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  1. I've been struggling to identify the true definition of the word "Political" due to various controversies I've come across.

    I thought it might help if I looked up the actually meaning of the word. Collins Dictionary calls it "A means to the way power is achieved and used in a country or society."

    ….That information hasn't helped.

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      It actually makes perfect sense to me.

      Consider, one of the biggest political moves right now is to paint Trump as the next Stalin or Hitler. If you can combine this with earning the people's trust through lies or other "means" you can effectively use that trust to lobby for social power and influence with continued use of these means to establish a prolonged position of power for yourself. So, when someone says that you are being political, they are effectively accusing you of vying for power and influence. In that regard, tying into your other status I've been responding too, being politically correct is a means to appeal to encouraged self segregated groups to convince them to be favorable to your intentions and actions.

      So in more of layman terms, political means taking actions to get whatever power you are currently after.

    2. Dan-The-Fan


      So....it's almost like a form of manipulation?

      Some will have the right idea of trying to "fix" society while others will be aggressive, insulting and downright stupid if you happen to disagree with them.


      Changing an innocent hand gesture because they somehow think it's connected to Nazism. (Which it's not.)


      As well as insult it's fanbase when they don't agree. (I'm not fully sure how Jax ending is "Racist," though.)


      They de-sexualize the female cast and explain why by openly lying when evidence clearly shows that the male characters are still scantily clad.


      And as you mentioned. Paint Trump as some evil mastermind. (When he's just a child and an idiot.)

      Not to mention, NetherRealm Studios taking advantage of young developers hoping for a job with bullying and shouting.

      It seems like Warner Bros had been abusing the YouTube system to take down videos that talk badly of MK11. A practice that the above video goes into great detail over.

      ….Sorry for all the links. You never really asked and I got carried away.... I think I'm just a little worried what this all means for the future of video game development. It's my escapism and these people aren't letting me escape...

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Manipulation is probably the best way to describe it. Whether addressing government, or even just people in general, if your taking action to provide yourself power it can be called political. And since typically a lot of the action taken is just lip service and empty promises it is definitely a form of manipulation. What makes government politics so frightening though is that all of these people who control nations are aware of the fact that they are all just trying to manipulate each other and the people to further their own ends. It's a mess.

      And hey, no worry about all the links (though I have all of no time to check them) as I get getting emotional about the state of the game industry. I've gone through it myself and have only bought about one game a year for the last couple of years due to the way the industry has been changing. Heck, I haven't bought a single game at all this year so I definitely understand being anxious about it.

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