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  1. I'm all for equality but isn't it funny that men can't have a single thing for themselves?

    You got people wanting a female James Bond but nobody would ever request a male Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Alice from Alice in Wonderland or Wonder Woman becoming Wonder Man?

    1. SupahBerry
    2. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      Because men already have so much as it is.

      Basically, it’s the same principle as why it’s moronic to ask for a national mens day, a white history month, a straight pride month, etc.

    3. Diogenes


      oh nooo, i don't get a "wonder man", guess i'll have to settle for the billions of other male superheroes out there

    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I mean we got this if you want a wonder man


    5. Teoskaven


      @Diogenes Actually Wonder Man is a thing, and considering how the MCU is expanding, it's inevitable before he'll show up in more mainstream media.


      EDIT: oh, you meant the DC version.

    6. DanJ86


      @SupahBerry Hm? I've never actually heard of splash.

      @Forgetful Panda Everything? Seriously? Have you researched the disadvantages that men suffer? I have.


      I also disagree that woman are still behind. Have you seen the numbers?

      • Men are more likely to be victims of violent crime.
      • Men are more likely to commit suicide.
      • Men are more likely to lose the children in a divorce.
      • Generally, abuse on men is ignored or ridiculed by society.
      • Discrimination against men is accepted.
      • Men are perceived as sexual predators and more violent.
      • Under-funded research for male specific disorders.
      • Men tend to have a shorter life expectancy.

      To name a couple of things that men deal with which are constantly overlooked.

      Genders have strengths and weaknesses. For some reason, the man stuff is swept under the rug. I'm asking for equality, yet we are getting one side constantly put down to put the other one up. That was the whole point of my statement.

      But you don't have to take my word for it. Go do your own research. I wouldn't use Google though. Those f*ckers are biased.

      btw, the Straight Pride Parade was a joke. Literally. I saw a photo of a man dressed as a clown. I think that's okay as long as they aren't hurting anyone but I don't keep up with the details and often miss the subtexts. *shrug*

    7. Thigolf


      Straight Pride Parade isn't a joke, it's a legit thing butthurt straight people do, the people who go there as clowns are people who make fun of the whole thing because it's so stupid.

    8. JezMM


      Most of the issues men face are the direct result of their abuse of women.  Like if men are percieved as sexual predators that is absolutely the fault of other men.  If men are ridiculed for being abused it's because men see that as a "thing that only women should complain about" because they see women as lesser than men.

      The funny thing is most legit feminists will HAPPILY tell you that the disadvantages men suffer from sexism is just as much a motivator for gender equality as the disadvantages women suffer.  Under-funded research for male specific disorders is also cake compared to the fact that there is TONS of medical science that is entirely based on men only, and women often can't even get female specific disorders diagnosed because male doctors don't take them seriously.  Did you know that women have completely different symptoms when suffering a heart attack to men?  Most people are still astonished to learn this because for the longest time no-one even bothered to find out!

      But there isn't always the platform to mention every single thing that is caused by gender inequality and it's reasonable to give priority to women coz they have it way way fucking worse.  And while you aren't a bad person for giving due consideration to men's problems, whenever you do it is important to consider all the invisible benefits to being a man there are - especially if you're a cis, heterosexual white man, that you take for granted.

    9. JezMM


      Oh, and finally on the subject of fictional characters, consider it this way - characters like Wonder Woman were likely created in direct response to the imbalance of female to male superheroes out there, something we can solidly identify as a problem.  What is "Wonder Man" as a concept being created for?  That is not a problem that exists in the reverse, there aren't "too many" female superheroes compared to male.  Wonder Woman's backstory oozes with female empowerment in a space that was previously reserved for male empowerment.  That same character and backstory is not doing anything new or subversive. It's impossible for "Wonder Man" to come off as anything other than petty or somehow striving to adjust the scales of equality BACK some - or at the very least just preserve the boring status quo of male empowerment.

    10. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      I agree that there are some dreadful double standards, especially when it comes to domestic abuse.

      I remember once seeing a video where people staged two different domestic arguments out in public, one where a man was being particularly aggressive with a woman, and another where it was the other way around. Passerby reactions to the female victim where looks of genuine concern, while reactions to the male victim were usually smirks and giggles.

    11. DanJ86


      Hang on. Do you guys think that "Wonder Man" was a serious suggestion?? Are you kidding??

      It was a joke. A stolen joke. A stolen joke from a guy that is never funny. Sheesh.

    12. Thigolf


      It's impressive that after all the arguments people brought up the only thing you're able to retort is a weak "It's just a joke guys".

    13. JezMM


      Your previous response really made it seem like you were serious about this - maybe not Wonder Man in particular but the concept in general, which is also what I was responding to, merely using Wonder Woman as an example.

    14. DanJ86


      @Thigolf It's called not having the time. Sorry if I can't stop to comment on the paragraphs that had appeared since last I was online....

      @JezMM There was something I forgot when I first made the status. It's women replacing the men in a reboot type setting that specifically bothers me the most. Having a female counterpart in the same universe is okay and could create interesting character dynamics. So....like the second Speedy (Green Arrow.) or Spider Woman (Who I think has no connection to Spider-Man but I could be wrong.) or Batgirl for example.

      I'm actually surprised you'd be all for the idea of reboot gender bending. I assumed it might've been because I dabble in the creative arts as the reason I was alone with this opinion. It just feels wrong to change somebody else's IP which was created with love and hard work, then turn it upside down and try to cash in on the fame the original had. (Ghostbusters 2016 reference?)

      It also comes across as lazy with no fresh ideas of their own and even a little insulting to women if you think about it. Maybe it's just me but I feel it is a disservice to woman to basically give them a hand me down. Like the rebooter has no confidence in a brand new female protagonist so they want to prop them up on an existing IP. But I could just be over thinking things.

      That's basically my reasoning and I replied what I did with @Forgetful Panda because their is a double standard out there which I find really worrying and I have other stories I could share about it too. The most recent one being about a week ago and ending in tragedy....but I think I got my point across already.


      @Teoskaven Found Wonder Man! XD

      I had no idea he was real. lol

    15. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Really, I have neither the time nor desire to into this, but in my experience the problem of creating equality boils down to three problems:

      1 - taking from one group and giving to another. It's a Robin Hood problem really as people mistake one group as not having it as either unjust or just depending entirely on which group has it. True equality would mean everyone has equal access without exception.

      2 - believing being more privileged than the historically privileged group creates equality in the present through a pay back mentality. This one always boggles me since a demand for equality should never be based on being given privilege above others. That's not equality and just creates resentment and disdain giving rise to a cycle of rotating privilege.

      3 - the absolute need to demand privileges and special treatment specific to every imaginable label under the sun instead of asking for true equal rights and the respect needed for individual circumstances. In the States this one really gets under my skin as our politicians like to conflate these rd viions to control the people and further their political positions and power.

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