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  1. -dan-

    Mortal Kombat 11

    http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/12/spawn_creator_hints_that_the_character_might_appear_in_mortal_kombat_11 Does anyone here care about guest characters? I don't so this is meaningless to me but the creator of Spawn seems to have hinted at the possibility of him being in MK11. He was in a Soul Calibur game too, I didn't care then, either. Though wouldn't that be something? Kratos and Spawn appearing as guests in Soul Calibur and years later, moving over to Mortal Kombat? lol I'm not really familiar with the Spawn character either. Though one article claimed that his creator is also the co-creator of Venom, I don't know if that's true but it does sound logical. They do look similar and all....
  2. -dan-

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing some games I've been curious of for a while now. Since they are on the Switch, I'd get them for that. Bright and colourful characters, cartoonish style and an interesting looking puzzle game. Those three reasons are what got me to finally give this a try. To think, I had no idea that it was originally a Game Boy Colour game. So Toki Tori is the name of the protagonist. He's on a quest to rescue his siblings that are still in there eggs. He has a vast range of tools at his disposal, but you can't use them as much as you want. This is a puzzle/platformer game, so you've gotta traverse the environment while using your tools wisely. I've only made it to the second world and I'm starting to struggle. You have a Wildcard, which you can use to skip a particularly tough puzzle, but you only get one, the only way to retrieve it is by completing the puzzle you used it on. The other game I got is it's surprisingly different sequel. Toki Tori 2+ is an open world puzzle/platformer. In the first game, you just pick a puzzle and solve it, then move onto the next. With this, you are traveling to the puzzles which act like a part of the levels. Gone are the tools from the first game, but TT still has some tricks up his wing. He can now stomp and whistle. Those two things alone are all you need to solve every puzzle in the game, it doesn't give you anything new as you progress. Though you will be taught tunes that can assist in various ways. One acts like a fast travel, able to fly back to specific places you've been to once before and another rewinds you back to the last checkpoint you passed. Which for me, has been very useful. It's possible to mess up a puzzle in such a way that it's unsolvable in that state. You have no choice but to restart. What I find interesting is how varied the stomp and whistle effect the other creatures you will meet. At the start of the game, you'd often come across areas that are unpassable, but as you keep playing, you'll learn new ways to use the stomp and whistle, so when you return to those unpassable places, you find that you can actually get across with what you had, all along. That's some pretty clever design work, if you ask me. Though it's also a tough game, just like the first. I'm determined to see them both through to the end. Somehow.....
  3. I'm no good at keeping up with the news, is tumblr ruined?

    I was starting to get used to how the site worked as I joined not that long ago.

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Tumblr banned all mature content iirc

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      yeah pretty much the above

      but mature content is more or less the only thing the site can be good for as far as the userbase of it is concerned

      and the filter tumblr used in place to flag posts is...bad, to put it very nicely

      so this does kinda mean the site as a whole is fucked

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      So far my experience with tumblr hasn't been ruined and I find as an art platform that I prefer tumblr's layout by a long shot for finding, following, and interacting with other artists compared to other social media sights. Even better yet for me, ever artist I follow on tumblr has decided they'll stick with it until the day it shuts down.

    4. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Thing is that Tumblr considers nearly anything mature content so you're pretty much screwed if you want to submit anything.

    5. -dan-


      Hm, if it's that bad, then it would be a real problem. I don't draw mature stuff either, but if it's randomly flagging stuff, that'll get annoying, fast.

  4. I think the problem we have with your point of view is that technology has advanced to such a degree that anything is possible in a movie and it could all look so natural. Like the Marvel movies. There was this bit in Dr. Strange and...well...it was pretty strange. A chase going on in weird collapsing worlds where you can walk on walls or upside down, it was pretty trippy. But because of technology, it didn't look out of place. ET and Roger Rabbit are decades old and had to use what they could at the time. What would they look like if they were created in this time? It's impossible to know and a remake wouldn't answer that either. Because the originals exist, the mind already knows what to expect and what it likes from the characters, some will naturally shun the remakes. What was my point? Oh yeah. Anything is possible in a movie. They could've picked any direction to take this movie, they have a pretty good budget and computers can do anything. Because of that, it doesn't feel like the choice they made was justified.
  5. Hang on, are you saying Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a movie made only for little kids? Because it was rated PG and considering it featured a character like Jessica Rabbit, I'm surprised it only got that. But...it was a different era. Also, I don't think Sonic is supposed to be edgy. That label had only ever been given to Shadow and more recently, Infinite. Unless your talking about a Sonic story that is edgy, that would be different. But still, thinking that an animated movie can't tell a serious story is a very hollow way to see things. Any media can tell any type of story with the right people as visionaries. Though the west are usually the ones reluctant to expand on the potential of animation, only labelling it for children while occasionally making ones targeted at an adult audience.
  6. Yeah, with realism as the design process, it does make me doubt how they'd handle iconic Sonic staples that have been present throughout. Assuming they'd even bother to include them. Like the loop de loop. Natural ones are rare and almost never perfectly round. Building a road with one would be just plain dumb. The only logical choice I can think of that would make sense is if a scene plays out at a theme part or circus. To be honest, I'd love to see moments in the movie with Sonic snowboarding down a mountain, maybe being chased by a truck and facing off against Dr. Eggman in a giant mech. It's just hard to picture it with the direction they've chose to take. I wish they'd just show Sonic as he'd appear already, it would release all this doubt that I'm having. As @Polkadi~♪ said, first impressions are important. We're told we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but it's practically an unconscious act. We can't help it. It's up to them to prove us wrong.
  7. I think I've gone through the five stages of grief about this Sonic Movie teaser.

    Spent a lot of time in denial, making jokes and what not. Then briefly got angry, sad, bargaining and now I've reached acceptance.

    I accept that he looks like crap. Now I can move on.

  8. I think perhaps it's a little too soon to compare what appears to be happening with this movie over what had happened with others. If anything, the current situation with the movie kinda reminds me of when the character designs were revealed for the new cartoon, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That also had designs not like any other. I can't say if the show is good or not, I still haven't seen it, but the animation looked stunning during the intro. Don't get me wrong. I'm a pessimist when it comes to this movie. I hate realism. I've always found the Fast and the Furious franchise as boring and while I like Deadpool, I wouldn't put a person that worked on that movie into working on a movie with an iconic character that needs to appeal to all ages. I don't expect they'd have him jumping about with swords, cutting people up and shooting them while saying silly things, mind you. I'm aware that I'm a pessimistic and I don't mind being wrong. In fact, I often prefer it.
  9. Oh! The RadioSEGA Winterfest 2018 art features Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast! XD


    Um...the SEGA Hard Drive Girls, not the actual consoles.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Ooh.. Pengo is there surprisingly and quite like the expressions that the Sega Hard Girls are showing.

    2. TCB


      I was not expecting anyone else here to know of this event.

      This is the fifth year of Winterfest btw. Been to all five too 

  10. I just posted in the Sonic Movie thread. lol


  11. Pardon me, I don't usually get involved in the heavy topics but I spotted something I could say. There is some truth in what you say, but I think they are some misconceptions too. I do agree that we probably can't destroy the movie, but we might have the potential to dent it, at least. Just as you said, most who feel like watching the movie, might not even know who he is or that might know him, but only by name and legacy. People like those and the children will give it a try regardless. They might be a group that are uncertain. "A blue hedgehog called Sonic? That sounds familiar, but why?" So they research his name and by chance, come across the fans predetermined opinions and assume the worst. Then there are those sonic fans that are open minded about the movie, but the hatred that it generates infects there own way of thinking and they don't want to see it either. The numbers might not be large, but it all adds up. How many of us would be compelled to say something on twitter or other similar website if we came across a total stranger posting that they are thinking of watching the Sonic Movie? But this is all hypothetical. What's ultimately important is respecting others. If members want to be optimistic and open-minded, then let them. It's there right. If members think it's doomed to fail, you'll have to accept that and don't make a big issue about it. There is no right or wrong. Even when the movie is out, it'll all still be about opinions. And with that, POW! I'm gone. I finished my post.
  12. Just made the mistake of reading the comments of the TSS article about the movie.

    "looks like the child of Sonic and Elise." Was a good line and made me laugh but...now I have to go poke out my minds eye...

  13. Did some fact checking. The quote that I recalled was one I first saw on this very forum and it was by Shun Nakamura. From this, it sounds like they were trying to simplify things for those new to the series. Just had the opposite effect of alienating the veterans. The original topic that talked about this interview is here: The tweet in the opening post didn't really supply any sources of the quote or explain much about the interview. That was later supplied by @Gabriel on the second page, which I linked so if you click that, it should take you straight to the second page. I don't mind him giving credit to the Mania team. It's just the implication that he wouldn't revive them unless given an opportunity. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that the head of Sonic Team has a say in almost everything Sonic Team related. How he said it makes it sound like he lacks vision for the franchise. Perhaps I'm overthinking things.
  14. 2010 is when he officially became head of Sonic Team according to resources. To the main point, I was hoping somebody would bring new life into Sonic and I thought Unleashed was a step in the right direction. Colours was fun but lacked the depth and interactions that Unleashed had. But Colours came out in the same year as the infamous Sonic 4 Episode 1 so... What followed seems to be hit or miss games. Sonic Generation: Good - Sonic 4: Episode 2: Not so good - Sonic: Lost World: Opinions mixed I tried so hard to keep an open mind regarding Sonic Forces but...it's clearly shallow. It spits on Tails character development, it brings a new character in that had so much potential and wasted it with a simplistic and dull backstory, if you can call it that. The levels are as shallow as the story and apparently, they did that deliberately? I'm sure somebody had a quote about the level design where they said they made them simple or something. He also appears to lack vision. Was it him who said that Eggman isn't capable of conquering the world on his own? He made Mighty and Ray "sealed" despite knowing the fans often request them. Giving the credit to the "Mania Project" for letting him bring them back. Yet he's the head, right? He could've thought of a way to bring them back 10 years ago if he cared enough about the fans. So...all in all...he's been a massive disappointment. Even when he talks about something critically acclaimed like Mania, he still manages to paint himself as an imbecile. Sorry that I got dangerously close to turning this into an Iizuka bashing post.
  15. Just followed you.  Thought I already had xD


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