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  1. My already too high expectations just grew. Wow.
  2. I want a prequel to Sonic 1 starring Robotnik. Then you can actually be evil and win (Creating your Robots and enslaving all those animals and stuff) without ruining canon. As for how it would paly, I'm not entirerly sure...
  3. I'll go ahead and say Chaos. I feel he's the best of all of these non-Eggman evils in the last 13 years of Sonic games, it felt as if he actually had a good background. His inclusion in Sonic Battle was pretty damn pointless though, I would like to see him return rather than some other weird new "god"...
  4. I loved the visual style and graphics of Unleashedso I'm glad the Hedgehog engine is back. I can't wait to see some of the old stages in the new vibrant graphics, I'm really not that excited about Green Hill though since it seems 90% of all Sonic games needs to have a brown-checkered stage now.....
  5. The worst part about Shadows return is probably the way they decided on telling us how it happened. I might remember wrong, but I think it was perhaps one line of dialogue explaining it during the final boss fight in ShTH. That's just lazy and really stupid given the entire reason the game was made.
  6. Well sometimes they work, like in SA2 and sometimes they're outright stupid like in Sonic Heroes... I'm all for them if they make them exciting and fit them well into the story. I'd love to see another Sonic vs Shadow (Ark) fight again with the new Sonic Unleashed / Sonic Colours like controls, I think that could work great.
  7. Shadow was great in SA2, his return in Heroes was way too soon however and the changes made in ShTH was perhaps not for the better. Still, I actually didn't hate him all that much in Sonic'06 which I thought I would. Then again, that might have been because the rest of the game was such a downer. However, I think Sonic Battle was without doubt the game that forced me to say that I absolutely hated him, he was endlessly annoying in that game...
  8. Sonic Heroes is probably my least favourite Sonic game, at least counting the main series. I find the level design to be really lacking and the story and dialogue was just atrocious. On top of that, the forced replaying of the stages with the other teams was not fun, apart from maybe Team Chaotix since they had some differences when it came to objectives. The boss fights were terrible, especially the let down that was the final battle. The team mechanic was dull and only held the game back even more. Perhaps if we were to choose one character to play through the game I would have liked it better rather than having to play as four teams. I also did not like the design of the game. This was the first time we got those hideous new robots from Robotnik/Eggman and most of his own boss vehicles looked stupid as well. I will however give Sonic Heroes two positive achievements. First, Egg Fleet was freaking awesome! It was also the first stage I played in the game, played it at my friends house and decided to buy it... Big letdown. Second, they brought back the special stages, which I found cute but maybe not necessary for the game seeing as you still only could use Super Sonic in the final battle.
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