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  1. Listen Up "Obama".I Didn't Join The Army Because I Believe Your Bull Shit.I Did It To Teach The Afghan People About Magic Cards.

  2. ...anyone wanna add me? My PSN is crashts396.
  3. For the past month or so, there have been many people ecstatically pointing out that in Sonic Generations, Sonic pulls a 'Sonic Adventure' pose when doing tricks, and have complemented SEGA for taking the time to put in these little nostalgic Easter eggs. BUT... (spoilered for size): I don't even remember anyone acknowledging its existence, let alone going apeshit over it. Just sayin'...
  4. I've been seeing things around the net about some Sonic 06 demo that was taken off of XBOX Live. Not fair... I bought my 360 AFTER it was supposedly removed. After about 5 hours worth of ISO hunting, I still can't find thing. Has it suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth (and its networks)? Does anyone know where it would reside? My guess is that even though it was a free demo, it's still illegal to host it online. tldr; Can somebody post a link to that Sonic '06 demo? Please?
  5. I liked Shadow the Hedgehog. Loved it, in fact. The voices were awesome (especially Shadow's and Sonic's), the graphics were pretty cool at the time and I swear to god, Shadow seems so much more mature (inb4 guns&angst, I mean the cutscenes, like the one after beating Westopolis as neutral). Even SatSR was pretty epic to me. But '06... BIGGEST waste of $120. EVER. Anyone else with any hidden secrets they're ashamed of that they would like to share?
  6. Alright, it might be nothing too spectacular, but a find is a find, right?
  7. I just wanna make clear that I AM FULLY AWARE THAT SONIC IS A TALKING BLUE BIPEDAL HEDGEHOG!!! In all seriousness, I really want to know what real-world physics would be behind Sonic's super-speed. I thought of this question while watching an episode of Sport Science (specifically the one that pits some famous athlete against an emu in a race), after they explained how the emu's speed was because of the humongous downforce created and long strides (or something along the lines of that; it's been a while since I've seen it). But since that day, it just kept bugging me. Is there anyone here that has any vague idea?
  8. I've been hearing a lot of news about how easy it is to port PS3 games onto the yet-to-be-released Sony NGP; SEGA was one of the developers showcasing this with Yakuza 4(?). Which brings this very interesting question to mind: Will SEGA use this to their advantage by creating Sonic games on the PS3 then porting them down? IMO I think this technique would be very useful for SEGA, assuming that the porting process is a relatively cheap one. They could pour all their devotion into making the games for all current consoles and simply port the PS3 version with little time, effort and resources. Still assuming that manufacturing ports is cheap, I'd say that profits would go through the roof. ..Well, that's what I think anyways. What do you guys think?
  9. I don't have time right now to finish this, but I'll be back with an edit soon!
  10. Any good? I think so. I might post another one later. 0001.WAV
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