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  1. I don't usually succumb to outrage like others might, unless it's deeply personal or being mean to others. So I rarely agree with anger backlashes, but with Netflix Evangelion, I totally understand and agree.

    It especially seems strange to tamper with Kaworu and Shinji's interaction in Pride Month.

    I don't agree with being mean to the new voice actors though. They did nothing wrong, I believe the blame belongs to Netflix alone.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Is Pride Month as much of a thing in Japan anyway?? Like, they may feature several series with at least one presence of LGBT, but do the majority of those who live there actively accept and support it?

      Are they just now picking up on how controversial it is elsewhere??

    2. DanJ86


      @SupahBerry Um, are you actually aware of what I'm talking about? Netflix is an American media service provider and Neon Genesis Evangelion is a 20 year old anime that had been previously dubbed by a company that no longer exists.

      The anime had a male character openly say he loved another male character in the original dub and the new Netflix dub had changed it to "like" as well as failing the show in other aspects. Japan has done nothing wrong in this instance....well, to my knowledge anyway. 

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      @DanJ86 At least according to @Jacky, the prime suspect is the original creator themselves-


      The Eva stuff is actually not Netflix's fault, they just paid to have it on their service, it's literally Studio Khara (the studio that owns the rights to Eva, lead by Eva's creator Anno) doing. They had a full control on the localization this time around and pretty much steered the dub/sub script to be 100 percent accurate to the original, which def is a detriment

      So to let the first dub get away scott free with the gay relationship and then outright commanded the new dub to go "Uup. Changed my mind" sounds senseless, but they might've heard all the riots in the West and assumed they couldn't actually handle that subject.

    4. DanJ86


      I heard something about the translation but hadn't been shown a source for the info. It's confusing because the Reborn Movies are much more open about that characters feelings of love.

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