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  1. 😔 When your already worried that the money you have is barely enough for decorating and getting new furniture for a new place, we also learn that it has a built in function with a direct link to an emergency service with the press of a big red button.

    We don't need such a function, really. We do have the option of severing the link, but if we did that, we'd still have to pay for it.

    Why are so many people fucking with me?!? 😖

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Unfortunately people want to make money anyway they can and making life miserable for others is a consequence of that that they don't care about. If they get the contents of your wallet they just figure their approach worked. It's unfortunate to be sure but on the bright side you're not being singled out and targeted by anyone, it's just typical underhanded business. Hopefully at this point though it doesn't eat too much into your decorating funds.

    2. Kiah


      So do you have to pay for it if you keep it? You have to count the cost and weigh the pros and cons for either keeping it or cutting it off with both finances and benefits.

      Quite frankly living on your own is expensive. That’s why budgeting is so important making sure you have enough to live both comfortably and safely and sometimes you may have to sacrifice or postpone other things to make that happen. It’s all about priorities.

    3. DanJ86


      I think the fault lies with the people that offered us the property. They either didn't consider this function or did and didn't care.

      @Kiah Because it's built into the property, it's added onto the rent. So we get additional rent because of it and if we cut if off, the rent wont change. Giving us a property without this function would've been cheaper.

      Sadly, it's also incredibly difficult to manage a budget when certain incomes have to be shifted around to accommodate this change of address. Having to fill in forms and the like and we don't even know how much money will come from this change, if any...

      Perhaps I deserve if for being incapable of functioning in a work environment and being nothing more than a burden to the tax payer.

      ….Everything is so complicated.

    4. Kiah


      You need to change the assumption that difficult times and situations befall you because it’s something that you deserve and you’re being punished. Especially if things aren’t your fault. Yes karma is a thing but it isn’t always applicable to every single thing that goes wrong. Life is full of ups and downs and plenty of challenges in between. Things just happen sometimes.

      As for this situation again you need to weigh the pros and cons with the financial aspects along with the provided security. It’s important to consider both current health and your surroundings in making this decision. In the end you need to make sure your decision is worth it in the long run.

      Yes I know making and sticking to a budget it difficult. You may have to cut back on other things to accommodate other things. It’s very strategic but that’s adult life for you. 


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