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  2. Never been before (yay for being able to 'buy' tickets this time!) and very much looking forward to it. What/who can I expect, vendor-wise? Nothing announced yet but based on previous events?
  3. If it's actual constructive criticism you're after, I personally find the text and light font colours quite hard to read on the white background (specifically the text underneath the bottles). That being said, it could easily look completely different and darker printed, as these things often do. The Hannibal cover, on the other hand, looks completely freakin' pimp, so kudos on that.
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  7. I don't know how well this counts, but me and my partner recently had a baby. While she was pregnant and we were figuring out the practicalities of daily life, the fact that I don't drive and that I work inconvenient shifts (either 8:30 til 14:30 or 14:00 til 20:00) was a bit of a barrier. I decided I'd best get off my butt and figure out transport that doesn't rely on her forking the baby out of the house at 8 in the am or pm to get me to work as it's completely unfair. Before she started her maternity leave it would be a case of her dropping me off at work if I was working an early and getting a bus back, or getting a bus to work if finished late and her picking me up. Anyway, as my job pays butt and we've got rent and bills and stuff out the wazoo, I'm fairly broke a lot of the time, so I figured the cheapest way to get me on the roads is by getting a motorbike, as you don't need to spend on driving lessons, and the vehicle itself and fuel and insurance and tax and everything is cheaper with a bike than a car. One day while I was at work her brother came round to visit and see how she was and everything, and she just happened to mention that I was planning on taking my CBT and getting a motorbike. Now, he has 3 motorbikes, and coincidentally was considering getting a car for commuting to work (he's head caretaker at a school, so is on a decent wage, with no partner or kids or anything), which means he wouldn't need his commuting bike, and as he's such a nice guy, he said he'd give me one as he knows we're both too strapped for buying vehicles on a whim (unlike him!). I was expecting him to give me his old, luminous orange motorscooter (to be honest, I was expecting him to give me nothing whatsoever, it's far too generous a thing to be true, right?), but he calls us up about 3 weeks later saying he'd bought a car and that he'd bring the bike round at the weekend for me. He rolls up the weekend after Christmas on his 2013 Honda CBF125, which he's not only just taxed and had fully maintenanced on the way over (spent about £250 just doing that, which would have been roughly my budget for a bike in total), but is also under a year old from the showroom and has less than 7000 miles on the clock. He's just the kind of guy who would rather do us a good turn than make money that he doesn't really need by selling it. So out of a short "by the way" style conversation she had about me while I wasn't even there, I ended up getting a £2000 motorbike for free! As soon as the weather clears up a bit and stops threatening snow and frost, I'm getting my CBT done and hitting the open roads!
  8. I'm just going to throw my 2 cents into the ring on the whole "SLW ripping off Mario Galaxy" thing. Yeah, both games have gravity mechanics, tubular level design etc, but when I played Mario Galaxy for the first time and was anticipating all these amazing gravity based things I'd heard about from people, I couldn't help but feel like it was all stuff I'd seen done before on a smaller scale in the last third of SA2. As for the Wii U, if anyone out there has a partner or kids (mines only 6 weeks old, but still!), the Wii U is awesome. If she wants to watch any TV because she's bored of me playing games, I can just hop straight to the gamepad! Similarly, if I'm playing something a bit gruesome or scary or whatever and the missus is uncomfortable with it being on while the baby is in the room, straight to the Gamepad. Seriously, if more consoles came with a separate miniature screen you could switch to with the swipe of a finger or press of a button, I think that could be an awesome standard feature. There was no real point that I'm getting at with any of this. Food for thought!
  9. I think that there's a good sense of progression from each one to the next. If S3&K was Sonic 2, they'd have had to add at least the same amount of content for Sonic 3, which sounds incredibly busy. Or maybe I feel that way purely because i'm used to what we do have? I think enough was added in each game that it feels like a fairly natural evolution from one to the next. I kinda feel like they're all pretty pitch-perfect. The only real disconnect I feel is an issue of hindsight; tonally I find Sonic 1 to be so much more dark than the rest of them. The muted colour palette and what feels like more urgent or foreboding music, and even level design. Compare Scrap Brain's visuals and music with Metropolis' and you'll see where i'm coming from.
  10. Being in a boost-centric game doesn't mean every character has to boost. Let that power be Sonic's unique thing! With a little bit of work, I see no reason each level couldn't be designed with different paths accessible only to each character (or character 'type' if you also want characters like Shadow, Rouge etc - I'll touch more on this in a bit). Each character should have differing gameplay aspects and styles while sharing basic fundamentals. A short while into a level, you find a section with a giant pit with a loop going from one side to the other. Only Sonic can cross using the loop because of his speed; Tails and Knuckles aren't fast enough to defy gravity like that in this game. Or it can be a string of enemies you need to homing attack, or whatever. The pit is too far to fly or glide over, but the wall next to it is a perfect height to fly on top of! Oh look, the wall also appears cracked! Looks like it's weak enough for someone strong to punch through. Every shared level contains common areas throughout the level while also having several divergent paths. These would be in addition to character specific levels, so everyone has a chance to strut their stuff. It's hardly an original idea, basically a modern S3&K or single character Heroes, but still a good direction which could cater to a fantastic Sonic experience as well as having a bunch of other characters in there who have their own unique play style implemented equally as well. As for other characters, as every game since '06 has underlined with increasing emphasis, if this large pool of characters aren't going to be utilised for gameplay (or at all!) then there is literally no point in them existing. Obviously they don't need to shoehorn every character into every game (once again looking your way '06 and Heroes), especially ones like Silver or Knuckles who should only really be used in specific circumstances, but even then I'd rather have tons of shoehorned in characters to play as (even optionally) than a completely neutered and arbitrary appearance like anyone who isn't Sonic in Generations (somewhat forgiveable as it was an anniversary title to celebrate Sonic, but because of that the more characters who appear the better), or Knuckles in SLW who basically spent the entire game in the background, waving and yelling at the camera "Hey! Remember me? I STILL EXIST!!"
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