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  1. I usually avoid any sort of interaction with people over on social networks at all cost unless it's absolutely necessary like the threats that's being circulating around. That said I do apologize on my behalf of Sonic Revolution.
  2. I do not tolerate violence at my convention. If anyone tries to cause bodily harm, I have LAPD on speed dial. This is a place to have fun, not create drama and I don't take threats lightly even if they are joking. Call me strict but I will do my best to make sure everyone feels safe.
  3. Oh wow! I didn't expect that we're receiving so much support from you guys! Thank you! Hello, this is Angelidia. One of the organizer for Sonic Boom West. Thought I should pop in and check this thread out. It's been a long time since I last visited the forum. I should come here more often. ^^u
  4. Me waiting in line I can get pretty bored. lol But look who's behind me. Me and Yuji Naka (my friend took some pictures at that event so creds for him!)
  5. I finally upload this video.
  6. Aw man! I wanted to meet Jun in person but I ran out of time and me and my buddy had to literally run off to the next venue which is VGL (Tommy Tallarico did an awesome performance for their 200th show) and we were in for a nice treat for us which was The Megas performing there. Awesome evening it was. I wish I stayed at Sonic Boom till the end. Oh, well... But I did meet T-bird again after me and my friend gave him a tour of L.A. And I've meet Svend at Sonic Boom. It was nice meeting them in real life.
  7. OMG! I saw you over there last night! I'm that girl who was hanging out with my friend with the green hair wig while we were waiting in line! I hardly visit this forum but I'm more likely hang around the Jun Senoue forum. New video!
  8. Angelidia

    April Fools Day

    Didn't really do much for April Fools in real life but I wish I did. T_T
  9. I can now hit the high note again! Yay!

  10. This avatar is based from the Japanese Disney series Fireball. As for the sig. LOL. A friend of mine took a picture of the Nom Nom Truck while he and his group of friends were hanging out in Little Tokyo.
  11. Angelidia


    *Walks out into her front lawn, sets up her chair and wait patiently* Well... With all those earthquakes going around, I keep hearing in the news how we're all waiting for the Big One in California to come around. Last time I felt a magnitude greater to what I felt last year was the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. My friend Iris was fortunate that she was in New Orleans with her family when Chile was hit. I'm just glad she's safe and now is in her hometown miles away from the capital. @Columind: I hope your friend not near the major damaged cities where it was hit the most. I know how that feels but then I found out she was out of the country before the incident.
  12. There are a couple of Sonic Restaurants here in California but they're a bit far away. I don't see any reason why they would air those kind of commercial if they don't have it at least a 5-10 miles radius in each county or city. Though I always wanted to got there.
  13. Angelidia


    Well... It really depend on how you look at things. Some region don't have pirated or copyrighted laws. Even if they did it would be out of jurisdiction if it's in another country. But yeah, like Nacho said, if someone where to sell pirated programs then that person will be in trouble. But what about old programs that's been discontinued when a newer version comes out? Does that count as pirated or not? (I just realize that)
  14. Try Skid Row at downtown Los Angeles. Tons of homeless people, drug addicts, etc. I do try to avoid that place whenever I make a trip downtown but then again there's always bums who wanders around the districts. Honestly I'm afraid of them because one never knows is that person have mental problems.
  15. I finally got it! I feel so stupid after figuring out the past hour or so. I have to press A two times to make a jump dash in order to reach the goal.
  16. I really love watching Sonic Shorts. There are a few favorites that I like. Good work!
  17. I was gone for a couple of days and this happens. This sucks. But it's good that is back online.
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