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  1. I think the set-up and banter were fun enough, but the plot progresses at a snail's pace so many of the story's pay-offs feel underwhelming. I think this is more a symptom of the campaign mode being padded to hell than poor writing, though. There's only so much you can do with visual novel segments between races, after all. Overall, it's an OK romp. I did really enjoy getting to see a smaller-stakes Sonic story where the larger cast gets some much-needed attention.
  2. Great idea! Been looking for something like this. I'm Lunchbillion on Xbox One and Lunchbillion#4080 on Discord. If any other Xbox players are around, DM me if you want to play sometime!
  3. Really enjoyed Sonic's refreshing inner turmoil in this issue. Seeing this confident character who strongly values his own freedom have to deal with being a burden on others and facing a threat that steals his sense of self is fascinating. I gotta say, the writers are especially nailing it with this character. The way he cares for his friends but only wants to spend time with them on his terms, the way he procrastinates on letting Amy know he's OK... it's perfect! It's just a little more genuine exploration of his most interesting traits from the games, but it really rounds him out and makes him feel like a real character. He's like his theme songs from the Adventure games personified, and that's awesome.
  4. Cool to see Knuckles being meaningfully included in the story!
  5. To echo a previous poster, Final Fortress would be a good one. At the very least, something inspired by that stage's basic concept (Eggman's sky fleet) would make a lot of sense. Outside of levels that fit the game's theme (which, admittedly, may be too much to hope for) I'd love to see a return to Emerald Coast for the nostalgia factor. 3DS Generations did it absolutely no justice IMO. I'd also like Ice Cap, just to see a snow/ice level in modern graphics. I have a feeling Green Hill and Chemical Plant will be the only returning stages or that any more returning stages will be ones that appeared in Generations... definitely hoping for the former.
  6. While I think this game's theming could lend itself to a hub world, I think you guys are being a touch melodramatic.
  7. Thanks for the detailed impressions. I'm going to go into this game with expectations at zero and keep an open mind. Good thing the price is reasonable.
  8. Despite being a retread, Mania is more consistently surprising than almost any other game I can think of. Sure the old level themes return but they are jam-packed with new ideas and refreshed visuals. Comparing a labour of love like this to a superficial, clueless mess like Sonic 4 is pretty insulting IMO. To claim the Sonic Mania devs lack creativity is a truly bizarre stance to take.
  9. I have a bad feeling that the only returning zones are going to be the ones featured in Generations. The game's theming doesn't particularly lend itself to nostalgic rehashing, so why bring back old levels unless it's to beef up the game content-wise with pre-made assets? On the other hand, bringing back old zones that weren't in Generations would also be pretty weird. Why not use those development resources to make new stages that fit the post-apocalyptic resistance theme? Pretty disappointing either way, really. Not saying this ruins the game or anything, but I would prefer something a little more focused and cohesive.
  10. I really like how the custom character they use in all the marketing looks like such a dork. These renders seem to fit the tone of the game, so that's good.
  11. To those saying the Hard Boiled Heavies should have been in Sonic Forces, I disagree. Generations, Forces and Mania already share Green Hill and most likely Chemical Plant. When Forces is already struggling to have a strong identity, the last thing we need is more reused material. Mania spoilers: That said, I think the Phantom Ruby connection between Mania and Forces is cool. Making these games centre around separate magical gems wouldn't make them any more unique from each other. It's just a fun bit of continuity, which Sonic has definitely lacked in recent years. It's also subtle enough to not matter if you don't care. Mania isn't really about story in the first place, so I don't think Forces robs it of a satisfying conclusion by any means.
  12. I'll admit it. I game-overed on Chemical Plant's first underwater segment. ... What? I beat the game eventually! xD
  13. Green Hill is one thing, but Chemical Plant wouldn't fit the narrative of "take the world back from Eggman/dimensional weirdness". What's to save? Chemical Plant was a horrible industrial waste to begin with. I say tear the whole thing down! Also, Mania's whole premise was being a throwback game, as was Generations'. This game would do better to forge its own identity, you know?
  14. Are we sure this sound effect isn't a recurring one in the Sonic series? If it appears in any of the original Genesis games then this is probably a wash. I do hope something comes of this, it would be a really cool and unexpected connection. Also, this is my first post here in six years. Hi, everyone!
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