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  1. I feel like I've been more irritable these past few weeks. I'm truly sorry about that.

    Their is something bothering me but I feel like I just can't share it. If I did, I'd probably be looked down upon (Even more.) or just laughed at. (Again.)

    Even worse, called names and run out of the forum entirely. I can easily believe it could happen, simply due to the extreme reactions that spark from just mentioning anything similar or related. 😔

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Why would we, a forum who is willing to respect and treat all its members as equal, laugh and call you names? If we ever do something that may personally offend you (intentional or not), it doesn't hurt at all to tell us you are offensed, or just PM a mod or someone that it did. Even if you think sharing won't help in dealing with your problem at all, I can assure we wouldn't try to make it even worse either.

      It's still better than keeping to yourself, cause every little step counts.

    2. DanJ86


      I've certainly been looked down upon indirectly and laughed at directly.

      What hurts the most is that the person who laughed at me WAS a mod. It still eats at me and the status update in which it occurred was deleted so I can't prove it ever happened.

    3. dbzfan7


      I dunno. Unfortunately this is the internet and nowhere is truly safe. Not even this forum here. Users, mods, administrators, it's easy to either have someone talk behind your back or add you to a shit list. That's just unfortunately how it is.

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