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  1. On the subject of the enemies. I'd rather them make newer versions of the enemies rather than reusing the same models. I approve of these changes I've been seeing. Its all fresh, just like when we saw Sonic 4 Motobug then the Colors Motobug. They keep changing it and thats perfectly fine. I wonder if they'll throw in the Sonic 4 Ep2 enemies. Would be cool to see but I doubt it. And isn't Eggman out of money at this point to make anything? Unless him going into the past got him rich again however he got out of the whiteworld. But honestly the eggpawn design is cool. Its not that much different. All it is , is just a smaller shorter appendages version of the current one. With a rounder head and solid color bright colors. Although I do wonder how they handle the bosses. I assume its you beat them but they run away and regroup assuming from that trailer.
  2. Oh that looks like shaders that are working correctly like in Generations. This kinda stuff happened in the Generations trailers. They just have improper shader files it seems. Which is silly but its true. Remember the Snowboard from city escape being light blue? And it changed, that was due to a shader error. Anyways that whole deal about Generations/Unleashed Project looking better than this. Is simply art style and the fact they are trying to get 60FPS. I mean you remember Unleashed with its horrible texture filtering? Yeah didn't look real snazzy then, besides Lost World looks great in those bullshots. Just like Unleashed project looks great with its bullshots.
  3. So wait in those demos from Gamescon they had a newer title screen right? Didn't it look something like this? Just curious cause that be awesome if they pull that up for the title screen. Cause I made this WIP with the current models and the title screen model that was in the demo. I just hope they don't keep it as a white background.
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