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  1. Opinions: Big the Cat

  2. Opinions: Sonic X

  3. Opinions: Big the Cat

  4. Opinions: Sonic X

  5. So... many... Shadow topics (or topics that have become about Shadow) D: I'm going into hiding.

  6. i noticed many of you are picking up multiple copies of generations. Out of curiosity does anyone have a dlc code for 360 pal region that they wont be using?

  7. Am I the only one that found Colours more difficult than Generations?

  8. Is it too late to get a Wii? I just really want to play Sonic Colours :/

  9. I was playing Generations when the sound just stopped working. The TV isn't muted. This is the PS3 version. Help?

  10. Which would you say is shorter, Portal 1 or Sonic Genrations?

  11. I can now announce that... I am now a writer for Sonic Wrecks! :)

  12. Now that there is a Classic, Dreamcast, 06, and Modern Inferno. What else is left?

  13. hasn't been here in a while, so apologies for the delayed reaction, but this is a beautiful new Sonical skin, SSMB! Thanks to all who put in the effort to see it return!

  14. SUDDEN QUESTION! My art topic is ages and ages old. Should I dig it up or start a new one? :o

  15. SUDDEN QUESTION! My art topic is ages and ages old. Should I dig it up or start a new one? :o

  16. So how do you guys feel about Sonic slowly becoming Kratos?

  17. I'm back y'all!! Did yah miss me? Did you notice I was gone?? XD

  18. 26 days until Sonic Generations...

  19. After soooo long, I FINALLY own a F4F mini Super Sonic! I've been looking for him for MONTHS! I don't care if Forbidden Planet had no 20th Anniversary figures, I gots my Super Sonic! :D

  20. O: You're an animator?

  21. Who confesses first in love: The man or the woman?

  22. Saw a ceramic Sonic penny bank in Forbidden Planet today. Was tempted but found him a bit too off model :P

  23. Goo, Goo, Gah! :D

  24. Gaaaaaawd, Fox News is on and I can't find the remooooooote.

  25. Oh here it comes. The usualy Dad goes into the "Your 20 years old... in 10 years you'll be 30... You're 2 decades long... No more a teenager." Talk. XD

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