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  1. ...God damn it all! One of my tooth fillings has fallen out!?

    Stop the year, I wanna get off. Bad things keep happening. >.<

    1. Failinhearts


      Really? That must really suck. I should know, I have fillings myself. I've had the same once since Grade 5, though, so I never had it fall.

      Sorry, though.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Love it XD

    2. Forte-Metallix


      ...A load of that has been received and cannot be taken back.

  2. -dan-


    Sonic says:


    Remember to party in moderation.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Kiah


      You don’t have to worry as I’m not partying at all lol. But thank you very much Dan! 🙂

  3. -dan-

    Your Recent Creative Endeavors and Accomplishments

    Is it okay to share this here? https://business.facebook.com/celsys.clipstudiopaint/photos/a.1047637638776284/1065866393620075/?type=3&amp;theater I entered an art contest and it's now been put up with the rest of the entries. Seeing mine with all the others is pretty demotivational, but I don't wish to dwell on that. I did this because I wanted to take part in more things and maybe have some fun, if I actually win something, that would be a super bonus but was never a priority.
  4. Determined to see the pointless bickering end, something sank in and all parties involved appeared to calm down. Only for a brand new rift to surface as a direct result of the first but involving different people.


    …..I am really getting sick of dealing with other peoples shit. Especially when I can't even solve my own. 😩

    1. Failinhearts


      That sucks, dude. Dealing with one problem only to be met with another. Hope all of that ends soon.

    2. Kiah


      That’s very unfortunate and I can only imagine how frustrating that is.

      However in line with this you very well may need to take a step back. One thing I struggled to come to terms with is that you can’t always be the problem solver. Sometimes the others involved need to figure it out themselves. 

      I’m not saying don’t try to help but you need to know when you’ve done all you can because the last thing you want to do is make matters worse for yourself taking in the issues of others far more than you need to which causes unnecessary burdens for you. 

    3. -dan-


      It was already a burden to observe it. A lot of confusion going around, people getting upset and even crying, (One of which...was actually me.) uncertainty over why things played out the way they did. Several attempts to establish communication after two weeks of silence and trying to repress the urge to punch something.

      The stress, the anxiety. I took a step back at first and hoped that things would progress fine on it's own, but it didn't. My sister gets annoyed and lashes out needlessly at our mother. Her personality and depression being similar to my own, she got upset, I got upset, my oldest brother got very upset, but not sadness like me my mom. He got angry and lashes out in retaliation. That was basically how the first part played out, things had now shifted with my nephew, (My sisters first son.) maintaining the dickheaded attitude that was previously established as part of the problem. Getting bitchy at mom and upsetting her, making a needless fuss when my other brother tries to explain and understand what's been going on.

      He made my mom cry and I really want to punch that prick in his stupid dumbass face!! But that wont help.

      I'm so tired. My head hurts, my heart aches, (Metaphorically speaking.) stress levels growing ever higher, rage becoming harder to hold back, sorrow at an all time high. The cold it making me feel shitter and I'm struggling to cope.


      ….I never really meant to share any of that. -_-

    4. Failinhearts


      Before you can even help someone, you need to escape for a bit, keep your mind at ease for a bit. The best you can do right now is keep yourself rational, and not risk adding more fuel to this fire.

    5. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Honestly sounds like a nightmare and I hope you can make it through with a good outcome. As @Failinhearts says though you definitely need to take a step back and try to recover yourself before jumping back in. I get that might be difficult though when just being present makes the situation impossible to observe making it hard to focus long enough on yourself to recover. Honestly, just being able to focus on yourself for like 15 seconds is important at times like this and sincerely hope you can get those fifteen seconds as they can make a world of difference. In the meantime, as you work your way through this difficult situation don't be afraid to fall back on us here at SSMB to help you if you need us. We're glad to help and want to see you doing and being well.

  5. -dan-

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I'm not really a fan of Baraka, yet I'm happy he's back after being reduced to fodder and killed by that irritating bitch in the previous game. I'd rather like Mileena in the game too. Screw that annoying bug bitch. Kotal Kahn was a useless bitch in story mode too. Getting beaten up by the new generation early in the game makes him look pathetic compared to his predecessors, Shao Kahn and Onaga. I hope they don't fuck up the story this time too. Ideally, Kronika and Geras were created due to Raidens initial tampering of the timeline. The writers need to make a plausible reason that these new characters weren't involved in Armageddon as this new timeline establishes that they were around at the time. (Such as D'vorah who was now apparently on the Island where Mortal Kombat 1 took place. Makes you wonder why she wasn't involved in the Armageddon events when she's always been loyal to Shinnok.) With Kronika and Geras having time based powers, you'd think they'd have a reason to prevent Armageddon. Unless they were somehow responsible for it and wanted to kill everybody. Y'know? With the fluctuations of powers and tearing the fabric of the realms thing....
  6. Oh, hell. A minor incident in the family is being blown out of proportion and it seems like there's a very real risk of it creating a rift that might not recover.

    I'm not going to be able to relax and try to focus on getting better due to the cold. I need to do something about this family situation first.

    1. Kiah


      I hate when that happens...sorry you have to go through that. I understand this being of serious concern to you but you have to try to remain calm and be conscious of your health. You can’t do much or what you would like to do if you get worse on top of that creating more problems.

      Hope everything will work out and if you need someone to talk to you know I’m here. 

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Hopefully this situation doesn't blow up and it becomes water under the bridge. Even then though, as @Kiah says, make sure to focus on your own health to. You won't be able to resolve anything if you're cold gets worse so I hope you can find the balance you need and that this situation resolves itself quickly.

    3. -dan-


      It's easy for me to say that this new year has been pretty poor for me so far. I'm currently unable to sleep and I can't be sure if it's the cold or worrying about the family that is the reason for keeping me up.

      Considering that the previous night, I was up throughout it all trying to finish a picture, I didn't think I'd have this problem.

      My sister seems to be the source of the current rift and I've never been very good at understanding what goes on in her head. Plus she's stubborn and hot-headed so talking to her is somewhat intimidating.

    4. Kiah


      Well the year is still very young. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon. 

      And you need to try to get some sleep. You won’t be able to do much  as you’ll be dysfunctional and you surely won’t be feeling better. 

      As for your sister I understand your apprehension but you have to try. Who knows as you might actually get through to her. You’ll never know until you try. 

  7. I worry that rushing a drawing will greatly effect the quality. With the contest I wanted to enter, I forgot to take into account the different time zones. So the deadline was going to be much sooner.

    Had to cancel sleep but I did get something that looks like a finished piece of art done in time.


    Now I need to go lay down.

    1. Kiah


      Nice job! And yes go to sleep! 😴

    2. JokerJovahexeonJoranvexeon


      Keep at it man! You look like you're doing good! And a good start always helps! Good luck!

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      It looks good and you nailed the perspective. Hopefully it does well in the contest and helps you rest soundly so you can get over this cold.

  8. Uuuof… I wonder if I'm in over my head... 🤒

    1. JokerJovahexeonJoranvexeon


      You'll do fine,  I'm certain!

      Speaking of which,  has your headache cleared up yet? Feeling better?

    2. -dan-


      The headache has been coming and going. Perhaps when it first surfaces, I already had the cold, it just took longer to show the primary symptoms? It's not permanent like the migraine I had last year that was related to a tooth.

      So...the headache I have now could be considered a new one or the same one that keeps taking breaks. Either way, technically I'm feeling worse. But it's only slightly...

      But the coughing fits have slowly started today and I hate those. Not as much as the sore throat but...I digress.

    3. Kiah


      Sorry to hear you’re feeling worse and you might be dealing with recurring headaches or it’s just one of the symptoms of having a cold. Make sure you are well hydrated and minimizing your screen time as failure to do so can definitely trigger headaches and aggravate them to be worse including migraines.

      Hope you start feeling better soon. 

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Hoping you're feeling better than when you posted this and that your art entry is going well since you wanted to meet that deadline. Still, if you can get yourself some rest don't skip out as you've got to take care of yourself as well.

  9. It's been over two weeks and the cold that my entire family had been suffering from has improved to certain degrees for various people.

    Though back in December, I was the only one showing no signs of any symptoms, that officially ended today.

    My throat's killing me, I've got a headache, I'm sleepy and I feel stuffy.

    My luck ran out. ;_;

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Oh no!
      Hopefully it won't last long and you and your whole family will be feeling 100% before long. Hang in there and make sure you get some rest as well.

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      It really is a case of bad timing and nothing that that you can do about it. At least your family is getting better.

      All I can say is give the rest of the month off (so any plans you might have to delay until you are well enough to do so) and hope that you get better as soon as you can. Colds, flu and worse are awful to have.

    3. Failinhearts


      That really sucks, man. Hope those problems go away soon.

    4. JokerJovahexeonJoranvexeon


      Oh no man! Not you too!

      First and foremost advice I can give,  is not to question yourself overtly. That usually only makes the sickness worse 

    5. Kiah


      The odds of not getting sick in a house full of sick people unfortunately isn’t in anyone’s favor. Was hoping you would defy those odds...sorry you’re now sick.

      Throat pain is like the worst next to migraines. Maybe try gargling some salt water to help with that. Also make sure you are taking in plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. And most importantly stay off SSMB.

      Hope you feel better soon!

    6. -dan-


      @Mr Loopone Normally a rest would be ideal. Except my contest entry art piece is still incomplete and I only have one day left before the deadline.

      Gotta try and push through this. There is an idiom I'd normally use that fits this situation perfectly, but something is telling me I shouldn't say it. *shrug*

  10. Huh. I've seen Finding Nemo before, but I never saw the flashback originally.

    I never questioned Marlin's paranoid nature before, it seemed like a logical way for a caring father to behave. Considering he's a tiny fish in a large ocean.

    Had no idea that Finding Nemo was on the list of Disney films that feature an unfortunate fate for a parent. I can't remember them all, but Bambi and Lion King are easy ones.

  11. Once again, the female protagonist from Persona 3: Portable proves her superiority by having the best battle music in Persona Q2. (My opinion.)


    1. Failinhearts


      Her music reign continues to prevail.

  12. Phew. After several days of trail and error, I think I finally got this pose down. But to make sure, does this look like a tennis player serving the ball to anyone else?


    This actually isn't fan art and I'm attempting to send it into an art contest with the theme, Sports.

    The contest doesn't take entries after the 16th, so I'm majorly behind schedule. o_0;

    1. Failinhearts


      Seems pretty good to me so far, dude!

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      It's hard to tell from that angle since normally you see them from behind the person rather than a dynamic pose that you done (note: my only knowledge are tennis games that are a bit of a guilty pleasure, I don't watch the sport).

      Ughh... Ahhh... Yeah, I'll say so. It's a bit tricky. It's that split second moment from between where she releases the ball at its peak and hits the ball. From what little I know about tennis, you bounce the ball up and down by the court then rise your hand up with the ball in your hand in like a cup as much as you can with your other hand with the racket like that. Then you release the ball going from a cup to a bit more flat (your pose) then when it drops a bit you hit it with your racket to serve.

      Thinking about it maybe the hand is bugging me? I don't know... It might be just my hands.

      On an unrelated note, I was actually listening to the Virtua Tennis soundtrack then this drawing popped up. Coincidence?

    3. Kiah


      Yes it does! Although something about the racket looks off...like it could be a tad bigger and more straight if I may suggest something/offer some feedback. Otherwise it looks really good. 

      Hope you do well in the contest! 🙂

    4. -dan-


      @Mr LooponeYeah, it's the serving action. I'll try and link a better view of the same pose.


      The weak hand throws the ball up and the strong hand prepares to swing while the ball falls back down. You'll only ever really see that kind of pose in serving or a really high return.

      Her right arm isn't actually raised yet in my drawing. I thought the pose itself was kind of an iconic one for tennis and giving it an action like dynamic angle, would make the drawing stand out.

      (Heh, plus spooky coincidence.)

      @Kiah Hm? Oh yeah. I can clearly see it now. That looks awful. I'll certainly have to fix that when adding the clean line art.

      Thanks for the feedback, everyone. :)

    5. TCB


      To me it looks like the serving hand angle looks off, like I think the thumb and forefinger should be angled forward towards the viewer more. Plus the angle of the racket; try to shift the angle so that The handle sticks out more in the foreground over the netting part I suppose? The perspective as a whole looks finethough, better than whay I can do. I never could get it to where the angle pops out in such way it makes it look psuedo-3D

    6. -dan-



      Do you think this looks any better? The changes are in a different colour.

    7. Kiah


      Yes it does 🙂

      And I know it’s going look awesome by the time you’re done with it 😉

    8. TCB


      The racket looks much better yeah, as well as the fingers 


    9. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I think it's looking pretty good so far and look forward to the final product, otherwise I don't have anything else to say. Your corrections look good thus far and seeing your reference image pretty much wiped out any other concerns I might have had.

  13. I feel like this song should've played during Diddy Kongs Final Smash in Ultimate.


  14. pm-2.png?w=580

    That darn Blastoise is up to his old tricks again. Time for a new Mario brother to enter the scene.


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