NOT TALKING PSO, PSO2 is looking great! I'm talking a proper full-on RPG like the original tetralogy but made for todays systems. Resonance of Fate (Sequel) One of my favourite games this generation, I don't mind if it's just a in-name-only sequel like the Final Fantasy series or a full-on sequel, I just love the style of writing this team has and the gameplay is so much fun. Ecco The Dolphin (Sequel or Reboot) I recently replayed Defender of the Future (The 2000 reboot) and damn the game is fun, the only real problem might be slightly dated controls, something sequel or reboot would certainly fix. We need more good under-water games to begin with, I love swimming around in a beautifully rendered evniroment, might be because my aquaphobia prevents me from doing it in real life. NiGHTS (Sequel) I like Journey of Dreams. I do. I love both NiGHTS games and just want more and more of it. I don't see why not either, didn't Journey of Dreams sell pretty well? (For being a relatively unknown title to modern audiences) Couldn't pick a specific order, so take it as you will.
  8. The Sonic Storybook series might be cancelled, but if it wasn't, what would be your #1 pick for the next book?

    1. Samus Aran

      Samus Aran

      No clue..but that's a shame.. I thought it was a good series.

    2. Xenos


      Greek Mythology.

    3. Shrek


      Sonic meets H.P. Lovecraft

    4. Felix
    5. Rigby


      Where's Wally

    6. Samus Aran
    7. Chibinuva


      I'd have to agree with Xenos and say Greek Mythology.

    8. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I'd still love for some Alice in Wonderland if another one was ever made.

      At least with Sonic at the helm there wouldn't be this Alice and Mad Hatter pairing bullshit.

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Anything. I love the series tbh.

  9. Why thank you, but I'm not that happy with some of my textures, particularily the grass, so I'm hoping that the next video will use my newer textures. ...Oh yeah, I'm one of the two texture-guys on Dude's SA mod.
  10. That's been possible since the first month of the PC version I think.
  11. Should we expect more from our games these days than we did back in the 90's or 80s? Or should we expect the same as then, but more polished?

    1. PaddyFancy


      Sonic 4 Episode 1 was so polished the green grass shone.

    2. TheOcelot


      Yes in terms of replay value.

    3. Scott


      I only have one expectation; fun! If a game looks fun, then it's a sale for me!

    4. Tobbii



      Heh, joking aside. The game did have more Acts than Sonic 3 did, yet was attacked for being too short.

    5. TheOcelot


      @Tobbii - the acts in Sonic 3 are bigger than Sonic 4 with about 4 or 5 times more content.

    6. SilentDoom


      Sonic 4 (both ep 1 and ep 2) have 8 zones with 3 acts each whilst S3&K has 12 zones with 2 acts each. They both total to 24.

    7. BlueBlurMe


      It seems like it when looking at the fans. I guess we should; Sonic has been around for so long, we should expect some progression.

  12. What are people's Game of the Year so far?

    1. #AR


      Until Gravity Rush comes out, I guess it'd be SSX.

    2. ---


      I don't think I've bought one game this year. Meh, TTYD I guess.

    3. Aquaslash


      Minecraft for 360. I'm addicted ;_;

    4. Nintendoga
    5. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      Journey for me.

    6. Tobbii


      Dragon's Dogma for me.

    7. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      Max Payne 3, so good

    8. Carbo


      Journey, SSX or Twisted Metal.

    9. Sami


      Journey, for sure.

    10. Chili Dawg
  13. I think the next Sonic game should be for the Kinect, star The President and chronicle his life during Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow The Hedgehog.

  14. I love Chao Garden in SA2... But I agree with this...
  15. Any Alan Wake fans in here? Sam Lake tweted out this link: http://thishouseofdreams.blogspot.se/ - It have some very clear hints towards a new Alan Wake game.

    1. Scott


      yes, yes!, YES!!!

  16. I'm guessing that's because it's played with level 1 in speed? Or am I'm wrong on that?
  17. Well that's no problem, these words weren't random.
  18. So, I saw Prometheus the other day...

    1. Marcello
    2. Celestia Ludenberg

      Celestia Ludenberg

      Was it the Prequel Alien deserved?

      I've heard mixed reviews. Glad the Space Jockeys are given life though.

    3. Tobbii


      It was not good. Especially when you put Alien into it.

    4. Mil-O-Lantern


      @Alice Funny, it has a 84% rating @RT

    5. Celestia Ludenberg

      Celestia Ludenberg

      I meant from people who have seen it. not film critics @zinos I'll still check it out I guess when it comes to cinemas here. I'm a big Alien fan.

  19. I've bought so many games these last few days, think I'm gonna put a ban on buying anything game related for a month.

    1. Carbo


      Lollipop Chainsaw

    2. Tobbii


      We'll see, I haven't liked Suda's latest games, might give it a try.

  20. Drill! Rocket! Spike! Laser! Cube! GO PLANET! -- With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet Wisp!

    1. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      Captain Planet Wisp! He's a hero! Bringing mechanization down to zero!

  21. Portal 2 was a large disappointment. But the new level editor rocks.
  22. So basically, you want DC SA2 Single-player with SA2B maps for battle mode? ...I'm down with that.
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