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  1. Phew. After several days of trail and error, I think I finally got this pose down. But to make sure, does this look like a tennis player serving the ball to anyone else?


    This actually isn't fan art and I'm attempting to send it into an art contest with the theme, Sports.

    The contest doesn't take entries after the 16th, so I'm majorly behind schedule. o_0;

    1. Failinhearts


      Seems pretty good to me so far, dude!

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      It's hard to tell from that angle since normally you see them from behind the person rather than a dynamic pose that you done (note: my only knowledge are tennis games that are a bit of a guilty pleasure, I don't watch the sport).

      Ughh... Ahhh... Yeah, I'll say so. It's a bit tricky. It's that split second moment from between where she releases the ball at its peak and hits the ball. From what little I know about tennis, you bounce the ball up and down by the court then rise your hand up with the ball in your hand in like a cup as much as you can with your other hand with the racket like that. Then you release the ball going from a cup to a bit more flat (your pose) then when it drops a bit you hit it with your racket to serve.

      Thinking about it maybe the hand is bugging me? I don't know... It might be just my hands.

      On an unrelated note, I was actually listening to the Virtua Tennis soundtrack then this drawing popped up. Coincidence?

    3. Kiah


      Yes it does! Although something about the racket looks off...like it could be a tad bigger and more straight if I may suggest something/offer some feedback. Otherwise it looks really good. 

      Hope you do well in the contest! 🙂

    4. DanJ86


      @Mr LooponeYeah, it's the serving action. I'll try and link a better view of the same pose.


      The weak hand throws the ball up and the strong hand prepares to swing while the ball falls back down. You'll only ever really see that kind of pose in serving or a really high return.

      Her right arm isn't actually raised yet in my drawing. I thought the pose itself was kind of an iconic one for tennis and giving it an action like dynamic angle, would make the drawing stand out.

      (Heh, plus spooky coincidence.)

      @Kiah Hm? Oh yeah. I can clearly see it now. That looks awful. I'll certainly have to fix that when adding the clean line art.

      Thanks for the feedback, everyone. :)

    5. TCB


      To me it looks like the serving hand angle looks off, like I think the thumb and forefinger should be angled forward towards the viewer more. Plus the angle of the racket; try to shift the angle so that The handle sticks out more in the foreground over the netting part I suppose? The perspective as a whole looks finethough, better than whay I can do. I never could get it to where the angle pops out in such way it makes it look psuedo-3D

    6. DanJ86



      Do you think this looks any better? The changes are in a different colour.

    7. Kiah


      Yes it does 🙂

      And I know it’s going look awesome by the time you’re done with it 😉

    8. TCB


      The racket looks much better yeah, as well as the fingers 


    9. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I think it's looking pretty good so far and look forward to the final product, otherwise I don't have anything else to say. Your corrections look good thus far and seeing your reference image pretty much wiped out any other concerns I might have had.


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