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  1. Um...I don't get involved in political discussions and I'm not American.

    I honestly thought "Fake News" was, well...fake. But I've been shown multiple examples that prove it to be real.

    Be careful where you get your News from and confirm the information if possible. I always thought the News was about telling the truth but that seems to no longer be the case.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Don't trust stuff like that Dan.  A lot of these people claiming "Fake news" a) Trust heavily biased sources and b) Still claim it's fake even if it's proven true.  The "Fake News" movement is something Trump started to protect his own hide.

    2. DanJ86


      I wasn't sure myself but Tim Pool (The person in the video.) isn't a Trump supporter and considers himself a moderate, so...it sounds really complicated.

    3. Diogenes


      it's not actually that complicated.

      shitty people lie. as easily and as often as they breathe.

      someone with no actual integrity has no problem lying about their beliefs to frame themself as an impartial observer to get you to trust them, as they spread more bullshit. they'll flip the truth on its head, tell you everyone else is a liar and they're the only one you can trust, and if you make the mistake of giving them that trust, they'll drag you further and further into their web.

    4. SupahBerry


      Poe's Law is an A++ bitch. But much of the blame can fall on those that choose to go way too far with making up stuff like that.

    5. DanJ86


      When you put it like that, I guess it really isn't that complicated.

      I was first made aware of this trend from trash websites like Kotaku, CNet, CBR and other similar ones going out of their way to insult gamers, specific Youtubers and Twitch players.

      Then on the very same day Trump blames violent video games for the mass shootings, those same sites suddenly defend gamers...


    6. Diogenes


      nobody attacks "gamers" just for being gamers. but there's a subset of gamers who get really upset when anything they like about games, or their own shitty behavior, gets criticized, and they try to rally people to their side by framing it as "us gamers" vs some anti-gamer "other".

    7. Jango


      There's been a rapid raise in fake news around here since Bolsonaro won the elections. He basically only won because people kept mass spreading fake news through WhatsApp and Facebook daily. I'm frankly am considering leaving the country ASAP.

    8. tailsBOOM!


      @Jango good luck with that

    9. Jango


      If only was a matter of luck xD Pretty sure you heard of the maniac, right? Since you're from the States, and Bolsonaro's been licking Trumps' ball lately.

    10. tailsBOOM!
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