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  1. The targetting is certainly a nice touch, and a godsend for dealing with enemy officers, but I've noticed a bit of combo repetition from what I've seen of the different character demonstrations. We'll have to see if those extra items add enough variety to the mix. I just have a bad feeling that there's going to be too much of that standard mindnumbing warriors gameplay with this one.
  2. Having played some previous Dynasty/Samurai warriors games, I can't imagine this game will be very interesting at all. If repetitious pressing of the attack button followed by the same five or so canned finishers over and over and over again won't get old for you, then it might not be so bad. However, I've found that fighting enemies in Warriors games have all the sense of ferocity and impact as scattering dry leaves into the air. We'll see how this turns out, but I recommend not getting too anxious. Tecmo has a bad habit of stagnation when it comes to the Warriors franchise.
    1. The Weeb with No Name
    2. DocAzure


      This fits like crazy.

    3. C4k3


      Man, that's great. Music transitions and everything.

  3. So Lost World sucks, apparently.

    1. Soniman


      62 on metacritc

    2. goku262002


      its average atm, its not bad. but wati a month then check again.

    3. T-Min


      Please don't encourage me.

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy



    5. Nepenthe


      Not living up to the hype =/= suck.

  4. I'm not sure if I've said this before, but this franchise already seems to have been "rebooted" with Unleashed. I don't think we need another refocusing just yet.
  5. Her name should have been "Jane Lightning". It would roll off the tongue so well. Also, I thought she was supposed to be like a Valkyrie not a prostitute.
  6. The best feature of MGR:R

    1. The Weeb with No Name
    2. TheOcelot


      Metal Gear Ray's ass.

    3. Vec


      Raiden's chin

    4. Vemus


      Metal Gear Ray's chin.

    5. Meow


      mistral's mistralness

    6. SuperStingray


      Sam's shit eating grin

    7. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      Using boxes and barrels.

  7. Perhaps you would live long enough to find the answer that could do away with all of that bad stuff here and now. Perhaps it'd be worth a try?
  8. I wouldn't have considered that deer hunting thing a mechanic. It was just bow practice. He also seemed to perceive Lara as turning automatically badass after killing the Russian. If I remember correctly, the first couple of subsequent battles after that had her desperately pleading with her attackers to stop trying to kill her, or at least explain why. In fact, at first she couldn't even hurt her enemies without guns, sans the stealth takedowns. She could only bump into them with her shoulder to throw them off for a moment.
  9. I think the mainstay characters are, by this point, too skilled and experienced be very suitable survival-horror protagonists anymore. New games in the same universe should have new characters. Ones that aren't hong kong action heroes from the get-go, though.
  10. Let me take a moment to say that this game is amazing. Visual novels don't get much more involved and compelling than this.
  11. I have to say. That moment where I started making my way through that little bit of forest/river, taking bow in hand and scoping out for deer, without a health bar and minimap in sight... I felt a huge engaging sense of liberation. It's a shame it eventually went down the path of Uncharted. I was really looking forward to a game that would really set itself apart in a realer-than-real, moment-by-moment kind of way. Where every step you take is consciously made, where you HAVE to observe the subtle aspects of the environment to make progress, just like that one guy said at the river segment.
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