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  1. I forgot that Google owns YouTube and Google as a company is...dodgy, to put it politely. So that calls YouTube into question too.

    I should really learn what an "algorithm" is. It's about numbers?? I'm crap with numbers...

    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      An algorithm isn't exactly numbers, but rather an instruction set that defines a set of rules for a computer, system, or piece of software to follow. Sometimes, it can be for numbers, and calculations and the like, but can be used for problem-solving tasks too.

      So basically an algorithm defines the rules that YouTube's site and operations follow. When people talk about the infamous YT algorithm, it's because the standard for YouTube's algorithm is awful, always aiming to prop up those who are already famous, and gives incentive for uploading multiple videos a day. It causes a lot of channels to end up dead because of it (especially animation channels) and allows a lot of low-effort channels to make multiple videos today, for example - see Vailskibum94's videos.

      This is the same for their copyright bot. The algorithm for that is beyond fucked and allows for a lot of abuse of the system to steal profits from content makers on false charges, with a lot of people claiming they own copyrighted material when they don't.

      It's largely a massive issue with how automated YT is in general. Computers are defined by their algorithms, and very rarely is an algorithm air-tight. It allows for a lot of exploiting and abuse of the system.

    2. DanJ86


      Animation channels?? Now that you mention it, even though I've subscribed to animation creators, it's very rare that they suggest a new creator I have not seen yet. That could ruin my plans that I've been preparing, though I have heard of some alternatives to YT.

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