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  1. Fascinating. I had recently come to learn about controversies around things I enjoy and it seemed like the people that make the most fuss are....crazy. (For a lack or a better term.)

    I was worried where these people came from and why they were so vocal. "Was I in the minority? What's going on with the world??"

    TheQuartering goes over an article that helped ease my worries a little. Plus since I often fail to understand something, having a sensible voice give out examples to clarify things really helps me.

    I found this news pretty uplifting. I'm not alone. A large number of us are sick of the loud left or right swingers making a stink about every damn thing.

    What's that? I said "swingers?" Don't be silly, I obviously meant "wingers." Why would I type "swingers?"

    1. Diogenes


      consider getting your opinions from someone who isn't so much of a dumbshit as to use the npc meme

    2. DanJ86


      @Diogenes I don't really understand the point you're making.

      My opinions of the world are fuelled by paranoia and an annoying talent to focus on the negative. I don't really care what these loud angry people say. It's just....it seemed like they were lots of them when in fact they aren't. *shrug*

      Hmm, though some articles do use words to make it sound like their views have weight behind them. Using terms like "fans" as if they knew what they actually think.

      I think?

    3. Diogenes


      i'm saying anyone stupid and rotten enough to use the npc meme, like the guy you linked, isn't worth listening to

    4. DanJ86


      Oh...….I don't know what the npc meme even is.

    5. Diogenes


      it's that gray :^| face

      it's used by assholes to declare that anyone they disagree with ("SJWs", usually) is just mindlessly parroting arguments, like npcs in games repeating the same lines. it's also immensely self-defeating, as spamming a meme you saw on 4chan or whatever is the epitome of mindlessly parroting an argument, so you can be sure anyone who uses it is dumb as shit

    6. DanJ86


      That's unfortunate then. If you watched the video, you'd know that his opinion is not the point of what is being discussed. It's about a scientific study which highlighted the different type of people and beliefs. Showing the numbers and paragraphs and other stuff I'm too simple to understand.

      His opinion did echo what the study claimed. That the world isn't as crazy as it can seem at places like Twitter. By ignoring this study, I'd be damning myself from further paranoia in assuming the world is full of crazy idiots out to ruin the fun that escapists desire.

      While I simply don't know why you'd jump to such a harsh stance based on a single thing alone. Unless you know something I don't, it doesn't sound like the type of video TheQuartering would do. Sure, he might use this meme thing, but that can't possibly define an individual.

      But that's just my opinion. It's strange that I can be both paranoid and naïve at the same time when they both feel like complete opposites. XD

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