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  1. Well it obviously blows up the Moon and act as a meteor, wow, did you guys completely miss the plot? ...
  2. So, does this mean we might be able to create our own World Map in 3D? ...Because I'm kind of into that idea.
  3. One shall stand...

    1. Rinzler


      One shall fall down.

  4. While not a bad opinion really, I would hate this so much. I'm just tired of every male character in everything needing a female counterpart all the damn time.
  5. Not sure if this is unpopular, but regarding what Naka said a few weeks ago. -I never found the old Sonic games to be that hard or challenging, I felt he was talking out of his ass there.
  6. Unpopular Sonic opinion. Sonic sucks.

    1. Solkia


      I thought that was a fairly popular opinion actually.

    2. goku262002


      Why are you here then?

    3. Tobbii


      Maybe "Modern Sonic Sucks", this is ALL of Sonic.

    4. Tobbii



      I'm obviously not just jumping on the bandwagon of posting fake unpopular opinions in the status update field like the two below me or anything.

  7. Nah, it needs to be Sonic X Shadow, that's the new rad thing as seen in Street Fighter X Tekken or Project X Zone.
  8. I don't mind using some old concepts, as long as they don't get stuck on the same ones. I would love a new Green Forest-type stage for example.
  9. Any old Phantasy Star Online junkies in here?

    1. Solkia


      No one played that game.

    2. Tobbii


      I spent soooo many hours on the old PSO on Dreamcast back in the early 2000s.

    3. sonfan1984


      I've only played PSO for the Dreamcast

    4. Meow


      I had PSO for the gamecube and that was it. Played my FOmar more like a hunter haha. I have played Blue Burst on occasion in the last year on my PC though. Super stoked for PSO2

    5. Cola


      PSO is fun

      Too bad my dreamcast broke

    6. Tobbii


      PSO2 looks amazing, I'm gonna play a HUmar with a GunSword as my main gear.

  10. No. Then they might as well just make a new franchise.
  11. I'd be okay with that, sort of like we were meant to have the Storybook games to the side of the main series, they obviously failed, but it was still a side-by-side concept.
  12. Eggman is hawter... ....WHAT!? I prefer humans.
  13. Countdown to E3 - 135 Hours Remain...

  14. Oh c'mon, as much as I hate it, it's not THAT common. Unleashed had no checkers, Generations only used old stages and Colours... Well I can't remember, did it have checkers?
  15. She packed my bags, last night, pre-flight. Zero hour, 9 AM... And I'm gonna be high...

    1. Nintendoga


      A B C

      It's Easy as

      1 2 3

  16. Oh! Oh! I thought of another one. -I'm sooooooo tired of checkered hill zones that's not Green Hill Zone. I'm talking your Seaside Hills, your Neo South Islands, your Frog Forests and etc. I find it so dull and lacking in inspiration, I'm fine with games like Generations using Green Hill Zone, that zone is supposed to be a checkered hill zone, but could they please stop making other checkered hill zones?
  17. Wait, people are still not aware that I'm back? Huh, that's weird. Thanks people!

    1. Ferno



    2. Nintendoga


      Who are you again?

    3. Tobbii


      Just a guy who people seem to welcome back all the time, even when I've been back for a little while. :P

    4. goku262002


      Hes one of the mombers from the old days.

    5. BlazingTales


      This is Tobbii, and I'm back!

      I been away for a while, but I'm back to kick some butt at SSMB!

    6. Tobbii


      Old Days? I left like last September or something. :P

    7. ---


      He's here to kick but and chew bubblegum....you DO have bubblegum right?

    8. Tobbii


      Actually, I'm all out.

    9. ---



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