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  1. I'm watching some Game Apologist videos and he shares a Game Boy Advance TMNT game that may have been made by the Scott Pilgrim team.

    I had no idea that this existed. Makes me nostalgic for the times when Ubisoft made actual games.

  2. Joy-Con drift just made me accidentally quit during a gen attempt of Piston It Away in Crash 2.

    I should be angry but I found it funny for some reason.

  3. I'd forgotten that I also have the N. Sane Trilogy on the Switch too.

    It's funny how having completed the trilogy on PS4, the idea of doing it again, fills me with dread. Coco was watching the opening of the first Crash Bandicoot game on the Switch version.

  4. So I thought I'd watch some content from Scott The Woz. I like his style of comedy, though I do sometimes feel unsure if he likes or dislikes the game he's talking about.

    Still...I had him discussing video game boxes for 50 minutes in the background while I did something else and found the subject pretty interesting. lol

  5. My family have had bad luck with horrible neighbours.

    I'm so tired of people I care about being pushed around.

  6. I forgot I learned this.

    Ape Escape had a sequel on PS2 that never left Japan in which you steal pants from monkeys with a vacuum.


  7. The 20th can't come soon enough for me. This uncertain waiting is hellish and feels incredibly slow.

    It's not a game or anything. I'm waiting on some important personal news.

  8. Oh sh*t!

    Nintendo just stealth dropped a new and short Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity trailer featuring young Robbie and Purah! XD


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      *Insert "OH NO, Robbie and Purah are hot" here*

    2. Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Congratulations Dan.

  9. As a habitual procrastinator, this "20 Second Rule" speaks to me.

    Personally, I do find starting an activity being the most difficult but once its started, it's difficult or even annoying to have to stop.

    Is that just me?

  10. I'm not sure if I ever fully understood the ending of Super Mario Galaxy 1.


    Is it that after Bowsers empire fell, the whole universe was about to collapse upon itself but was ultimately stopped by the Luma who became the new Galaxy?


    1. StaticMania


      The Sun blew up...and caused a black hole.

      And then yes.

    2. JezMM


      I think that's pretty much what happened yeah.  It is a bit weird.  Rosalina's spiel is a bit weird and vague, as if something got lost in translation, and even Mario's "Welcome New Galaxy" line is just bizarrely engrish-y for something that would've gone through several checks and approvals at an american-based recording studio lol.

  11. I was looking up for curiosities sake. Mojang Studios developed Minecraft and they are a Swedish company if what I'm reading is correct.

    That means another western born character has joined the Smash fighters.

  12. Anyone tried that Genshin Impact?

    It's free-to-play so I thought I'd check it out and it's currently downloading now.

    But a F2P game gives me a massive red flag feeling. Is that justified?

    1. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever

      Its because of the gatcha system. Its totality F2P but its perfectly fine. Just don't fall into the hole and you'll be fine.

  13. Oof!

    Super Mario Sunshine Blue Coins Noki Bay Location Spoilers:


    Why?? Why did they put 4 Blue Coins in the teeth cleaning eel section, all miles away from the eel?? You'd have no hope of stumbling upon them by chance.


  14. I'm hoping Purah, Robbie and maybe even King Rhoam become playable. King Dorephan would be awesome too, but since he's a big guy, I don't know if it would work. Warriors games let you play as the bad guys so we might get to play as the Blights.
  15. It bugs me that I don't realize how impactful a story or game was until it had been openly pointed out to me.

    I fully completed Bug Fables months ago.

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