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  1. The problem is Shadow has taken Knux's role as a opposite foil to Sonic's fun and free way. Knux would just be a rip off. Theres really no reason for Knux to take the fight to eggman and contrast with Sonic in how to do it, because he knows and feels Sonic's way is rightous and effective. Shadow on the other hand has more differences with Sonic than Knuckles, Shadow takes things too seriously and is unpredicible and dangerous, his ways consist of wide destruction, killer intent and ultimate perfection. Sonic is more cool and epic, daredevil stunts and rebel without cause. Knuckles in a sense is kinda the same, maybe more manly than cool.
  2. Anyone think Knuckles should open his own agency like the CHaotix, him being Sonic's side kick is above him and he's supposed to be his equal in fighting. He should have Mighty, Rouge and maybe Blaze on his side and devote his time saving the world by protecting the chaos emerald, sol emeralds and master emerald. And team up with Sonic when the time comes for them to join sides.
  3. Wait a min, how am I being a fanboy of Shadow when I'm only stating the truth. Shadow is a egomaniac, he hates competition and seeing Sonic as his one true equal is rubing salt to the wound to him enough. Sonic maybe a jerk but Shadow is the bigger jerk of the two, seriously he makes Sonic look like a boyscout. Shadow would have no qualms trying to put a person in there place even if they were friends. He picks fights with his own team mates because he views them as trival fools wasting his time. If Sonic challenged Shadow to a race, he'd accept and probably (win or lose) brag about how he's the best or Sonic is lucky and it was a fluke and then try to fight him until someone intervenes. Sonic loves to compete but when has he ever had a need to fight or is generally a fighter? He just fights if he needs to, and sometimes characters provoke him to do such a thing. Of course he probably spits out a taunt Sub consciously like Knucklehead or beak brain to Jet or Knuckles but that means he's just speaking is mind and means no ill will towards somebody unless provoked. Sonic likes to race, thats why he challenges Shadow most of the time because he sees him as fast as he is and worth his speed rep. Sorry if this is long.
  4. Orchestra music like in 06's kingdom valley would be awesome for levels.
  5. Wait a sec. Shadow also competes with Sonic, and more often gets in his face more than Knuckles does. Does this not apply to Shadow as a rival? ell except for the friend part lol. Knuckles stoped competing with Sonic when Shadow came out and just became like a second best friend to him. As for the topic, I like to see Knuckles grow outside of Sonic for once and be his own man, maybe a rival to Rouge or Omega and overall Sonic's confidant when things are to heavy for Sonci to handle alone. As far as I'm concerned, Shadow is the new Knuckles in terms of being Sonic's anti thesis and arch nemesis. Shadow has yet to say a good or nice thing about Sonic, and concstantly looks down on him and his personality.
  6. Really, i hear sonic in a form of being a hero and the same time a larger than life epic hero when I hear orchestraed tracks.
  7. I have to admit, I like to see a little Sonic vs. Shadow rivalry again.
  8. I think Sonic needs more of it IMO, it makes it evolve the series. The world maps and overtures show me Sonic's going the epic anime adventure route. And this is apperent when Sonic has more to do with the world than himself I guess. And it still fits his character IMO. I'd like to hear a orchestrated version of It doesn't matter IMO. What do you guys think?
  9. WHat happens when Shadow realeases his inhibitors.
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